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It has a harmonium , confessional boxes, and ancient images of saints. Its original image of St. Andrew was made of papier mache. The feast day of St. Andrew is celebrated every November 30 at the church.

It is a modern building that utilises traditional architecture. Three rooms contain a collection of stone tools, arrowheads, and clay tools made by the indigenous people of the region. Also on display are domestic tools from early colonists. Its main industry is domestic pottery production, using clay as a raw material. Its name in Mapudungun means "medicinal herb. Its name in Mapudungun means "parrot place". Cahuil lagoon is used for fishing, swimming, and kayaking; kiteboarding lessons are offered on the lagoon.

It originally housed a mail and telegraph service, with a large store. The first casino in Chile was opened in this building on 20 January It currently houses several gallery spaces and the public library. It was a coffee plantation from the 19th century, with a chapel and aqueduct, which have all been restored. The former Nogueras hacienda in Comala has a main house that dates from the 19th century and a chapel from the 17th.

It has been restored and is used primarily as a museum. Most crafts and dances of the state are of indigenous origin although some originated after the Conquest. The Spanish contributed bullfighting and charreada.

The most popular folk dances in the state include some that tell the story of the Spanish conquest—under various names, such as conquista, Virgin of Guadalupe, capotes, and the fox.

Another popular dance is called apaches. These originated in the colonial period, along with moros y cristianos and matachines. Dances with indigenous roots include sonajera india and morenos. Pastorelas, or short plays with religious themes, are traditions that began in the very early colonial period. A popular one from that time is the Adoration of the Three Wise Men, though it has evolved to meet modern tastes. It includes parades, dances, fireworks, and jaripeos.

The last two dances involved dancers with elaborately carved and decorated masks. In addition to bullfights and charreadas , mojigangas are featured. It centers on preparing corn in various ways, such as tortillas, tamales, pozole , and more.

Holy Week is a major event in many municipalities, which often hold passion plays during the week. It is held with street parties, dances, contests, and jaripeos. It is celebrated with horse races, mojigangas, traditional dance, processions, and music. For the weeks before and after, the state holds its Agricultural, Industrial, and Cultural Fair. He is best known for illustrating Christmas cards for UNICEF in the s, but he did much other work and designed furniture in a style now called Rangeliano.

Many of his works are preserved at his former home of the Nogueras Hacienda in Comala, which is now a museum and cultural center run by the University of Colima. Most of the merchandise that passes through here is part of the trade between Mexico and Asia. One is artificial, located in the interior port of San Pedrito and the other located in the bay proper. The artificial structure is a tall dock with a length of meters and meters wide for a surface of 10,m2. Nearby are two large private marinas, one in Las Hadas and the other at Isla Navidad.

Miguel de la Madrid Airport in Colima. It extends over hectares with runways that cover 16,m2. The longest runway is 2. It has one terminal. Most are in Colima and Manzanillo. There is no local television station with programming coming from Mexico City and through cable. Telephone service covers the entire state but rural areas still use analog. There are still some telegraph centers. The state has fourteen newspapers mostly in the city of Colima and Manzanillo. The main highway out of the state connects the city of Colima and Guadalajara.

The second most important connects Manzanillo with Guadalajara. This roadway has broken Mexican records in the dimensions of its bridges. The state is named after the capital city of Colima. This name is most likely derived from a Nahuatl phrase "coliman," but the original meaning is in doubt with two most accepted versions.

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Its main industry is domestic pottery production, using clay as a raw material. MyOlympus Join MyOlympus today and get great benefits, news and inspirations from the world of photography.