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Deimon completely shut down the Scorpion offense, though their efforts did not cause any forced turnovers as the Scorpions were known to hold on to the ball to prevent such mistakes. In the end the game was a lopsided victory in favor of Deimon. Deimon Devil Bats, The twins stood on the sideline with helmets off side by side after the team gave their congratulations to one another to end the game officially.

This is kind of disappointing," Sasuke added. Kind of like what Riku-sensei does sometimes. However we have our own planners and tricksters here on our team…" It was that exact moment that a loud cackling and gun fire went off a little ways down the sideline as Hiruma celebrated their win with the majority of the offense.

Kenta handed him a paper and he showed it to the twins. The teams playing are our cross-town rival Zokugaku and that Kyoshin team with those tall players. Personally, I don't want to play against Habashira again. It was a couple weeks after losing to the White Knights that they had an exhibition match against cross-town and look hoodlum school Zokugaku in which the two were injured to the point of leaving the game.

It was also the same game that the three brothers joined the Devil Bats and had a crash course on being offensive lineman. In the end Deimon had won, but the injured the team had suffered as a whole left a lasting impression. While not as big as the linemen from the Taiyou Sphinx or Kurita, they easily outclassed the rest of their teammates in terms of mass. A total of nine interior linemen that made up the entire offensive and defensive lines. Their large frames were the perfect size to take on the tall, but light weight Kyoshin Poseidon linemen and linebackers lead by Shun Kakei.

This was a major improvement for the Chameleon team and also a statement that they are true to their team moniker — they adapt to their opponents to gain the advantage.

They're tall," Sasuke said with a tone of interest. We're heading out to the locker rooms! That was the title of the article in the local newspaper that covered the Tokyo Tournament in their sports section. The article focused on the one-sided game between the Zokugaku Chameleons and the Kyoshin Poseidon, in which the Poseidon team dominated the competition.

Being a local newspaper for the Deimon Zokugaku area, the writer of the article was clearly a supporter or graduate of the now defunct Zokugaku, and who would not feel disappointed on the poor performance of one's alma mater. The article went on to praise the Chameleons in improving both their size and speed on both sides of the ball, however it quickly turned negative in describing their incompetence in both strategy and their complete lack of desire to even compete once the Poseidon and their tall freshmen began pressing their advantage along the lines and in their linebacker corps.

The only good highlight from Zokugaku's complete failure and horrible loss was Rui Habashira who showed that while losing that he ranked in the top tier linebackers alongside Riku Ayasegawa, Shin Seijuurou and Shun Kakei, compiling gaudy stats in tackles, sacks and passes defended. He was a one man show who fought to the end while his own teammates gave up a long time ago. Sakaki shook his head. He remained at the club house while the rest of the team retrieved Astroturf shoes from the local sports supplier.

It's all a matter of making sure that weakness becomes our strength. I'll be borrowing Omosadake-kun while I'm at it. We already know how insanely strong that shrimp is…""What is your plan for dealing with Kyoshin's offense? I can start devising a training regime for whatever you have planned. He acts like a coward but he's got one hell of an arm.

He's dangerous when he's on the move because you don't know who he's going to throw to. They run a spread-option formation, so that means we'll have to take one man out of coverage and spy him all game. That brings back memories from my freshman year at Sengoku.

So far the offensive and defensive linemen play on both sides of the ball, including Mizumachi. Look at the read the quarterback made on the end before he runs for a first down. We were supposed to go over this together. Hiruma with a part-time job? Those two spelled trouble. Tall didn't fully describe Kyoshin Private High School. Because of the constraints of placing a technical school in such a cramped city section, architects that designed the Kyoshin School decided to build up. One of the tallest buildings in the area, Kyoshin Private High stood 20 stories with six elevators, three on each side, to transfer students from floor to floor and teachers from class to class.

While the halls gave an impression of new world technology the outward appearance resembled that of the Viennese Gasometer, a gigantic structure built to store town coal and gas for the city of Vienna, Austria before the conversion of natural gas in Monta and Komusubi piled their boxes onto Sena.

It seemed that Kyoshin was known for their tall students. At least every other person he saw wandering the grounds were taller than the average Japanese.

That would explain the four tallest players on the Kyoshin team and place them in a category all on their own as the tallest players in the Tokyo region. Even those four were oddly tall for the tallest he's seen so far. As he walked toward the sports field, he took a turn around the corner and spotted the address he would be delivering the shoes. Dropping the boxes, he knocked onto the Football Club door. He was short for a Kyoshin player with dark spiky hair and a somewhat innocent looking face.

Thanks for delivering them he—" He paused. Chairs rustled as they were shoved aside. I can't allow you to do something as underhanded as spying! Or at least tried to as a firm hand pressed against the center of his back kept him right where he stood. His knees shook as he looked back and followed the long arm up to one serious looking Shun Kakei. He was sweating bricks, wondering if they were going to do something to him to get him to spill his guts on Deimon's tactics.

I'm the one who's sorry…" My conscience is killing me. The door slid open quickly revealing the even taller Mizumachi.

I thought you really hated Deimon? He remembered seeing the short guy on the sidelines hauling gear and filming on top of scaffolds and mechanical lifts. Sena here delivered our cleats. At least the secretary is a nice person. The only one I can't forgive is that fake Eyeshield!

Sena shivered as the yellow crept up his spine at the sudden mood shift. If Deimon's number 21 was really a perfect runner, I couldn't care less whose name he takes. But the fake and real deal is different when it comes to the destructive power of their running. Probably something to do with him crushing his alter ego in a game, and that didn't bode well for the true identity of the Japanese Eyeshield He had to say something before things got out of control.

Kakei seemed to calm at his question. He's someone I never expected to find here. They had all heard of the story of Eyeshield 21 when they first heard of Deimon's Ace Running Back and Kakei's real experience with who he deemed was the real Eyeshield in America.

Now they listened in on the story of Kakei's first true rival from his time living in America. My mother and I stayed with family in a Los Angeles suburb called Gardena in a section what was predominately a Japanese community.

My father encouraged me to make American friends and being that I was so much taller than my fellow Japanese around my age back here, I knew I could dominate any sport. Football was my first choice. When I came here to America and turned 10, I was average. I had to prove myself every day in practice, even competing against favoritism just to keep my starting spot.

I went from being the top of the world to the bottom of the barrel by just crossing the ocean. This was very much new. We were undefeated until we played against the Inglewood Sentinels. That is when I first met Riku, or Richard as he was known at the time. The tone of his voice and hints from his accent show his Americanization.

And it wasn't because they were stronger — they were. The only thing we hand on them was speed because most of our players were skinny and tall, with myself being the second smallest on the team. No, we lost because of this Japanese running back about… well, he just as small as you, Sena-kun. He was fast, really fast. And for someone his size he was strong. I'm not ashamed in saying that he literally ran me over more than once in that game before the end of the first half.

Our coach knew we couldn't stop them so he let all the bench warmers get their plays and experience but I begged to stay in and he did, though reluctantly. I would have to say that trying to stop Ayasegawa Riku at that time is what made me into the kind of player that I am today and accelerated me into becoming a starter no matter what school I went to. Riku didn't carry the ball much in the second half, but when he did, I stopped him at least half the time.

That was probably the best game I ever played before I faced the real Eyeshield Our families knew each because my father served under his father's brother in the Marine Corps. We never knew all this until after that game when my mother coerced me to grow a backbone and talk to him. He was very guarded and didn't talk much and we did not associate after school because he lived in what was considered the ghetto of Los Angeles.

However we spent a many lunch times talking football and sports in general. He was learning more and more about his fellow classmate and team captain, it seemed, with each new person he met.

We both graduated to middle school but we went our separate ways as I went to a private school on the south side and he, from what I understand, went overseas to a school here in Japan. That must have been the time Hiruma, Kurita and Musashi met Riku when he was an underclassman at Mahou 13th. The outburst from their fellow teammate only spoke the truth. Kakei was a nice guy, but sometimes he was too serious for his own good and that put off a lot of people.

Said person held up a certain finger to the originator of the voice before he continued. As I was saying. He felt a little intimidated by all these guys. He thought Kakei was going to go ballistic. He spoke Japanese much better but that didn't last very long and he seemed a little off balance when he ran the ball.

We lost to them once in the regular season and again in the league Super Bowl, but what was weird about that last game was Riku played defense and he never played defense.

In fact, he rarely touched the football on offense and if I remember correctly he seemed enraged when he played defense. People started calling him Samurai because of his ferocious play. He's had to deal with that for a while.

Even in high school. Things were adding up now. Come the following year, I couldn't even see him on the Sentinel's team until he actually came up to me and said hello. I was somewhat worried about having to face off against him when he ran the ball, but he shocked my whole team when he didn't take a single offensive snap and lined up as a linebacker and nearly shut us down single-handedly. Someone his size moving with that speed at his age was mind-numbing.

We associated more since he was in biking distance and we actually formed a mutual friendship and rivalry. I always wanted to play alongside him and we actually talked about it, but when it came down to the wire I signed up to attend Cathedral Private High School in the same league as Serra just to keep our rivalry going, just to play him twice in a single season again. However, his team had the better record which separated us in that year's playoff bracket.

That's when it goes into how I met Eyeshield 21," he said, nearly straying away from the current story. Riku was out of town to play against Eyeshield 21 and Notre Dame high school so I never said my goodbyes.

Fortunately, I met him again as a rival when I attended the University of Phoenix High School just in time to be drafted by their football club and play in the National Tournament. Kakei-kun knows all about that Ayasegawa guy, so he can teach you all his techniques. You're one smart--" He pointed accusing fingers at Sena, shocking the pseudo secretary. What about this spy? He'll tell everyone on Deimon that Kakei knows the defensive captain's secrets!

It's been a pleasure, but I think I better get going. I umm… have some things to do. As they fight the pirates, one of them kidnaps Medaka. A fight starts between Luffy and Ganzack, ending with Luffy's capture. Meanwhile, Zoro is forced to give up after a threat is made to kill all the villagers. They rise up against Ganzack, and while the islanders and pirates fight, Nami unlocks the three captives.

Ganzack defeats the rebellion and reveals his armored battleship. The Straw Hat Pirates are forced to fight Ganzack once more to prevent him from destroying the island. A second film, One Piece: It is 34 minutes in length and based on the first version of Romance Dawn.

In search for food for his crew, Luffy arrives at a port after defeating a pirate named Crescent Moon Gally on the way. There he meets a girl named Silk, who was abandoned by attacking pirates as a baby and raised by the mayor. Her upbringing causes her to value the town as her "treasure".

The villagers mistake Luffy for Gally and capture him just as the real Gally returns. Gally throws Luffy in the water and plans to destroy the town, but Silk saves him and Luffy pursues Gally.

His crew arrives to help him, and with their help he recovers the treasure for the town, acquires food, and destroys Gally's ship. Son Goku and His Friends Return!! Light and Blue Night , that was available only though a mail-in offer exclusively to Japanese residents. Episode 0 original video animation adapts the manga's special "Chapter 0", which shows how things were before and after the death of Roger. The series, which premiered in Japan on Fuji Television on October 20, , has aired more than episodes, and has been exported to various countries around the world.

The first of these, which was also the first episode of Toriko, aired on April 3, On July 22, , an interview with Anime News Network and Mark Kirk, senior vice-president of digital media for 4Kids Entertainment, revealed that 4Kids acquired One Piece as part of a package deal with other anime, and that the company did not screen the series before licensing it. However, once 4Kids realized One Piece was not appropriate for their intended demographic, the company decided to edit it into a more child-oriented series until they had an opportunity to legally drop the license.

Kirk said the experience of producing One Piece "ruined the company's reputation". Since then, 4Kids established a stricter set of guidelines, checks, and balances to determine which anime the company acquires. They would later go on to provide the English voices for Roronoa Zoro and Sanji , respectively. The films are typically released in March in accordance with the spring vacation of Japanese schools.