Wonder woman dating superman games

wonder woman dating superman games

The Wonder Woman movie has finally arrived, and the feedback so far seems to isn't as well-known as Diana's time dating Superman or Batman, she . The Injustice comics and games also took a stab at this romance, but. Opinion · News · Humor · Art · Toys · Games · Marvel · DC · Movies · TV; More The Many Loves of Wonder Woman: A Brief History Of The Amazing Amazon's Love Life Lois Lane to Wonder Woman's Superman, Steve Trevor is the . The Batman/Wonder Woman romance is a favorite of longtime fans. And now it appears that DC wants to add more fuel to that fire with the announcement that Superman and Wonder Woman are about to become.

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But over the course of the past month, they'd only spoken on the phone a few times. The brief conversations had been stilted on Diana's part, almost obligatory. He hated that, didn't like when she would shut down on him, keeping her most important thoughts to herself. Although, admittedly, he'd kept plenty of his own problems to himself, unwilling to burden Diana with them, not quite sure if their new relationship could handle full disclosure. So, yeah, he recognized and accepted his double standard, even if it were to only himself.

Diana need never know. He'd play it cool. The same way he did when she had shocked him by accepting his plans for a date in Metropolis. Clark had taken it as a positive sign that, despite the deaths of two brothers, her new, unwanted title, and the dangerous, prominent role her family of gods played in her life, Diana hadn't cast him aside, viewing her life as too complicated to also deal with a budding love affair.

Well, at least that's how Clark chose to interpret Diana's acceptance. He absolutely refused to consider the fact that Diana was too honorable to break-up with him over the phone, preferring to do it face-to-face. Steve Trevor suddenly popped in his mind, and Clark winced. Diana had broken up with him and the guy, even after a year of separation, still hadn't gotten over her.

Clark didn't want to be that guy, the one still pining for a woman who so obviously had moved on without him. Yet, even as he had that thought, the insecure part of Clark Kent understood all that being with Diana brought to a man's life. And the hole her leaving could so easily cause him.

As it was, after only a month with minimal contact, Clark was fit to be tied. He'd missed her in all the ways a man would miss his woman. He missed her and was afraid how much he had. He missed her and knew he wouldn't tell Diana the extent of his longing for her companionship, fearful his feelings were too much too soon.

So when he lifted his eyes to the front door once more, her unique, heady scent preceding her luscious figure, Clark was ready. Or at least he thought himself to be.

That was until he saw her. He gasped, discovering the next breaths hard to chase down. And he understood Steve Trevor that much more, though irrational jealousy ran through Clark at the way Trevor stared—moony eyed—at Diana when he thought no one looking.

The woman was beauty personified. Shiny, dark tresses aloft in an elegant style Clark had no name for, only a tendril or two flowed down the long, tanned column of her neck and onto a well-defined, bare shoulder. Spaghetti straps held the sexiest, form-fitting black dress in place. It fell to Diana's ankles, covering far more than her Wonder Woman uniform ever did.

But, Rao help him, the way the dress hugged every rich, voluptuous dip and curve of her body, so tempting because of what it hid yet alluded to, had Clark gritting his teeth and praying he didn't embarrass himself by giving in to the urge to fly Diana away from Carlini's and back to his apartment.

Or worst, greet his gorgeous date with a steel hard erection that would get him tossed from the restaurant and probably onto the front page of the Daily Planet with the headline: Then their eyes met, across a room full of people, eating delightedly and talking animatedly, clearly enjoying themselves.

Diana smiled demurely and gave a slight nod of her head, acknowledging him in that regal way of hers, reminding Clark of the different worlds from which he and Diana came. He waved in return, pushing sabotaging thoughts of the princess and the peasant out of his mind. Although, he couldn't deny he'd invited Diana to dine at Carlini's in an attempt to impress her. Normally he would cook for her at his apartment, introducing Diana to Smallville cuisine she'd never heard of, no less had tasted.

Most she liked, some she did not, politely telling him so while making sure to show her appreciation for his effort. Other times she would take him to eateries she'd been before and had liked, which usually meant they ended up in some foreign country eating the most delicious food Clark had only ever seen on a cable cooking channel. And while not all of the restaurants were upscale, most were, which gave Clark a glimpse into Diana's financial lifestyle and likely the types of places she and Steve had frequented when they'd dated.

None of which he knew for sure, considering he and Diana rarely talked about Steve, as the League's former liaison or Diana's former boyfriend. And Diana, for her seemingly expensive tastes, appeared just as comfortable hanging around his no-frills apartment eating greasy pizza with her hands and strawberry ice cream directly from a half gallon container, as she was being catered to at a five-star restaurant. Which meant one of two things, one, Diana was as multi-faceted as any other woman, making dating her a complicated endeavor for a man whose life was already complex, or two, Clark needed to relax and allow the relationship to breathe and give it room to evolve at its own pace.

How it would evolve was up to them, but he need not create pointless, insecure barriers like the ones he'd been nursing for the last month. He began to feel better about this night already. Futilely, he ran his hand through his hair again, attempting to put it to rights without benefit of a comb or mirror.

Then he saw her, saw them. And the smile he'd sported vanished the moment he heard a familiar voice say, "Diana? Diana Prince, is that you? It's me, Lois Lane. I thought it was you. I don't know of any other woman who is as tall as you are, with hair and legs to spare, who would be hanging out in Metropolis, of all places. And there Clark stood, watching the train wreck that would become a double date barrel forward to a predictable, inevitable conclusion, faster than even Superman could move.

Nice to see you both again. Which said a lot about Jonathan Carroll and his love and respect for Lois. But Jon was a male, after all, and Clark's super senses caught all the ways in which the reporter's body responded to Diana. A way to throw people off from recognizing Diana as Wonder Woman. Although, Diana had eventually confessed, she walked around London all the time without the slightest disguise. Sometimes she would wear a trench coat over her uniform, but nothing more than that to conceal her superhero identity.

And, to Clark's surprise, she managed to live among the people of London without them any the wiser. But Lois and Jon weren't the average person. Like all reporters, they were naturally observant and inquisitive, ready to ferret out even the most obscure detail. And what better scoop than learning the beautiful Princess of Themyscria was dating a nobody blogger like Clark Kent?

Clark needed to stop this runaway train. He headed for the front of the restaurant. She was a smart woman, Clark thought, trying to hurriedly make his way through the maze of tables and servers. Diana clearly preferred to allow Lois to draw her own conclusions than to outright lie to her.

Like I've done for years. That would be so much fun. Do you have a table for four? By the time he had, the man was already scanning his computer, and then gesturing to a waiter to take them to a table that would accommodate four instead of the intimate setting for two Clark had planned.

Nice of you to join us. You should have told me and Jon that you were bringing Diana here. We love this place. That time, months ago, when he'd failed to pick her sister Lucy up from the monorail station, Lois had arranged for them to dine at the expensive restaurant.

Her plan, as he soon discovered, had been to stick Clark with the outrageous bill. His penance, apparently, for standing up her sister. If he had known Jon and Lois frequented this place, he would've selected another restaurant. Hell, if he thought he would run into either of them tonight, Clark would've chosen another damn state for their dinner date.

As it was, Clark was now being ushered to a table for four with two people he dearly liked but had no interest in spending the evening with. Under his breath, Clark swore. Once at the table, Clark pulled out Diana's chair, greeting her for the first time with a chaste kiss to a cheek.

She smiled, and Clark wondered if she were upset about the bulldozing way Lois had usurped their date, hiding her true feelings behind good manners and diplomacy. Thank you for coming. He licked his lips. The waiter wants to know your drink order. But all of that was soon forgotten when Diana leaned into him and returned Clark's kiss, hers just below his left ear.

A spot he'd never known to be arousing until Diana placed those sinfully full lips of hers against it, enflaming his desires and hardening his loins. Thank you for inviting me. Then she ran a hand through his hair, putting some order to the locks he'd messed up while he awaited her arrival.

I'm convinced Clark doesn't own a comb or brush. Either that or he doesn't know how to use one. Clark winced, although he was used to such friendly jabs. They didn't matter to him, only serving to separate the perception of Clark Kent from the image of Superman. But Diana's hand had slipped from his hair, her sky blue eyes going to Lois.

Clark is never untidy or unkempt. We women are good for that. But whenever Jon or I see, Smallville, he looks as if he just fell out of bed. But, admittedly, he does clean up nicely when it suits him. Not good at all. Outside of the housewarming Clark had invited Diana to, which he'd arrived late to and had left early when that jerk Orion had pulled him away, Diana had spent precious little time with his friends.

That also meant that she had no idea how they perceived him or the role he played to conceal his Superman identity. For Lois, she was merely poking fun at an image of Clark Kent he'd painstakingly honed.

But from Diana's perspective, Clark could see how she could view Lois's jibes as disrespectful and insulting. And, truth be told, in a way, they were, although not intended to be mean. The rest of the evening was more of the same. Lois and Jon told stories of Clark, probably thinking themselves funny and trying to be friendly to a Diana who had spoken very little throughout the meal.

Of course they were unaware that their very embarrassing stories were what was causing Diana's sudden bout of muteness. If they had only discussed their jobs, the night would've gone much better. But each time Clark had brought up a political or social topic he knew would interest Diana, Lois or Jon managed to turn it into yet another Daily Planet tale that ended with Clark either being perpetually late, almost fired by Perry for being late, or disappearing "like a ninja.

But Diana was no fool. He knew she understood the underlying reason for Clark's lateness and failure to sometimes make deadline. Even with that knowledge, anger and frustration radiated from her, and Clark felt like shit. He hadn't prepared her for this. Even with the housewarming, he hadn't taken the time to adequately prepare Diana for how Clark Kent was viewed by the outside world. Diana, for her part, had never met Clark Kent, part man, part lie.

She did, however, know Clark Kent. The true Clark Kent. The man who'd been courting her for the last few months. What she didn't know was the pincushion, all-thumbs of a man sitting beside her, laughing, self-deprecatingly, at something Jon had just said about him. Clark glanced at Diana. This was bound to happen. She was bound to learn about this other side of him, to see him through the lens of his friends, even if the lens was a skewed one.

A strong hand found his under the table, squeezing then caressing. It lasted a mere forty-five seconds, but it was enough. Hell yes, it was more than enough. Clark wanted to kiss Diana, on the mouth and in front of the entire restaurant. The woman never ceased to amaze him. Just when he thought she was disgusted by the other Clark Kent, ready to dump and leave him the way she had Steve Trevor, Diana turned the tables on him, showing that complex side of her again.

And Clark fell that much deeper in love with her. In her silent, angry way, she comprehended his situation, his delicate predicament. And while she may have had no use for another identity, Diana respected that Clark did. Even now, like at the housewarming, she had donned the Diana Prince image for his benefit. The funny thing was that, to people like Lois and Jon, who didn't know Wonder Woman, they would assume that Diana Prince was nothing like the heroine.

When, in truth, there was very little Diana changed about herself when she went out sans the Wonder Woman uniform. Again, very different from how Clark chose to live his life. And he knew, with no ability to see into the future, that this distinction would have to someday be resolved between them. But for tonight, for this double date that should've never happened, Clark could ignore the inevitable, putting it off until they absolutely had to deal with it. And just when Clark thought he could breathe a sigh of relief, the four of them entering Carlini's parking lot, the double date from Hell finally, mercifully over, Clark heard them.

From their hushed words and anxiously beating hearts, Clark knew there were four of them and what was about to happen. So, we figured why not play matchmaker and see if we can find someone for the Amazon Princess. We obviously wouldn't expect or want Diana to go through all of these relationships in the DCEU, but maybe there's one among the bunch that will be the perfect match. Have a look and let us know who you would like to see Wonder Woman end up with!

The similarities between Marvel's Thor and DC's Wonder Woman have not been lost on comic fans over the years, with a lot of people looking at them as counterparts. The joke of it aside, it would make sense that Diana might have an interest in the gods of the ancient civilizations since they are such a big part of her life.

Just a passing mention of how Diana thought Thor was attractive, but that she would never be allowed to date gods outside of the Greek pantheon could make for a funny line.

Though it would also give the other men in her life some tough standards to live up to. Sure, he's already shared the screen with Wonder Woman and there have been some possible seeds planted for them to have a long term romance, but it's not a forgone conclusion that they'll be the definitive couple.

That's particularly true given the time period of when the movie is set in relation to the rest of the DCEU. However, classic romances are classic for a reason, and fans might wind up wanting to see more of Steve and Diana. He offers normalcy in comparison to all the super-powered people Diana will be meeting, and he definitely shares a strong connection with the Amazons.

With Wonder Woman 2 already confirmed, maybe that could be a chance to continue building something between the classic pairing. After all, it's not like this comes totally out of left field, either. We know that Harley has no problem dating women thanks to her romance with Poison Ivy, and there have been hints of Diana being open to same sex relationships as well, particularly thanks to longtime Wonder Woman writer Greg Rucka stating that the Amazons would obviously be lesbians.

Harley in particular seems like she would be open to the idea. It definitely looks like Harley is a bit infatuated with Wonder Woman. And it's pretty easy to picture Harley trying to win Diana's heart in her own zany way. It might not work long term, but we'd be up to see the results.

Obviously Aquaman is best known for being with Mera, so the window of opportunity for these two to be together has been limited to when Arthur and Mera are separated. Their likelihood of being a thing in the DCEU is likely quite slim, but it would certainly be easy to see why someone would be interested in this version of Arthur.

Clark Kent is the group's clean-cut handsome member, but Jason Momoa brings a bit more of a rugged look to this interpretation of Aquaman.

Superman and Wonder Woman's New 52 Romance Erased From Continuity

wonder woman dating superman games

wonder woman dating superman games


wonder woman dating superman games

No, she was in no rush to share that part of herself with Clark. Lastly, both value independence.

wonder woman dating superman games