Is sam winchester dating ruby

is sam winchester dating ruby

Sera Siege referred to her as the first woman Is sam dating ruby in real life really loved since Jessica after reading the Supernatural books. Now that she's got nine episodes of Supernatural (Thursdays at 9 pm/ET, the CW ) under her belt and Ruby's complicated story is beginning to. After 13 years on air, Supernatural's Sam Winchester is still figuring things out. Among Sam's many past love interests are his girlfriend Jessica, who his search for Sam, surprised to find him still with the demon Ruby, who.

Is Sam Dating Ruby In Real Life :

is sam winchester dating ruby

Sam walks into a trap and is attacked by two of Lilith's minions. Seeing her, Sam recalls the terrible experience he had with Ruby and is put off by her as Genevieve is confused by this behavior.

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When Tammi is about to kill Sam and Dean , Ruby appears and at first acts as if she is on Tammi's side, but then tries to kill Tammi with her knife. Tammi reveals Ruby was once a witch who sold her soul to her. After Dean manages to kill Tammi with Ruby's knife , she tells him all demons were originally human, but during their time in hell they lose all trace of their humanity, but she has retained some of hers and wants to help humans.

Ruby reveals to Dean that she can't save him from hell, but that she needs his help to prepare Sam to fight the demons after he is gone. She tells them that demons are from Lilith , Sam 's demonic rival from "the west," and tries to convince Sam that the solution is a spell she knows that will "vaporize" all demons within radius - including herself. However the spell requires the sacrifice of a virgin. Nancy volunteers but Dean is vehemently against the plan, instead he convinces Sam that they need to just open the doors and fight off the horde themselves.

After the boys have escaped, seemingly victorious over the demons, Ruby turns up at their motel room and tells them to turn on the television, where they find out that everyone left in the police station was killed by Lilith. His hopes are dashed when Dean reveals that Ruby had told him in private that she cannot actually save him. They do not summon her and she does not appear in the episode. Ruby admits that she has known all along that Dean's contract is held by Lilith and that she had meant to keep this information from Sam until she was sure that he was desperate enough to listen to her plan; she tells him that she has never actually lied to him.

Advising him not to go up against Lilith with her knife alone, Ruby tells Sam that he contains the power necessary to defeat Lilith and in doing so save Dean, and tries to convince him to accept her help so that she can teach him how to use this power in time to save Dean.

However, she gets embroiled in a heated argument with Dean, who believes that she is tricking Sam and trying to get him to turn evil, culminating in Dean hitting her. An enraged Ruby then attacks both him and Sam, but during the struggle, is lured into a devil's trap by Dean, who also steals her knife. Ruby becomes increasingly furious as she is left in the devil's trap, and screams that since Dean is apparently too stupid to live for not listening to her, he deserves to go to Hell and that she wishes she could be there to see him be tortured and hear him scream.

Ruby eventually escapes the devil's trap through unknown means and tracks the boys to the house where Lilith is tormenting a family. Ruby wants to take her knife and leave with Sam to cut her losses, insisting that it is too late and there is no hope for Dean now, but is forced to join them in fleeing into the house when Lilith's demons appear and give chase.

On entering the house, Ruby, Sam, and Dean find the little girl Lilith was possessing is human again. Sam turns to Ruby for help again, but she says it is too late to master his powers in time to save Dean.

As the hellhounds come for Dean, the boys barricade themselves in a room. Dean, who is able to see the true face of demons, realizes that the woman formerly possessed by Ruby is now possessed by Lilith, who says that she has sent Ruby "far, far away. Dean and Bobby find Ruby with Sam in his motel room but don't recognize her, as she is now possessing a different girl. She pretends not to recognize them either, first acting as though they are delivering a pizza she ordered and then asking if Sam and Dean are "together" after Sam pulls Dean into a hug.

She gets dressed and leaves after telling Sam to call her; when he calls her Kathy to keep Dean and Bobby from finding out who she is, she feigns disappointment and "corrects" him, saying that her name is Kristy. The state of Sam and Ruby's dress or lack thereof and the bra Dean finds left behind in the room hints that they have started up a sexual relationship while Dean was gone.

However, Sam lies to Dean by telling him that Ruby hasn't come back since Dean's death. Ruby turns up again at the diner where Sam discovers a number of dead demons and one blinded survivor. After Sam exorcises the survivor through sheer concentration, Ruby walks up to him and comments that he is getting more adept at using his psychic powers.

She tells him that she has no idea what's going on with the other demons nor with Dean's miraculous return. She rejects his suggestion that a demon pulled Dean out of Hell , telling him that no demon—not even Lilith —is powerful enough to pull a soul from Hell and return it to its body so easily; it must be something she has never seen before. Ruby asks if Sam is going to tell Dean about what they've been doing.

She is unimpressed with his reply when he says he just needs time, and warns him that Dean will find out soon and he'll be angry if Sam doesn't tell him himself. Although she personally dislikes Dean, she acknowledges how important the brothers' bond is to Sam and suggests that she step back so that she doesn't get in-between them.

Sam, however, insists that they keep going, even though he still isn't completely certain of Ruby's trustworthiness. Since the previous episode, she has heard rumors that Dean was saved by an angel.

She asks Sam if that's true. He thinks so, and Ruby suddenly decides to leave. Sam stops her and asks what's wrong and she explains that angels will kill her just for being a demon , even though she's helping them in the war against Lilith. She tells Sam that she doesn't know much else about angels; she's never met one and she's never wanted to, seeing as how she's terrified of them.

Ruby warns Sam to watch out and then takes her leave. She asks if he is ready, which he confirms. As Sam is untying the demon's still-living meatsuit , Ruby is pleased to learn that Sam's powers have advanced further so that he can now exorcise demons without headaches.

When Dean confronts the couple on having witnessed Sam using his powers, he demands to know who she Ruby is, prompting Ruby to greet him in a familiar manner and making Dean realize who she is. Ruby is almost killed by Dean with her own knife , but Sam saves her life when he intervenes and takes her knife from Dean.

She takes advantage of Dean's being distracted by seizing him by the neck and slamming him up against a wall, only reluctantly releasing him when Sam demands that she does.

Sam then has her leave to help the meatsuit from earlier out to the car and take him to a hospital. Later, Dean is angry enough at Sam for using his powers that he tells him to go fight demons with Ruby instead of with him.

When he tells Sam that she has tricked him into using his powers, Sam defends his choice by saying that he has saved more people's lives with them than he and Dean could in a year; Dean isn't so sure that this isn't just what Ruby wants Sam to think. At the end of the episode, having seen what the rugaru Jack Montgomery went through, Sam chooses to stop with "everything" he has been doing with Ruby, seeing that his powers are like playing with fire. Ruby, fresh out of Hell , temporarily possesses a secretary.

She and another demon overpower him when he walks into his motel room, drunk. She reclaims her knife from Sam and tells him that she had been in a particularly "nasty" part of Hell before Lilith released her on the condition that she find and kill Sam.

Ruby goes back on her deal by killing the demon with her instead. She gives Sam a tip about a girl the demons want. When they locate the girl, Ruby comes in telling them demons followed them, and then the demons attack. Ruby takes Anna for her own safety. Sam tells Dean why he trusts Ruby story is above and then Ruby comes in to tell Sam where she is. In Heaven and Hell , Ruby helps Sam in his plan to bring the angels and demons together.

Ruby visits Sam's room. She accuses Sam of wasting time because now, thirty-four of the seals have been broken. Sam counters that he doesn't know what the seals are or how many are there. Ruby suggests that Sam go after the source of all their problems: Sam mentions to Ruby that it's not the psychic thing, he has a legitimate problem.

Ruby admits she knows what he has a problem with, but tough. She continues on by saying that Sam should just admit he likes it. Sam plays dumb and Ruby gets angry and leaves.

Though Sam calls Ruby and starts up again. After locating his brother, Sam tells Ruby he needs more, and she tells Sam he can have it. Demon blood is the reason why Sam's abilities were growing. Ruby is slowly making Sam a demon blood addict, Sam just doesn't know yet. Then Sam gets locked in the panic room by Dean, but eventually escapes. When he sees Ruby again, he yells at her for not answering his calls. Ruby responds by saying that she can't answer when she on the hunt for Lilith.

Then Ruby lets Sam feed while she silently smiles. Ruby tells Sam his appetite has gotten bigger and she can't supply him with any more blood.

She follows up by saying she has a lead on demon who's close to Lilith. Then Dean shows up and tries to kill Ruby, but Sam stops him. In this moment, Sam chooses Ruby over Dean. Dean, with the aid of Sam, kills Ruby. So in Lucifer Rising , they kidnap and torture the demon for information on Lilith's location.

Then Ruby tells Sam that they are going to need to bleed the demon dry so Sam can have enough power. Sam is not so sure about it and is even more unsure when the demon lets the human out. Ruby isn't too happy the demon did this she knows Sam is still soft-hearted and dislikes hurting innocent people. After a fake message from Dean, Sam agrees to do it Ruby's way. Then she and Sam head into the church where Lilith is.

Once Sam kills Lilith, Ruby is ecstatic that Lucifer has finally been released and reveals that she was working for Lilith all along, manipulating and tricking Sam every step of the way to ensure that he broke the final seal. Now knowing her betrayal, Sam curses her and attempts to use his power on her but is drained. Ruby tells a horrified Sam that he never really needed demon blood to do the job - all his powers were the result of the various decisions he made over the past year i. She also promises him that Lucifer will reward him in ways he never imagined.

When Sam demands to know why he had to be the one to do this, Ruby starts to explain that it had to be him when Dean bursts into the chamber. Sam grabs Ruby's arms while Dean stabs her with her own knife, killing her.

Alternate Reality Edit Sam and Genevieve.

is sam winchester dating ruby