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We use session ID cookies to make it easier for you to navigate the our web sites. We use persistent cookies to identify and track which sections of its web site you most often visit. Bronk witnessed this and when Tori and Yuma were walking home, Bronk followed them on his skateboard and gave Yuma the piece which Shark had kicked into the bushes, making Tori smile as it cheered Yuma up and gave him confidence.

Tori and Bronk cheering Yuma on. As the Duel went on, Bronk and Shark continuously corrected Yuma's mistakes, with Tori eventually joining in, even though she didn't know much about Dueling. She also shouted for Yuma in a worrying tone when Shark's " Number Leviathan Dragon " destroyed " Gagaga Magician ", knocking Yuma off his feet.

Despite this, Tori continued cheering Yuma on despite him being at a large disadvantage. When Yuma Summoned " Number Utopia ", Tori was shocked that Yuma had an Xyz Monster , as well as the fact that it was a " Number " as neither she or Bronk knew that Yuma owned one.

After Yuma defeated Shark, Tori screamed for joy at his victory. Tori and Yuma stayed in the library all day to find anyone who was behaving suspiciously. In the afternoon, they found out that it was Caswell , but it turned out that he was used by the real culprit. They found the location of the real criminal and it was revealed that it was Mr.

Kay , their teacher, who was under the influence of " Number Yuma challenged him to a Duel with Tori and Caswell cheering him on. Kay continued, he kept shouting at Astral to which Caswell asked Tori about. She told him that it was part of Yuma's "feeling the flow" attitude, showcasing how she covered up Yuma's behavior like she did before although this time, Yuma was in the right. After Yuma defeated Mr. Kay, Tori asked him how to stop the virus and when he said he didn't know, she and the others were waiting for the city to go into "mass panic", but all Mr.

Kay's "virus" did was make a giant Crashbug be projected from the Crashbug Stadium to bring happiness to the hearts of all Duelists, which Tori admired. When Flip was exiting the Heartland Shopping Mall , he caused Tori's and her friend's lollipops to turn upside down, annoying Tori enough to shout at Flip.

During the next day, Flip began to prey on Yuma and tried to give him the " Baby Tiragon " card, but Tori and Bronk warned Yuma not to trust him as they had known him from a young age. As well as this, he edited several photos of people in distress by adding Yuma to them, making him look like the person who caused them their pain.

Tori, knowing this to be unlike Yuma, began to investigate. While she was doing this, Flip managed to succeed in his plans in separating Yuma from his friends so that he could Duel him with "Number Utopia" as an ante. He was tricked into stacking dominoes in order to win an Xyz Monster. When Tori finally located him, she ended up making him knock over all of the dominoes he had to set up, forcing him to start over again.

When Tori asked Spencer what he was doing, he explained that Flip told him to do it. Tori managed to piece the evidence together and she and Bronk looked for Yuma, now knowing that Flip was after him all along.

When they finally located Yuma, they saw him Dueling against Flip and cheered him on until Yuma won, even though he was at an overwhelming disadvantage as Flip controlled Yuma's "Number" cards. After the Duel, Tori and Bronk became embarrassed as Yuma and Flip had an emotional moment and began to do various things such as cry, laugh and dance about, causing people in the shopping mall to stare at them oddly.

After Flip distracted the guard, Tori, Yuma and Bronk managed to get in and after Yuma destroyed the set, Nelson rescued him from the falling rubble. Having not known where Yuma had gone to, Tori came to the conclusion that he had been caught by the guards but it turned out that while he was with Nelson, he found out his true personality, which was that he was shy. The same night after Nelson was possessed by the " Number Galaxy Queen " card, Tori and Yuma went looking for him but he managed to escape.

Andrews to come to the studios right away. Tori did so and watched Yuma Duel Nelson, along with Mrs. After the Duel, Tori asked Yuma why he didn't tell them about Nelson. Yuma said it would upset her if she knew he was a fake. A small blush appeared on her face and she said she knew that Yuma cared a little. Yuma however quickly denied this [16] One morning, Tori was discussing with Bronk about how strange things have been happening to Yuma.

Suddenly he entered wearing a tiger-skin cape and leather trousers which shocked Tori. She then said that she had enough and told Yuma about the other strange things which have happened to him lately. Yuma told Tori that he had better taste than her in clothing.

Tori challenged Yuma that she could find him a better outfit in the mall ; Yuma accepted. On the way to meet Yuma, Tori was subdued by an army of cats sent by an unknown figure , who harbored hatred towards Tori because of the amount of attention she received from Yuma. Having found out that Tori was kidnapped by this mysterious figure via a cat bringing Yuma and invitation and Tori's hair bow, he ran to the location to find her. Yuma's concern for Tori was displayed in his Dueling technique, such as how he didn't require Astral's help and how he planned his moves.

The mysterious figure turned out to be Cathy, a classmate of Tori's. After Yuma defeated her, he ran to find Tori playing hide-and-seek with Cathy's cat army, which shocked Yuma as he thought she was in danger.

The next day, Yuma was angry at Tori for making him worry. When Cathy ran past after saying hello, Bronk wondered who she was. Tori called him rude for not knowing her.

After Yuma stated who she was and showcased interest in her because she was a good Duelist, Tori got annoyed and started chasing Yuma. When Yuma said that he only has them when "he" is with him, Tori instantly knew that Yuma was referring to Astral.

Later, Tori went with with Yuma to find Shark after he declared that he wanted a rematch, but was cornered by Chills , Scorch and their goons. Shark however stepped in and told them to back off, leaving Tori and her friends alone. She was shocked when Shark said that he gave up on Dueling due to losing to Yuma. The next day, Bronk asked Tori where Yuma was; she responded that he went to look for Shark. Tori was shocked at how Yuma backed out on his promise to not use his "Numbers" and was even more shocked when Shark defeated Yuma easily.

Tori followed him and asked him what was wrong. Bronk told her that Yuma's attitude toward Dueling was starting to get to him, to which Tori partially agreed to. Yuma, after much thought decided to ask Shark for another rematch, but Tori told him to stop getting involved with Shark and his business after Weasel told Yuma that Scorch and Chills were using him to commit crimes. She and Bronk cheered when the brothers were defeated by Yuma and Shark's "Hope-Ray Lancer" combo, and they pulled faces as the brothers ran off after losing their "Numbers".

This scared Tori and she was shocked when Kari saw her and Yuma on the news and assigned them to get a scoop on what was going on.

Yuma left Tori after he saw that the criminal was possessed by a "Number" card, leaving her worried. After an exhausting day at school, Bronk told Yuma and Tori about a tournament in a neighboring city, which they all attended. After the tournament, Tori mocked Yuma for losing so easily. On their way home, it started to rain heavily. Yuma and Tori started running home, but while crossing a road, a truck almost hit Tori.

They then began a Duel with their "Numbers" on the line. Seeing this, Tori ran to his side and wondered what happened. Yuma fell to the ground, who began to cry out of anger of almost losing to Kite.

Despite this, Yuma and Astral remained in a state of shock due to their humiliating Duel against Kite. While at the lodge, Tori, Bronk and Yuma carried out tasks for Roku. One night, Kaze , a former student of Roku, appeared before him and defeated him in a Duel. He burst into the lodge, shocking Tori as he attempted to attack a statue of " Blade Armor Ninja ".

She watched with her friends as Yuma Dueled Kaze to protect the lodge from harm. Seeing Kari shocked Tori, as she knew that she forbade Yuma from Dueling. Kari scolded Yuma for Dueling when he wasn't supposed to, but she was interrupted by Roku, who told her that Dueling was a way to let Yuma grow as a person. During a pinch in the Duel, Yuma fell to the floor as he had lost hope. Seeing this, Haru suggests that Yuma could do with a "Duel meal" and looked at Tori, who ran into Roku's kitchen to prepare him one.

She gave it to Yuma, which improved his spirit and giving him the will to win the Duel. After the Duel, Roku gave Yuma a "secret lodge Deck" containing several rare cards. Tori nd the rest of Yuma's friends decided to produce a group known as the Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club , which are dedicated to researching the "Numbers" for Yuma. Whilst investigating the Numbers, Shark told Tori that she shouldn't get involved with them because they are evil and do nothing but cause trouble.

After an exhausting day of finding no information, Tori and her friends grouped together to discuss their findings, but luckily, Flip managed to find out that a fortune teller under the name of Fortuno knew about the "Numbers". Straight away, Tori and her friends visited the fabled fortuneteller, but it was all a trap as he managed to lure the club into his lair and trap them in order to lure Yuma into a Duel with his "Number" cards on the line.

After falling into a pit, Tori awakened to find herself and the rest of the club trapped on top of a small rock surrounded by lava.


To conduct research and statistical analysis in order to improve and develop our business, products and services. Yuma began to shove his Duel meals down without biting which Tori told him off for, but before he could eat his second rice ball, a passing bird stole it.