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[iphone] XCode 'Build and Archive' menu item disabled. Answers. in my case, the archive checkbox was unchecked. =/ strange. Question. I have been using the. Building with SDK/Xcode 9. Added an alternate menu item/key combo (⌥ ⌘2) to temporarily disable JavaScript while switching to Capture .. Added Web Archive (+) and (X)HTML/SHTML extensions/mime-types to Paparazzi!. Thanks @PaulStoffregen * Custom "Tools" menu now keeps the order as defined [ide] * Updated arduino-builder to parallel build ( improve Thanks @MichaelSy * added options in kousyuunyuufukugyou.info to enable/ disable.
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From a user point of view nothing changes and the IDE should behave exactly as before. See reference for details. You can still enable verbose output in the preferences dialog. Resolved timing issues on AVR.