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The disjunct geographical distribution of the yellow armadillo, Euphractus sexcinctus Xenarthra, Dasypodidae. Google Scholar Smith, P. Handbook of the Mammals of Paraguay. Records of the giantarmadillo Priodontes maximus Cingulata: If you like, go down to the sunny coast of Ponta do Sol and Calheta, with their tempting bathing areas. Madeira, stop to take in the fine view of the northern and southern slopes. Nearby is the curious village of Curral das Freiras.

Delight yourself with the countless views, on an island of such outstanding natural beauty! The descent to Faial is a pleasant surprise thanks to the The capital of the archipelago is on the south coast of impressive beauty of the surrounding mountains.

Madeira in a beautiful bay washed by the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and surrounded by green mountains and deep valleys. The cable cars between Funchal and Monte and between the Botanical Garden and Babosas Monte are the fastest way to get there while offering some spectacular scenery.

This is Madeira, an island whose beauty madeira botanical gardens eng. In its more than 35, m2 of flower beds we find in excess of 2, exotic plants from all over the world living and flowering here as happily as in their original habitat.

Whether you are a nature lover, botanist or tourist, if you want to take a world tour of the plant kingdom, visit the Madeira is also famous for the harmonious forms and natural history museum and the herbarium. You will also contrasting colours of its countless exotic plants from encounter a fine collection of exotic birds within Loiros almost all over the world, which seem so at home here.

Garden; a visit here is much like a safari through a world full Thanks to the exceptional climate, you can admire flowers of colourful parrots. Open daily from 9: O Funchal Phone: Open This garden is in the park attached to the Quinta das Monday to Friday from 9: Cruzes Museum and has a wide variety of endemic and Palheiro Ferreiro - Funchal exotic plants. Closed on Monday and public www. It also The garden is in Rua Dr.

Pita in Funchal and is open every has a collection of cycads Encephalartos , considered living day from 8: The garden contains around 60 of the 72 known species.

Pita - - Funchal It also has an area devoted to Madeiran flora, where we Phone: In addition to their panoramic views, the Palheiro Gardens This infrastructure is divided into three floors, two of with spacious lawns and lakes boast some of the rarest which display several african sculptures and the third The Monte Palace Tropical Garden is open daily from 9: Closed on Sunday and public holidays.

Open daily from habitats similar to those of many highly endangered species. Its The garden has fine examples of flora from Madeira gardens have been restored and it is now called Quinta and many other parts of the world, the most important Jardins do Imperador.

The garden is located in the city centre and also boasts a This tower is particularly beautiful, not only thanks to its fine lake and a stream with fish and birds. Arriaga — Funchal romantic landscape all the way down to Funchal. Nearby is a Phone: Estrada Monumental — Funchal The collection consists of more than 1, different www. You can see old and new, rambling and ordinary rose bushes. The most important and the rarest are santa luzia garden jardim de santa luzia labelled with their name and class.

Open daily from from It madeira and porto santo guide. It is full of many indigenous and exotic species with some centuries-old trees. It is refreshingly cool thanks to a stream that cascades into its southern part. Here variety of indigenous flora. Trees such as the stink you can also see some aviaries, a lagoon and you can also laurel, Ocotea foetens , laurel Laurus novocanariensis , visit the Santa Catarina Chapel.

Madeira mahogany Persea indica and Canary Laurel on summertime from 7: This mountain ash Where the bird population queimadas forest park is concerned, we can find a considerable number of Queimadas is an isolated area 5 km from Santana. Another special attraction is the unique snow pit, which To get there go west from Santana until you come to was once used to store ice.

This trail leads through gorse bushes, , nr. We can see a variety reached the island in Lower down discover bushes, ferns, mosses, lichens, liverworts and other small typical Laurissilva plants. Heritage Site, the only one in Portugal, which now belongs to all humanity. You must find time to admire and enjoy this forest which dates back to the Tertiary Age and survived the last glaciations, which confined it to Macaronesia, i.

Madeira has the largest area of this type of forest, about 22, hectares. It also has the widest variety of fauna and flora with some rare specimens, such as the Madeira orchid, Dactylorhiza foliosa, which is unique. These toed pigeon Columba trocaz , typical of the Laurissilva islands are considered to be a bird sanctuary, thanks to Forest and the symbol of Madeira Natural Park.

Come and discover a true living relic, a real laboratory The Garajau Partial Nature Reserve was set up in for botanists and plant lovers! Amongst the fauna in the park are large fish such as the nature reserves dusky grouper Epinephelus guaza and a wide variety of other coastal species. It has been classified as a Biogenetic set up in at the request of the local population. Reserve where we can find unique flora and fauna. It has peculiar fauna and flora, thanks to the important The Selvagens Islands Nature Reserve is in the far south local groups practically confined to this area.

It also has an of Portuguese territory and was set up in , making observation post for environmental education. From mean there are routes of rare beauty, but the archipelago 0 to 1.

Most of the walks are accessible to all though there are Lots of people come to the Madeira Islands just to walk different degrees of difficulty and so we suggest you the different circuits, discovering the pleasure of close ask your travel agent or consult specialised publications contact with nature. If you are really interested in walking with nature, we suggest you buy a programme organised by a travel The levadas are a remarkable, ingenious irrigations agency or a holiday activity company, which lay on walks system.

There are around 1. The Madeira Islands are as healthy as they are natural and Dive into an island of calm, clear waters and recharge have everything you need for a relaxing or invigorating your batteries with seaweed and plant extracts, the fresh holiday at any time of year.

Discover the fertility of the land and the abundant sea-life in dishes that are as healthy as they are delicious and rub shoulders with nature, far from the humdrum bustle of the big city. Make the most of the wide range of facilities offered by most hotels, such as swimming pools, saunas, gyms, tennis courts and massages. Some are real health resorts that combine medical and beauty treatments to offer services like thalassotherapy, hydro-massage, Turkish baths, massages and beauty centres, amongst others.

The dishes made from the highest quality ingredients. There most traditional are honey cake and honey biscuits made is also plenty of international cuisine to choose from.

Cottage cheesecakes and fennel candy are also Thanks to its close contact with the sea, most restaurants highly appreciated. Limpets, octopus, shrimp, tuna steaks and scabbard- There is also a wide selection of drinks. Exotic fruit juices fish fillets are just some of the local delicacies. Try some of these mouth-watering delights! Other traditional foods are home-made couscous, home- baked sweet potato bread and marinated pork. Fruit lovers will really think they are in heaven!

Tropical fruits like mangoes, bananas, avocadoes, custard apples and passion fruits are abundant and their exotic flavours are the perfect end to a meal, either fresh or in a pudding, mousse or ice cream.

This pale, strongly perfumed wine makes an Madeira wine unique. Verdelho leads the medium dry wines. It is golden, delicate and quite perfumed and is the best one Chosen to celebrate the independence of the United for drinking with meals. Boal is medium sweet, smooth, States on 4 July , praised by Shakespeare in his velvety, noble and dark gold in colour and goes well with plays and admired by monarchs, princes, generals and roast meat or dessert.

Between meals or with dessert, few explorers, Madeira wine is certainly a treasure. There are more than 30 Madeira wine grape varieties, though the best are Sercial, Boal, Verdelho and Malvasia. Funchal is particularly rich in historical heritage sites of interest to tourists, including churches, chapels and forts, many of which are classified as national monuments or listed buildings whose beauty leaves no-one indifferent.

Open Tuesday to Saturday from Closed on Mondays and public holidays. Open Monday to Friday from Closed on Saturday, Sunday and public holidays. The museum house has been restored by the E-mail: Open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a. Closed natural history museum on Sunday, Monday and public holidays. This museum is in the Botanical gardens - Eng. Today it houses Phone: Open Tuesday to Sunday from Closed on Monday and public holidays. The museum In the 19th century, this baroque-style palace was the houses backdrops, cameras and negatives collected over a home of the Counts of Carvalhal and was famous for its period of more than years by the four generations of receptions.

Today, it houses a valuable exhibition of the photographers in the Vicente family. It also conducts photographs from a number of other sources. The museum is in a series of baroque-style buildings Guided tours in English, Monday to Friday at Francisco, Avenida Arriaga 17th century wine press and antique machinery.

There is Funchal also a bar where visitors can taste and buy wine. Its contents include manufacture and export of sugar in Madeira in the 15th rare machinery and equipment more than half a century old. Closed in Sunday, Monday ibvam museum embroidery museum and public holidays. This museum shows how Madeira embroidery was made 2, Rua da Casa da Luz - - Funchal and has an exhibition of valuable pieces of embroidery, Phone: The embroidery is displayed Fax: All the exhibits are Phone: Apart from being The sculptures date back to the s and s and include works by Tengenenge artists such as Henry Munyaradzi and Bernard Matemera.

The mineral collection is organized according to its aesthetic value. Most of the minerals are excellent museum pieces, they are also important due to from Brazil, Portugal, Peru and North America. Closed on 25th December. There is a tearoom adjacent to the , Caminho do Monte, Funchal museum. Closed on Monday two permanent collections, one of minerals and the other and public holidays. The temporary exhibition room shows themes of Madeira, and a new, modern wing.

Open from Tuesday to Sunday from Saturday and Sunday Closed Mondays and public holidays. Here we can see a variety It also presents three different themes areas such as: Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.

Guided tours by previous appointement. Open Tuesday to Saturday from 3 pm to 7 pm. All the surrounding Phone: Amongst its Open Tuesday to Saturday from July to September, Tuesday to Saturday from There is a Saturday night is held the grand float parade showing the variety of shows, festivals and exhibitions waiting for you!

In addition to the natural attractions and year-round Shrove Tuesday is when Funchal explodes with joy. Come and experience spring with us! The Fireworks Competition offers unique moments of splendid pyrotechnics and harmonious music.