Hard boiled john woo online dating

hard boiled john woo online dating

This isn't a remake of the John Woo classic. Rather, this Hard Boiled is based on the comic book by Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow. Warner Bros is the studio. Release date. 16 April () (Hong Kong). Running time. minutes. Country, Hong Kong. Language, Cantonese. Budget, US $ million. Box office, HK$ million. Hard Boiled (Chinese: 辣手神探) is a Hong Kong action thriller film written by Barry Wong Hard Boiled was John Woo's last Hong Kong film before his transition to. Read the Empire review of Hard Boiled. Release date worshipped Hong Kong director John Woo to receive more than a cursory release in the UK, The Mattress That Broke The Internet - Search Best Online Mattress.

hard boiled john woo online dating

Interview: John Woo

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Hard Boiled is an all-time action classic. What if anything do you recall from the experience of making it or releasing it to an international audience that is significant now? When I made Hard Boiled, I had no idea that it would be released to an international audience. The saddest thing happened when scriptwriter Barry Wong died midway through the shoot, when the script was half-finished.

While I was mourning for Barry, I had to finish the script based on the treatment he left behind. This was during production. Hard Boiled seems to have come from an era of action where style superseded everything - sometimes even believability. How much work do you do on a film to make it a realistic universe or does that matter in the service of telling an interesting or entertaining story? I think my style for that film works well with the story.

They compliment each other. You don't record a commentary on either of these films. Were there time limitations or do you have any interest in discussing your movies through interviews and commentary tracks?

I did the commentary twice on that film, one for Criterion and one for Fox Lorber. What other films would you especially like to see remastered or re-released for international audiences? For my own films, I would like to see Bullet in the Head remastered. The original cut was actually almost three hours. After I moved to the States, I had, at one time, planned to restore the film to its original form, and to have a new original score.

But to my horror, I discovered that the lab has thrown away the negative of the cutout footage, without my permission. But still, it remains my most personal film to date. You are an expert filmmaker when it comes to creating epic set pieces or huge sequences, and countless reviews examine your visual style. Has your focus changed as you have matured as a director in terms of finding stories that are less action-oriented or more grounded and dramatic? It has absolutely no action in it, and people were very surprised.

At the hospital, Alan confronts Tequila, demanding to know the whereabouts of Wong's arsenal. Alan and Tequila discover a hidden passage in the hospital leading to Wong's arsenal.

They are confronted by Mad Dog, who engages them. Wong arrives at the hospital and has all the patients, police officers and staff taken hostage. After fighting their way to the main lobby, Alan and Tequila liberate the kidnapped patients and police officers. Pang evacuates the lobby while police detective Teresa Chang Teresa Mo goes to the maternity ward to organize evacuating the babies. Alan and Tequila continue fighting gangsters until they find Mad Dog.

While Tequila goes to assist Chang with the babies, Alan and Mad Dog find themselves in a standoff with a group of patients caught in the middle. They slowly put their guns down and offer the patients safe passage, until Wong appears and shoots them all. An enraged Mad Dog shoots Wong's gun out of his hand. Wong shoots and kills Mad Dog while Alan escapes.

Tequila finds the last baby in the maternity unit, and carries it to safety while fighting off the last of the gangsters. Alan and Tequila meet up again and are confronted by Wong, who has set bombs to blow up the building. Alan pursues Wong as Tequila escapes the hospital with the last baby, the hospital exploding around him. Outside, Wong suddenly appears holding Alan at gunpoint. After watching Wong humiliate Tequila, Alan grabs Wong's pistol.

In a struggle, Alan shoots himself through the stomach giving Tequila enough time to shoot Wong dead. Later at the police station, Pang and Tequila burn Alan's police file. Alan then sails away from Hong Kong in his boat. Cast[ edit ] Actor Anthony Wong who portrayed the head of a Triad.

A clarinet-playing police officer whose partner is killed in a restaurant gunfight with a small army of gangsters. He makes an origami crane every time he kills someone, a trait which was influenced by Woo's daughter when he saw her making them. A fellow police officer who is the girlfriend of Inspector "Tequila" Yuen. Chang helps decode the secret code songs that are sent to the police office by Alan.

Philip Chan as Supt. Prior to the film, Philip Chan was a police officer for about fifteen years. Philip Chan felt that certain scenes in the film were very familiar as they were similar to things had to do with real police work. A skilled gunfighter working for Johnny Wong. Anthony Wong as Johnny Wong: Wong is the head of a Triad who encourages Alan to kill Uncle Hoi.

Wong's triad has a large number of guns hidden in the basement of a hospital. Bowie Lam as Benny: An undercover officer who is killed in the tea house shoot-out. Anjo Leung as Benny's son. Bobby Au-Yeung as Lionheart: An assistant to Inspector "Tequila" Yuen. Kwan Hoi-Shan as Mr. A triad boss who is the head of the gang Alan is investigating.

Hoi is killed in a warehouse shoot-out. Tung Wei as Foxy: An undercover cop beaten up by Mad Dog. Foxy is spared by Alan, and lives to deliver information to Tequila from Alan. Foxy is later killed by Mad Dog at the hospital in which the final shoot-out takes place.

John Woo as a Bartender: A bartender at the Jazz club who gives advice to Inspector "Tequila" Yuen. This led to Woo having Tequila's character be a musician as well as a cop. This halted production for a month to develop a new story.

After writing the first part of the script, Wong went on a vacation outside Hong Kong, where he died leaving the script unfinished.

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hard boiled john woo online dating

hard boiled john woo online dating