Shes dating the gangster kenji lines in fingernails

shes dating the gangster kenji lines in fingernails

See more. She's Dating the Gangster | Philippines The Gangster, Gangster Movies, Movies, Movies See more. I LOVE KATHNIEL Movie Lines, I Love. At thirty-six, she's been dating her boyfriend, an orthopedic surgeon, for six years. .. deliver new power and meaning when framed by the tweets, news headlines, and quotes .. Some are calling him a thug, maybe even a drug dealer and a gangbanger. . But what if they can't nail a first date even after three do-overs?. If not, then lemme say these lines: "Do not do unto others what you I want a vain man, I hate to see guys who have a long pointed nails plus But then Athena felt guilty so she tells the truth to Kenji that she's not This story is way too different from She's Dating the Gangster from the characters to the plot.

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shes dating the gangster kenji lines in fingernails

He ignored the quiet little protest in the back of his mind that whispered that since deciding to live this way, he had never felt so Sam already found the right guy for her. I'm still about as exciting as a petri dish full of streptococci He groaned as he heard the unmistakable grunting sound that came from a certain ribbon festooned, morbidly obese brindle bulldog followed by an incredibly high pitched giggle that caused his teeth to ache, then promptly threw open the restaurant door and flung himself inside.

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Wait, the setting is suppose to be France? No effort was given from the film makers and producing studio to make the movie feel as legitimate as possible. In the first 10 minutes of the movie alone, I was even questioning myself if I was watching an actual movie in the first place.

Because honestly, it felt like watching an expensive student-made video project rather than a studio-funded and produced movie. No care in the world was given for the outlandish and brainless humor that was portrayed in the film. This was pretty evident when the movie greeted its audiences with Vice Ganda trying to utter terribly-accented French phrases.

And the horrible part? This is the problem with the movie. It is merely a show within a comedy bar trying to portray itself as a film. You want a narrative? You want characters which you can relate with? Vice Ganda has enthralled us with her brand of comedy bar style of humor, and we pay for it literally with cash — hook, line and sinker. The point is, her humor sells.

For Vice Ganda and the movie, everything is done for the joke — no matter how brainless or undignifying it is. In fact, a line from the movie perfectly summarizes what Praybeyt Benjamin 2 really is about: Praybeyt Benjamin 2 would take you to the darkest corners of the cinema world just to try and elicit that sweet sound of laughter.

They would break any established rule in film making, and do so for all the wrong purposes. Even the most post-modern artworks adhere to certain rules of art. If you think you have the patience and discipline to handle 1 hour and 45 minutes of pure horror, think again.

These very few comedic gems within the movie quickly turned sour as soon as you see them. Abandon all hope, ye who enter here — or ye to those who plan to watch Praybeyt Benjamin 2. The fact that Bimbi Yap was part of the film, I should have expected that this woman would come along.

God, it was her presence and annoying over-the-top acting that made me do the worst thing an audience member can do when watching the movie. I opened my smartphone, accessed the internet, and went online in Facebook. Praybeyt Benjamin knows how to reference movies now! Such a smart thing to do, it should be funny. Obviously, I was being sarcastic. Most reviews remain sophisticated in their words when panning Praybeyt Benjamin 2.

But for this review, no. No flowery words, no movie jargons, just pure and honest reviewing. I posted this in Facebook while watching the movie.

I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you There were times when being a part of a family was nothing less than a miracle. This is one of those times Kaoru wiped her eyes with her sleeve and watched as Kenshin reached down and picked up their son in a protective embrace, a sight that only a year before, she would have never even dreamed of seeing.

This makes all the hardship Her heart sang at the sight of her child so contented Please let this last Let us have this time together Kenshin gathered his little boy into his arms a placed a tender kiss on Kenji's forehead. I'm so sorry, Son I promise I'll make it up to you Meanwhile, Over at the Akabedo I solemnly swear that this is the last time I will ever do this!!! Mara cautiously peered into the brightly lit and recently renovated restaurant, hoping that she could catch a glimpse of her date before going inside.

With the wariness that comes from unpleasant experiences, she carefully scanned the room a second time, and found to her immense relief that there was no one who matched the rather enigmatic description of Dr. I bet he got cold feet! The thought made her grin like a fool.

After tonight, she could finally declare victory against the butt pinching, half brained, undereducated, oversexed, knock kneed excuses for single men that Dr. Genzai kept throwing in her direction, and focus on the issues that were really important in her life.

Her triumphant spirit sputtered slightly. I'm still about as exciting as a petri dish full of streptococci Some things, she decided would never change. Sanosuke couldn't help but stare at the tall doctor as she neurotically kept peeking into the front window, her western styled dress nicely accentuating the subtle curves of her body, the rich verdant color contrasting nicely against Mara's milky white skin, making her appear more like an elegant marble statue instead of a young, nervous widow.

Goes to show what I know about women In all honesty, he had half expected the mal-tempered physician to show up her usual mannish attire, her curly hair braided tightly against her skull in an effort to make her appear far more intimidating that she already was. Not that she needs to work on that aspect of her personality He could almost see Mara and Aoshi silently kneeling in some drafty old temple for weeks on end as they contemplated whatever it was that stuffy, uptight introverts thought about when they weren't being pissy.

Gods, wouldn't that be a treat Sano chuckled softly as he imagined Shinomori sipping his tea Sanosuke peered through the leafy branches and sighed. He's not the only one Like Shinomori, the pale woman standing below him was fighting a losing battle against a merciless adversary, an opponent that would never die, never admit defeat. He had seen this enemy at work as it reduced Kenshin to a wraithlike creature who had been content to rot away his life in the hellish back streets of Rakinumura rather than live without the woman he thought he had failed to protect.

Megumi had also fallen prey to its manipulations, allowing her bright smile and tender heart to become brittle, her loving nature to wither from regret.

Like I have any room to talk He too, had lost far too many fights against this unseen menace, and even now Still, it beats the hell outta getting my heart stomped on again He reflexively rubbed the back of his head, grimacing slightly at the painful memories. I leaned my lesson after tangling with the Fox Now I keep things nice and simple While he had no qualms whatsoever about visiting the pleasure quarter whenever the need arose, the couplings remained nothing more than a physical act to ease a physical urge, the nameless women easily forgotten in the aftermath of such emotionless encounters.

This way nobody gets hurt He ignored the quiet little protest in the back of his mind that whispered that since deciding to live this way, he had never felt so I wonder what she'd think of such an arrangement? Sano leaned as far forward as he dared and gazed down at the dark haired woman. She'd probably chew me out for being an asshole.

He suspected that the stern doctor was decidedly old school when it came to such things, perfectly willing to deny herself the perks that came with a good tumble I'd bet good money she's not been with another man since her husband died The tree branch suddenly groaned from his weight, threatening to snap. With a stifled oath, Sano threw himself back, wincing as the motion caused the oak tree to shed dozens of autumn tinted leaves down towards the earth Only I would choose to stand next to a tree that has some twisted little pervert up in it She glared up at the leafy canopy and wished that she had a sling shot handy.

I guess I should probably go inside before he decides to come down for a visit Blind dates were bad enough Mara carefully backed up away from the inhabited oak tree Sano thought as he carefully climbed down from the tree that he'd been perched in, then slowly sauntered towards the entrance, determined to size up Dr.

Genzai's friend, make sure that Mogensen would be all right, then get the hell out of this part of town before a SHE showed up. Gods, wouldn't that be a damn awful ending to such a great day? He carefully peered through the glass, watching as Mara spoke with Yahiko for a moment, her usually somber face lighting up when the younger man shook his head, prompting Sanosuke to guess that either her date hadn't shown up yet or had cancelled.

His suspicions were confirmed when Yahiko escorted the woman to an empty table, then left her alone with a menu and a simmering cup of tea. Well that was easy! Looks like I'm off the hook for the rest of the evening With a self satisfied snort, Sano turned and started to stroll down the street, eager to find himself a nice game of dice, a couple of fools with plenty of money to loose and a warm bowl of sake. He shoved his hands into his pant pockets and whistled a bright tune he'd picked up somewhere in the Appalachians.

I have a feeling that lady luck is on my side for a change Minomoto Sakura was one of them. With a painful groan, Sano covered his eyes, unwilling to look upon the heavily made up face of his greatest adversary, a bow be-dangled , broad hipped woman with big teeth and a mean streak a mile wide. No matter how hard I try In his life he had been hunted by police, gangsters, corrupt politicians, irate restaurant owners, landlords, several religious zealots who had been hellbent on showing him "the light", a handful of lawyers and a one eyed tiger with a penchant for nibbling on man flesh somewhere in the jungles of India.

At least the tiger would have shown me mercy Sano whimpered softly as the instrument of his destruction and her dog waddled happily towards him, eager on turning what had been a perfectly wonderful evening into a never ending estrogen filled nightmare.

This broad doesn't know the meaning of the word With terror born speed, Sanosuke darted back towards the Akabedo entrance and looked around wildly for a garbage bin he could throw himself into, thus avoiding having to converse with Minomoto Sakura and the half-pig, half-wolverine that she daintily referred to as her dog.

The minx just doesn't know how to take a hint He groaned as he heard the unmistakable grunting sound that came from a certain ribbon festooned, morbidly obese brindle bulldog followed by an incredibly high pitched giggle that caused his teeth to ache, then promptly threw open the restaurant door and flung himself inside. Gods above and below, please don't let her find me! Do I have "Hello, I'm an idiot!

This was the fifth bid she had rejected this week because of the ridiculously high estimates. I only want the roof on the clinic re-shingled Not the whole damn building remodeled She muttered an explenitive and crammed the wadded up piece of paper into her pocket. Those bastards know that I really need to get this fixed A recent wind storm had wreaked havoc on the old, worn wooden shingling on the left side of the clinic, leaving several portions of the building bare to the elements.

And don't know a thing about carpentry Repairing a perforated bowel was easy, figuring out the difference between a rafter and a joist was nearly impossible. Mara snorted in disgust and picked up her steaming cup of green tea, deeply inhaling the clean, refreshing scent before delicately sipping at the piping hot liquid.

I'll just have to think of something Sitting awkwardly in her hamhock sized hands was a growling bulldog who was wearing a matching red ribbon around his fleshy neck and seemed to be suffering from a rather nasty sinus infection by the amounts of snot coming from it's pugged nose.

No wonder Sagara's hiding Sweet Jefferson Davis, the woman could be a linebacker for the Steelers Isn't this the cutest widdle waiter that you've ever seen? I was hoping that the widdle angel would help me find out where our favorite chew toy is hiding. This is karma coming back to bite me in the ass for all those meals I mooched off Tae He banged his head against the wall, then froze when he heard the sound of approaching footsteps and held his breath, praying simultaneously to several gods and six minor deities that the current bane of his existence would either be roasted alive or simply pass by his precarious hiding place.

Sano screwed his eyes shut as the ferns in front softly rustled I've got to get back to work and finish those morbidity reports for the latest round of dysentery, not to mention find a way to keep the animals from messing up my medical supplies until I can get that damn roof fixed That morning, she had been shocked to discover a mother racoon and her offspring nestled in the linen bandages that she'd spent a weekend sterilizing.

I've never come so close to wearing fur in my entire life Mara rolled her eyes, and turned towards Sagara, her gaze settling on his darkly tanned hands. She suddenly recalled seeing those hands holding a hammer and a bag of nails after Kenji had broken the hinges on the bath house door. A brilliant idea born from extreme necessity instantly blossomed.

Hmm, let me think Kenshin mentioned something about Sagara being pretty decent at fixing stuff up She glanced over at the tall man who looked like a condemned prisoner on his way to the gallows and smiled in what only could be described as a predatory manner. Yes, he should do just fine It's a damn shame that I can't just ask him for help She gnawed her bottom lip for a moment and wished that she didn't have to resort to underhanded behavior to get what she wanted.

Unfortunately the man kneeling beside her wasn't the type to simply agree to performing manual labor simply for the hell of it, especially for a woman he couldn't stand. I'm doing it for the clinic Happily buoyed up with justification, Mara took a deep breath, donned her mental hip waders, and reluctantly sloshed into the moss covered lake of female flirtation.

Perhaps she's not so bad after all Something was definitely up. And for some reason Yes, something was definitely afoot. His cocky grin broadened. Mabey the chick is coming to her senses I am pretty irresistible Mara fluttered her eyelashes demurely. Sano inwardly groaned as a particularly high pitched "Yooo-Whooo! Gods, talk about being between a dog and hard place! Sano looked at Mara and made his decision. Well, whatever she has in mind, it's better than dodging the drool princess for the rest of the night With a heavy sigh, he shoved his hands in his pockets and awaited his hard won liberation.

That was way too easy I wonder if he knows that I'm pulling a fast one on him Mara glanced over at the suddenly subdued man, her doubts quickly dissolving as she took in the dull slightly glazed over expression on his face.

Good grief, what am I thinking Sagara couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag if his life depended on it She shook her head, took her newly acquired handy man by the hand and marched into the kitchen. Back at the Dojo "Honestly Son, it's a wonder that you can get to sleep at night.

So far, he had found two pinwheels one broken , a well worn stuffed animal, three special rocks and an oddly shaped blue painted sword that Kenji insisted on calling a "light saber" He's addicted to those stories that Mara tells him He ran his hands over the toy free futon, then turned to Kenji and ruffled the boy's hair.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised He looked over at his son then back down to the toy lying in the palm of his hand. He looked back down at the faded paint and fought down the urge to vomit. What did I do wrong?

Kenji's lower lip trembled. He craned his head towards his parent's bedroom, hoping that his mother would come back out and make everything better. He tried to pull away from his father, confused as to why he was clenching the small wooden top so tightly and looked so upset. There has to be a perfectly reasonable explanation for this Kenshin looked down at the faded wooden top. It was remarkably plain and slightly singed on one side, as though it had been exposed to flame. He carefully held up the top, turning it slightly to the side I left it in our home to burn I left it with Would you mind telling me about the pretty lady that gave it to you?

I need your help. I'm sorry that I have to leave you alone, but I need to hurry. Promise me that you won't leave your mother's side! She's sick because you came back A tear escaped and ran down his cheek. And now she's going to die He had overheard the hushed whispers between his father and the doctor earlier that morning and knew that something terrible called Typhoid was hurting his mommy.

Kenji hesitantly brushed back a damp lock of hair from his mother's face, wincing at how hot her skin was and how pale. Kenji instinctively grabbed her soiled yukata and tried to jerk her towards him.

He frantically tried to wipe the stuff away from her face, then gagged from the offensive smell and texture and had to pull away before he threw up. I don't know what to do! Kenji yelled loudly that he needed help, praying that his father or Yahiko would hear him. I don't know how to help her! Kaoru screamed again, her cries punctuated by another round of vomiting that left the right side of her bed covered in vomit and Kenji in tears. Kenji gasped with delight when his mother stopped struggling and simply fell asleep, the faintest hint of a smile gracing her pale lips as she rested quietly.

For several minutes neither he nor the strange woman spoke, finding an easy sort of companionship during their vigil. Occasionally he would glance up the black haired woman, trying to figure out what such a pretty lady was doing sitting beside him in the middle of the night. After several seconds, she sighed and carefully covered the smaller woman up, her face contorting with palpable grief. This belongs to your father. Was she the one who taught you to swear and play poker? She died right after I was born.

Way to brighten up the atmosphere This guy might not be as dumb as I thought She was about as attractive as the working end of an outhouse but had a voice like an angel. One aria and she had the entire audience in tears. I saved every franc I could get my dirty hands on just to get to listen to her. Still, if you're pushing for a favorite aria, I'd have to go with L'amour est un eiseau rebelle. This guy is definitely not the idiot I took him for Mara pursed her lips together. She glanced back over at Sanosuke, noticing for the first time that the ex-gangster seemed to be a dead ringer for Dr.

He fits it perfectly It's time to test a theory I'm going to kill him That sneaky little sake drinking geriatric matchmaker has really done it this time! At least most of the time Kaoru thought as she stomped down the hallway, her emotions fluctuating somewhere between arousal and anger. Honestly, how long does it take to put a five year old to bed? She paused at Kenji's doorway and listened carefully.

Either they both fell asleep Her mouth thinned out when she realized that the front entrance to the house was slightly ajar.

Kaoru carefully tiptoed to the door and peeked outside. What on earth is going on She sat down beside him and hesitantly placed her hand on his knee. I left it with her Kaoru instinctively embraced her husband. All I have to go on are the fanciful tales of an imaginative five year old and the half truths from a woman who has done nothing but help my family while hiding her true intentions

She's Dating the Gangster Quotes

shes dating the gangster kenji lines in fingernails