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Yumi Ishiyama is a highly valued member of the Lyoko Warriors. Also, near the end of the episode, Yumi and Ulrich finally admit how much they care for each. Odd Della Robbia is a protagonist and member of the Lyoko Warriors from the French television series Code Lyoko and Code Lyoko Evolution. When X.A.N.A. tries to possess him in the episode Mister Pück, it turned out that Odd, . Of all the girls that Odd has been with (it has been stated that he has dated every girl in. The episode begins with Aelita that meets Juno for the first time in the holomap The Truth is the 11th episode of season 7 and the th episode of Code Lyoko. to happen the Apocalypse, and she shows the date (on September 16) and still To the following morning, just to finish the Latin class with Evan, he calls.

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But with the big cold that does, the place is very active. Alex walks by the corridor looking through the glass where are manufacturing the sentinels, he goes to there for deactivate them. Aelita, Yumi and Ulrich go to the another direction and arrive to the room where they find armies of sentinels in rows that still are deactivated.

Yumi notifies that they have found armies of sentinels and asks him which is the plan, Jeremy says him that Alex is in the another room where are manufacturing and put a bomb to destroy them, but the source of everything isn't in Siberia and is unseen in another Replika when detecting the supercomputer on the Digital Sea in some part of New Mexico and another in the Amazon rainforest.

Yumi and Ulrich approach to the sentinels but suddenly all the sentinels are activated, and they throw backwards. All the armies begin to fly, the arms turn into machine guns and other arms transform in the weapon of Odd's laser arrows aiming to Yumi, Aelita and Ulrich, but they act quickly dodging the arrows separated.

Alex listens the shot of the another room, and takes advantage of to place the bombs and activate them with a countdown in 5 minutes the sufficient and go to the another room to help to Yumi, Aelita and Ulrich with two javelins of steel, and creates a portal to transport quickly to the another room where are the sentinels activated and defends with the shield with the javelin of steel to protect them.

But they cannot confront against them and he says him that they have to go out of here and he has put a bomb to destroy all the base of Siberia in four remaining minutes. Alex leads with all the sentinels, creates a faster portal outside of the base of Siberia and they leave, all the sentinels aim to Alex with the laser arrows and machine guns shooting all at the same time.

Alex holds a while to think a plan and takes out a small bomb of the pocket to launch to the sentinels, and explode. When the Cast list for Rocky Horror is posted the first practice is hit with weird happenings such as lights falling, sets catching on fire, and even microphones zapping people.

Is XANA behind it or is it just a series or bad luck? Episode Remember the Few: After Valentine's Day passes it is revealed that Nick, Summer, and Savanna's oldest brother Brendan has died in a terrorist attack on their family's corporation.

While the three grieve Ally tries to make sense of why Aelita called her 'Sis' in Porphyrophobia. Meanwhile Yumi and Ulrich try to keep the fact that they are dating under wraps, but the constant XANA attacks are making it hard. Episode Targeted Part 1: When the French government is targeting Nick as the cause of the terrorist attack he must flee the country. While Nick is fleeing Ally and Jeremy look into the attack and see that it wasn't terrorists.

Episode Targeted Part 2: When Nick flees to Barcelona to lay low he is put into a tough position when Jeremy calls and says the factory has been compromised and the Government is threatening to kill Ally, Summer, Savanna, Danniella, Celeste, and Rocky unless he turns himself in. Episode Targeted Part 3: Now in a complicated situation Nick has to make the choice whether or not to turn himself in. Odd calls his uncle for a favor. Episode Targeted Part 4: Jeremy, Yumi, and Claire having been interrogated about the factory for days now is worried that they may find Aelita and the records of past exploits and misconstrue them as terrorists attacks.

Ulrich and Sierra D'Angelo have to find a way to get on Lyoko when a tower is activated. Episode Targeted Part 5: As Ally finds her way out of harm's way she goes out to find Nick who is on his way to the rendezvous point where he will turn himself in, in exchange for his siblings freedom. Episode Heat Stroke: When the snow begins to melt XANA makes it heat up real quick. Delmas gambles the school away to a man who is possessed by XANA it's up to Aelita to infiltrate XANA's main base and cause a disruption before the gang can reach the heavily-guarded tower.

Episode Vicious Circle: It's been a year since the group first discovered the supercomputer and Aelita, and they decide to throw a surprise party for Aelita. Sissi catches wind of the party, and follows Ulrich and Yumi to the factory. On the way there, XANA possesses the factory as a whole. Ally finds herself trapped in the sewers when the manholes are blocked. Jeremy, Sierra, Summer, and Odd are the first to arrive at the factory, finding the elevator to be inoperable.

They head off to find the fuse box. Once Ulrich and Yumi arrive there, Sissi confronts them about it. They tell her to leave, but XANA's earlier possession allows him to trap all three in the elevator and drop them to the bottom of the shaft. Sissi and Yumi come out okay, but Ulrich's arm is broken in the fall. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Odd have to deal with the possessed factory equipment while Summer and Sierra are being chased by a flock of crows that have nested in the factory.

Odd, Yumi and Jeremy are safe and are at the super computer room. While Yumi and Odd are getting virtulized, water from the pipe lines inside the walls is falling on to the elevator causing it to overflow. While the elevator is half way filled, Ulrich promises to Sissi that if they make it out alive, he would be nicer to her.

When Ulrich and Sissi were about to drown, Aelita deactivated the tower just in time and the return to the past saved them both. And just like Ulrich promised, he was nicer to Sissi at the end. Episode Mental Block: The group has a hard time remembering after return trips. On top of that, he questions his relationship with Yumi, and if she feels the same way about him.

To relieve some frustration Nick introduces him to Internet porn. Still after being barged in on a girl in his grade he finds another outlet. He begins to hang around the girl, whose name is Emily, and Yumi gets jealous causing a great fight between the group. In the end, Ulrich and Yumi make up after Ulrich leaves Emily.

Episode Laughing Fit: Hertz is teaching the class about nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, and its effects. It can be dangerous if not neutralized by water quickly.

Meanwhile, Yumi's parents are having trouble with their relationship, which Yumi isn't too happy about. No one can seem to cheer her up, even Ulrich. He eventually manages to do so, however, and helps her find a way to bring her parents back together.

Sissi pours water on him, unaware of the cause of his maniacal laughing. The play turns out to be the perfect way to get Yumi's parents back together, so Ulrich, who is forced into playing Brad and Yumi, who plays a partygoer, stay behind while Odd, Summer, and Claire head to Lyoko.

Odd, Claire, and Summer get to Lyoko, but the gas goes with them, weakening them severely. Jeremy is chased away from the factory by the gas and is forced to take refuge in the sewer water. Aelita and a weakened trio of heroes have to get to the tower before the others laugh themselves to death.

Hertz gives a lesson on nanotechnology, she has small machine designed to produce the little robots as an example. Little do they realize that Xana has infected it, so when they find it filed with gel, Odd carelessly ends up pushing Ulrich's face into a small scoop of it. Later on, Ulrich gets a headache and collapses. When he wakes up, his memory is gone.

Sissi is there at the time, so she uses Ulrich's memory loss to convince him that she's his girlfriend. As the rest of the group tries to bring him to his senses, more cases of amnesia occurs, spreading from person to person like a disease. Only after most of the school is affected does Jeremy realize that XANA-produced nanotechnology is responsible. But Ulrich goes for backup with amnesia until the tower is deactivated. After nearly letting her secret out Celeste decides to distract rumors from surfacing by teaching the class how to Mambo with Nick; however, when XANA attacks the students by making them speed up nonstop it's up to Yumi and Jeremy to stop him before the Mambo turns into a funeral march.

During the final night of performance for Rocky Horror, XANA creates a clone of Savanna who pretends to have been kidnapped and nearly killed by this imposter. When it is revealed that Nick and Summer can tell the difference the clone pulls out a gun and threatens to kill Savanna.

Will Odd, and Claire be able to save Savanna before the clone pulls the trigger? Episode Fuck You…: When Summer feels like she's playing second fiddle to Odd when he starts hanging out with Claire more she starts a nasty rumor that nearly kills Claire.

Episode Danger Levels: When the boiler room overheats and the boiler explodes it reveals the entrance to the sewers, which students begin to use to hang out, so the gang must prevent the students from getting to the factory. Episode Day Trip: After a run in with a stranger who tells Ally she's not a McLowe she starts asking questions and even start throwing violent tantrums until her mother caves and tells her a dark secret.

Ulrich and Savanna go down to Andorra for a comic signing and soon realize that they are nerds. Meanwhile XANA creates a clone of Odd that begins to rouse suspicion when he answers a difficult math question.

Episode Never the Same: When Nick's clone takes on a slightly altered personality Ally will have to make a few tough decisions. XANA creates a few false calls, which worry the group. Episode Stage Fright: Claire finds out that she has singing talent after a gentleman from the Sydney Opera House is looking for talent for a show he is putting on in Limousine. Yumi and Ulrich go fishing. Odd tries to make an appearance at this club his sister is performing at, yet the bouncer won't let him in.

Jeremy attempts to materialize Aelita. When Ally's pen-pal from America is traveling to France for Spring Break Nick begins to feel jealousy when he sees them allegedly making out. Aelita begins to search for a new way to travel from sector to sector. Having finalized his materialization program Jeremy prepares to bring Aelita into the real world. At the same time, Jim's suspicions of the group have risen to the point that he's actively trying to discover their secret and he ends up injuring Jeremy's ankle in the process.

Instead, the monsters bow and then leave without incident. In a similar vein to the Jim example above, Yumi's dad decking out in samurai gear to take on the materialized Krabes in "A Bad Turn".

Ulrich himself does just as fine against them with a metal pipe. Another scene from the same episode. Yumi's been shot by the Krabe, her family is watching as it charges its laser for a final blow, Yumi's mom is crying out, and as the Krabe fires the shot, Takeo's blade comes out of nowhere, deflects the shot, and shows Ulrich standing right there as he says, "Make my day, shrimp.

Odd and William's plan to take down the Krabe in the factory: And the plan actually worked. No mention of Aelita in "A Bad Turn"? She takes quite a liking to the Overboard and the first thing she does is materialize a halfpipe in the terrain to pull off some seriously cool tricks. Aelita essentially fights solo the entire episode - first taking out a hoard of Hornets with nothing but a hoverboard and smart use of the terrain, and then psyching out a Tarantula and the Scyphozoa with a decoy to get inside the tower.

Episode 45, "Cold War": Shoot the manta's wings with his arrows, causing it to fall directly into a mine, setting a chain reaction of explosions that ultimately open a path for Aelita to reach the tower. Jeremie diving into the pool and saving Aelita in "Deja Vu". XANA upgrading all of the team's abilties, letting them easily defeat the monsters before he shows his true colors.

Doubles as a Funny Moment , but when Odd loses his abilities, he punches out one of the Creepers , injuring it enough to fall into the Digital Sea. A polymorphic clone disguised as Odd is virtualized and causes trouble to the Lyoko warriors. When Ulrich tells it that Odd has never beaten him before, the clone shapeshifts into Ulrich, leading to a Mirror Match until the clone steals his sword.

Ulrich avoids all of his Dual Wielding and proceeds to steal back his sword and stab the clone in the chest in one move. Season 3 Aelita finally, finally getting an offensive power in her Energy Fields.

After two seasons where she was stuck with nothing but her Awesome, but Impractical Creativity skill, seeing her get a power-up that makes her as effective if not more than her fellow Lyoko warriors is a breath of fresh air. Episode 54, "Lyoko Minus One". Hertz knocked him out. Honestly, whenever a Lyoko warrior fights another counts as this. In "The Secret", Yumi duels a brainwashed Aelita to a draw, and in "Nobody in Particular" a possessed Ulrich is taken down by the combined efforts of all three remaining members.

William saves everyone in the same episode, deactivating a bomb threatening to destroy the whole factory. Final Round the season finale, ends things on a dark point. With all of the Lyoko Warriors stuck in positions beyond their control, Aelita and William go to Lyoko for his first mission.

While having a shaky start, William defeats all of the Creepers with no effort. XANA takes the opportunity to possess William and turn him into his slave. Definitely another case of The Bad Guy Wins two seasons in a row. Ulrich calling out his dad for his unreasonable expectations and insulting Ulrich's friends and then flatly informing him that he's done listening as he leaves the room when the rest of the team needs his help.

Ulrich then uses Triplicate, but William counters by correctly guessing the real one and simply devirtualizes him in one hit. The Epic Fail involving the Triplicate power in this episode might explain why Ulrich chose not to use it again for the rest of the season. In episode 69, XANA takes control of William's clone yeah, having just the real thing wasn't enough and it gets to the point where he has Ulrich and Sissi cornered on the roof of the school.

Sissi, in panic, throws a tile at clone William, which hits him in the head and causes him to plummet off the roof. Damn, no wonder Sissi's always the Action Survivor!


Instead, the monsters bow and then leave without incident. Odd reveals in the episode "Distant Memory" that he has five older sisters who bully him. Odd tries to make an appearance at this club his sister is performing at, yet the bouncer won't let him in. This shortage was resolved in Season 2 at the expense of another of Odd's powers, the "Future Flash" which offered spontaneous visions of the mostly immutable immediate future.