Howard stern medicated pete dating game

howard stern medicated pete dating game

Medicated Pete Dating Game Contestants (PICS): Chris, Dynah, Lila. Medicated Pete Dating Game Contestants (PIC): Chris, Dynah, Lila. I stared listening in and was a regular listener until , then wasn't able to because of my job. I started listening again in The funniest Howard Stern Wack Packers include several guests on Stern's radio show (and his Howard TV show), some of them dating back decades. What is a.
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He said he had to clean the headphones too. Howard said they should bring Pete and Wayne Siegel in too. Pete came in to some Prince ''Purple Rain'' music and started singing as soon as he came in. Howard told him to sing to Wayne. Howard told him to kiss Wayne when he sings. Howard said hello to Wayne too. Wayne said hi to Robin. Howard said Pete was their intern since and he was talking about how he was Scott the Engineer's intern and his one job was to clean the headphones but he wasn't able to do it.

Pete said he's not sure what happened. He said he was lost in the whole thing. Howard said that was his one job. Pete said he had to wipe them down. He said he had those handiwipes or something. Howard said Scott was supposed to do it but he passed it off to him. Pete said that's right. Howard said Pete was supposed to wipe them down but what prevented him from doing it? Pete said it must have been his OCD. Robin asked if he was able to get into the studio.

Pete said he did. Howard asked what happened with the voices in his head. Pete said he was being told to stop touching the headphones. He didn't want the germs from them. Howard said Wayne is staring at Pete. Howard said part of Pete's rituals are washing his hands. Pete said it's constantly. Howard said now he gets it. He said he was supposed to clean the germs but he was afraid of the germs so he was the wrong guy for that job.

Howard said Scott must hear those voices in his head too. Howard asked Gary if Scott still does that job. Gary said he has to find out. Gary said it's a different guy and he gets it done every day. Howard asked Pete if it bothered him that he didn't get the job done.

Pete said it didn't dawn on him. Howard said he was a failure at the one job they asked him to do. Pete said he thinks he tried to avoid Scott so he never knew he wasn't doing it. Gary said the word they got was that they couldn't depend on Pete to clean them.

Howard asked when they found out when he wasn't doing his job. Gary said he has to get a hold of Scott and find out. Howard did his Scott impression and asked Pete about cleaning the headphones. Pete said he thinks he can do that. Howard had Scott talking about how he had to vape while Pete did that job.

Pete said they had their share of conversations. Howard asked if he ever got angry at him for not doing stuff. Pete said Scott had his moments. Robin asked what he did when he wasn't cleaning the headphones. Pete said he doesn't think he got too angry. Howard asked Robin if she would rather fuck Scott or Pete. Howard said she saw his dick though.

Robin asked why she would want to deal with that. Howard said she'd rather have a small dick. Howard said they love Pete but he's socially awkward. He had Tourettes and he has to be medicated for that. Howard asked what he takes. He said he takes very little because of the side effects. He said there were side effects like hallucinations and things.

Howard said Pete doesn't have enough problems. He has to have side effects. Howard said they're worse than the Tourettes. Robin said they're not side effects, they're effects. Howard said he was told to take baby aspirin but he was in pain from taking it so he had to stop. He asked Pete what he saw when he hallucinated. Pete said he had tripping episodes and saw trees running after him and stuff. Howard said that has to be scary. Pete was laughing about it. He said he was serious though.

Howard said that had to be frightening. Howard asked if he would run away. Howard asked if he said anything to the tree. Pete said he would have conversations with the tree. Howard asked what he talked about. Pete said this was a long time ago. Howard asked what it sounded like.

Pete said it was a human voice. He said he doesn't remember if it was a female or male voice. Howard said he has to remember that. Pete said it might have been either or. Howard said he has to know. Howard asked if it sounded like this. He did an impression of what the voice might sound like. Howard said you'd think trees would be nice.

Howard said it would be so great if one of the guys was in a tree costume and ran in there. Howard asked if he had other hallucinations. Pete said he thinks that was the only one. Howard asked how long he was on the medication before he figured out that it was the medication. Pete said maybe a year. Howard asked if he had a tree talking to him for a year? He said this was a long time ago. Pete said he still went outside. He told his dad about it and that's when he was like ''It's time to get off this medicine.

He asked if anything else talked to him. Pete said it was only trees. Howard asked if they were mean. He said that was a bad point. Robin asked how old he was. Pete said he may have been between 5 and Howard said no wonder. Howard said Keith Richards is on the phone wondering what that drug is.

Howard said he didn't know he was that young when that was going on. Howard said in the past they sent Pete on a date with a porn star. He showed his penis to Robin. He also did stand up comedy. Howard asked if he's still trying that. Pete said he hasn't given it up. Howard said they had Pete do a job interview that went pretty bad.

Howard said they got him a job selling cars for a day. Howard said Wayne was willing to train him and everything. Howard asked how long it took to do this. Wayne said it was a couple of days actually. Howard said Pete is the last guy you'd expect to be doing this.

Howard said they taped it all and Pete went there and did the job. Howard said Jason went down and recorded it all. Howard said Wayne has gotten very muscular.

Pete said he has. He said he goes to a gym on Long Island. He said he works out with two friends of his at Bev Francis' gym. He said he can bench on a good day. He said sometimes Howard said he's put on a lot of muscle. Howard said he has some audio of Pete talking to Wayne in an interview.

Howard played a clip and Pete talked about how he doesn't drive and hasn't driven in 5 years or so. Howard said this is like Caitlyn Jenner selling cock rings. Howard said Wayne sat Pete down and talked to him about selling cars. Howard played another clip of Wayne talking to Pete about what he has purchased on his own like clothes. Pete talked about buying clothes himself. Pete was just rambling about something. Even Pete wasn't sure what he said.

Howard said he thinks he said that he bought them out of his own preference. Howard said Pete went in for the job and he showed up in a suit and tie. Howard said the guys there had to tie the tie for him. Pete said they did. Howard said Pete said he had allergies to explain the constant sniffing he does. Howard said they did a test sale with Pete and one of the salesmen. Howard said Pete forgot all of the stuff he was taught.

Howard said Pete said the analogy is like a waitress selling Lobster Bisque. Pete said he knows that's not right. He took that back. Howard said this is audio of Pete going through a sale with a salesman. Howard said he called cloth seats ''Leather. Howard played the clip of Pete working with the salesman. Pete asked what he was looking for. The guy said he was looking for a mid-sized SUV. Pete tried to pitch the car to the guy and said it had leather seats even though they were cloth.

Howard said that was the worst pitch he's ever heard. Howard said in the next clip Pete tries to explain ''stadium seating'' in the vehicle.

Howard played the clip and Pete was saying that they were even with the seats in the front. He said that way you can see out the windshield like the guys in the front. Howard said even Pete lost interest in that. Howard asked Pete what happens.

Pete said he's not sure. He said there was a girl there and he got distracted. Howard said Wayne must have been losing hope there. Wayne said he had faith right until the end. Howard said as the day went on and Pete had some down time. Howard said he has him small talking with a salesman.

Howard said Pete tried to have some kind of conversation with the guy. Howard played the clip and Pete asked how long he had been in the business. The guy said over 6 months. Pete ran out of questions. The salesman asked what got him into the business.

Pete said it must be the fast paced environment. Howard said he thinks that guy walked away from him in the middle of that. Howard said that's one of his fellow workers. Wayne said they embraced Pete. He said they wanted him to feel comfortable there. He said they set up customers for him too. Howard said they wanted them. Wayne said they said they had people with disabilities working there and that it might be socially awkward. He said that one guy took his daughter and put her behind him when he saw Pete.

Howard said he didn't know Pete likes a fast paced environment. Howard said Pete doesn't do anything fast paced. Pete said it gives you momentum. Howard said he can't keep up though. Howard said they had Pete deal with a real customer. Howard said it was shaky but he dealt with a real customer. Robin asked if they got past ''Hello. Howard played a clip of Pete asking the customer what he was looking for. The guy said they had a Juke to trade in on a Rogue.

Pete asked what his qualifications were. Howard asked where he got that from. Pete didn't know where that came from. Howard pretended to be the customer and had Pete talk to him about cars.

Pete didn't know what to say. He was asking Howard anything Howard asked him. Wayne said they had people trailing him the whole time. Howard said Pete told a customer that a vehicle was good for kid stuff. Howard played a clip of Pete talking to a couple and telling them it was good for kid stuff. Howard said the big outcome is that against all odds, the man and his wife bought the car Pete was trying to sell.

He said this was the Star Wars edition Nissan Rogue. Howard asked what edition this is. Wayne said when Rogue One came out they made a deal to sell this Rogue with a limited edition car. He said sales were great and some were left over. Howard said some people don't give a fuck after the movie is out. Wayne said people would pick a different version.

Wayne said Pete went right to this one and the wife didn't want it but Pete was pushing this car. He said he actually convinced the woman. Howard said Pete looks like a Star Wars character. Howard said Pete went rogue and surprised him with his tenacity. Howard said Pete sold the car. Howard said he has a clip of Pete selling the car. Howard said no one expected this car to sell.

Howard said Pete kept repeating ''Done deal'' after it was sold. Howard played the clip of Pete saying ''Done deal'' a bunch of times. Wayne said he negotiated the deal with them.

Wayne said they lost control there. Howard said he got a done deal. Pete kept saying ''Done deal'' again. Howard said Pete is a legend. Howard said Pete sold that Rogue. He said it was like 10, more than a regular one. Wayne said he makes shit happen. He said he went off on the other Salesmen.

He said that Pete actually sold 2 cars and he will get commission from that. He said it's not bullshit. He said he went and learned and fucked up a couple of things but he got it. He said he has a check for Pete. He said this is his commission and it's his salary for the day and his commission for the two cars. Howard asked if he could be a salesman. Wayne said he thinks he could and he was able to follow direction.

He said this was his first day and he was nervous but he might be able to do that. Pete said he could never see himself selling cars. Howard said he sold two in one day. Pete said it was cool being there. He said that it was a cool environment. Robin asked if he's turning down the job. Howard said he's not sure he's being offered a job. Howard asked Pete if he knows what to do with the check.

Pete said he knows what to do. Howard said Pete had job at a gym and he had too much anxiety from that. Wayne asked if he felt comfortable there at the dealer.

He said he's not sure how he can do this job and not clean headphones. Pete said it was the energy there. He said everyone there was cursing and stuff and it was fun. Howard said maybe he can make the job fun every day. Howard said maybe Pete can be the closer. Howard said he can't do that kind of thing every day. Wayne said they wanted him to sell a car. Howard said he has a clip of a customer talking about his experience with Pete. He said he was good all around and he was happy to deal with Pete.

Pete said that there was a girl there and maybe he was nervous around her. Howard asked if he was trying to show off with her. Pete said it might have been that too. Howard said he was trying to get pussy too. Pete said it was both. Howard said imagine he steals the guy's wife.

Howard asked why he wanted them to know there was a girl there. Pete said he gets nervous around the girls. He said that she was pretty. Howard asked if he pleasured himself to her. Pete said he may have. Wayne said now he has to pray the guy isn't listening to this. Howard asked if he would have banged her. Pete said ''Oh come on. Pete said maybe he shouldn't have gone there. Howard asked if he had a scenario going on in his head that the woman fell in love with him.

He said he's not sure why he had to bring her up. Howard asked if it's his OCD. Pete said it might be. Wayne said he wanted to give them a good deal and a good deal more. Howard had a clip of Pete's final conversation with the couple. The guy told him that he did good that day. Pete said he has a personality so that helps. The guy said he definitely sold it. Pete didn't have much to say.

Howard said Pete has like no personality. He said he is impressed that the woman didn't even want the car and he sold it. Wayne said she did want a Rogue but not the Star Wars model. Wayne said whatever it was it worked. He said Pete did the convincing. Howard said it's so hard to even know what he's talking about. Howard asked what he's going to do with his earnings.

Pete said he doesn't know. He said he'll figure something out. Howard asked Pete if he smokes weed. Pete said he doesn't. Howard said he should do something with that money. Howard said Pete put out a single called ''Lets get Medicated.

Pete said it's a producer guy who lives in his town. Howard asked who wrote it. Pete said the producer guy wrote it with his people. Howard read a review of the song and they liked it. He said that was in the Aquarian. Howard read what it said and they really liked the song.

Howard said you can find it on RedBankAllStars. He played some of the song for everyone. It was a dance song and Howard just said ''Wow! Howard asked what he's talking about in the song. Pete didn't know what it was about. Howard took a call from the guys in the back who were playing the part of the guy who bought his car from Pete. The guy's brakes weren't working and he crashed. Howard asked Pete if he was promoting illegal drug use in his song because he's talking about everyone getting medicated.

Howard said imagine he goes to jail for that song. Howard congratulated him for the song. Howard asked what he's supposed to get high on. Pete said it's getting high on life. Howard said he's happy that Wayne gave Pete a chance. He said it's a story of hope. Robin said she's inspired. Wayne said this is what the Howard Stern Show does for people.

Howard said he's thankful that he put up with him for the day. Wayne said that the guys there cut his tie when he sold his first car. He said that they had lunch with him and all of that. Howard said Pete had lunch with them and he has a clip and he hasn't learned to close his mouth when he eats.

Howard said there's so much noise. Howard played a clip of Pete eating and not closing his mouth. He was chewing like a cow and talking with food in his mouth. Howard said Pete did it again. He said he always surprises everyone.

Howard said he had a terrible toothache that day but he kept that from his boss. He said it was cool. Howard asked Pete if it was cool. Pete said it was so Howard kept saying cool and Pete kept repeating after him. Howard said he should play a phone call John Stamos made to Pete. Howard said Pete had nothing to say in that call. Howard played the clip and it was the real John Stamos making the call.

In the clip John asked how he was doing and Pete just said it's good. He had nothing to say to John. They just kept asking how they were and how things were going. Pete refused to be the first one to hang up so the call went on and on. Howard said that was fucking awesome. Howard said he didn't have one question for him.

Pete said he likes John. He said he was just awe struck. Howard said he could have asked him why he was calling him. Howard said he didn't think to ask him anything. Howard said here's a spoiler alert Howard asked Pete where he had to go that day. Pete said he doesn't remember. Howard said Pete has the same conversation with everyone who calls him.

Howard said he could have the same conversation right now. Howard asked Pete the same things John was asking and it was the same conversation. Howard said Pete didn't ask him a question. He said he's never asked him anything. Howard asked Pete what's up with him. Pete said not much. Pete asked ''How's business? Howard said good for Pete selling cars. He said Wayne has all of those cars out there at Legend Auto Group. Wayne said you can go to LegendAutoGroup. He said they have a Storm Trooper helmet from the Rogue thing.

He said that when Ralph knew they were available he called him asking for one. Wayne said it's a great looking gift. Howard said he can give it to Ralph.

He said he can slip him a couple of bucks on the side. Howard took a call from Balls who said he liked the song Pete sang. Howard gave him a plug for the web site where he can get that. Howard asked Pete if he has gotten laid lately.

He's just jerking off like times a day. Pete said it's getting out of hand. Howard asked if he watches porn. He said he doesn't even watch porn. He said he just thinks about stuff. Howard said Pete is outside the building all the time. Howard asked what's up with that. Pete said he's just walking around. Howard asked if he jerks off first thing in the morning. Pete said he does. Howard asked if his dick gets raw. Pete said it does. Howard asked if he uses tissues.

He said sometimes he gets it on the sheets. Howard said he does too. Robin asked what he does when he does that. Howard said you have to wipe it up. Howard and Balls asked what Pete thinks about. Pete said he thinks about some go to girls. He said it's no one famous. He said they're just chicks he's around. Howard asked if he thinks about the handicapped chick he was with. Pete said sometimes he thinks about her.

Howard said her parents threw him out of the house. Wayne said he could get a hooker now. Pete said he hasn't gotten laid in like 5 years.

Howard said he just wiped his nose on his arm. Howard asked Pete when he wakes up. Pete said he's up around 6: He jerks off first thing. Howard asked if he has breakfast after that. Howard asked when he jerks off again. Pete said probably in the shower. He uses soap to jerk off and his mom uses the same soap.

Howard said it's not right. He said he should get his own soap. Pete was laughing because he didn't think about it. Howard asked Pete if he's missing teeth now. Pete said he is. Howard said that is not a good look. Pete said it's been like that for like 6 months. Howard asked if he's going to the dentist.

Pete said he's getting dentures. Howard asked if he cleans his teeth. Howard said he's not cleaning those teeth. Pete said he is brushing twice a day. Howard said it's not enough. He said he has to maintain those teeth. Robin said he's too busy jerking off.

Gary said Pete said he doesn't jerk off 4 to 5 minutes, it's 45 minutes. Pete said he likes to draw it out. Howard said he has nowhere to be. He said it's a whole experience. Balls asked if he has ever ripped his pee hole. Pete said he hasn't. Gary said Pete's mom will have to knock on the door to get into the bathroom.

Howard asked how long the one in the shower takes. Pete said ''Well, yeah. Pete was laughing and said it's about an hour. Shuli came in and said he can shed some light on this. Howard said his mom must have to get to a job. Pete said she watches his niece and nephew.

He said she does have a job to do. Howard asked if he scrubs his asshole in the shower. Shuli said he's broken it down for him. He said the shower one takes 45 minutes minimum. He said his mom has to buy extra soap because he wears them down. He said he just plays with himself for 45 minutes.

Howard asked where he splooges. Howard said he's going to throw up now. Fred played some Richard vomiting sound clips. Howard said his cock must look like a prune. Howard asked Pete if he has to shove his jizz down the drain with his foot. Howard asked if his mom has seen his cock. Howard asked if Pete rubs his cock and balls with the soap. He asked what he's supposed to do. Howard said maybe stop. Howard asked Pete what he has for breakfast. Pete said he has oatmeal.

Howard asked what time he hits the showers. Pete said around 9: Howard said he must go out after that. Pete said he goes to the gym. Howard asked what he benches. Pete said maybe Pete said he has friends there. Howard asked how the conversations go there. Pete said they have a pretty good little scene over there. Howard asked if women complain to management over there. Pete said they may have caught him. Shuli asked if he jerks off at the gym. Pete said he has thought about it.

He said maybe he does. Howard asked what he has for lunch. Pete said he has lobster bisque. Howard said he's come 3 times already. Howard asked if he goes through a lot of soap there at the gym. He said he jerks off two more times at home after that.

He said he has run out of hot water there at home. Howard said he has a pretty full schedule. Howard asked if he still has jizz in that last jerk off. Howard said this is amazing. Pete said this is all because he doesn't have a woman.

Howard asked if he was fucking that handicapped chick times a day. Pete said he was. Howard asked if she had vaginal feeling. Pete said she did. Howard asked Pete if he would fuck a transgender.

Pete said ''Why not. Pete said he's getting anxious. Howard said he has tremendous sex drive. Robin said his whole day is getting that done. Shuli asked what his record is for a day. Pete said 6 or 7 times.

Howard asked if he would want a Real Doll or something. Pete said that would be cool. Howard said it's kind of depressing. Pete said it's not the same as the real thing. Howard said Pete doesn't care what the chick looks like. He asked if he would walk away from a girl with bad breath. Pete said he'd just turn his head. Howard asked if Pete would fuck a girl with herpes. Pete said he thinks he'd have to stop there.

Howard asked if he would fuck an old woman in a walker. Pete said he has to draw the line somewhere. Pete said she has to have more teeth than he does. Howard asked Pete if he had a super model but she died. Howard said she's still warm though, would he fuck her? Pete said he couldn't do that.

Howard asked what that snot rag is that he has. Pete said it's a tissue. Howard congratulated Pete for selling the cars and making some money. Wayne said it was their pleasure to have him work there. Howard said Pete has to get home because he has things to do. Howard asked Pete if he would fuck a girl who is hot but she's in a KKK outfit.

Howard said she's racist as hell but would he fuck her? Pete said he can't get past that. Howard said he's bull shitting him now. Howard asked about a burn victim with perfect tits. Howard said forget it. He said he knows the answer is yes to all of them. Howard wrapped up and gave Wayne a plug. Howard let Pete and the guys go too. He had Fred play some stuff. Fred played a phony pone call Sal and Richard made to a Swap Shop show with clips of Gary playing trumpet to try selling the trumpet.

They also played Thunderclap Newman's ''Something in the Air'' as they were coming back. Howard came back and sang along with the song Fred had playing. Howard said he fucked it all up because he's bad with lyrics. Howard said he doesn't know why they invented button down fly. He said he loves zippers.

He said he hates button down fly. He said he's not sure who invented that. He said it's not stylish at all. Howard said he's trying to get out of the bathroom and he has to button up.

Stern held a bra-burning event and wrestled women outside the studios, and invited listeners to confess the most outrageous places where they had sex, and record their calls for the air.

He wished for a news person to riff with him in the studio. Later, he wrote that the Air Florida segment was not the reason for his departure, nor did anyone complain about it. With his on-the-fly style, he provided jokes for such show bits like "Stump the Comedian" and "The Match Game". He had a naked woman on the show for the first time and attempted to make another reach orgasm through her radio speaker, both of which were reenacted in his film Private Parts.

The Arbitron ratings released in showed a rise in Stern's popularity. Having moved shifts to 3—7 pm, he attracted audience shares of 3. On September 30, , the show was cancelled due to what management termed as "conceptual differences" between themselves and Stern regarding his show. He achieved his goal in April , and held a celebratory "funeral" for DeBella on May 10 in Rittenhouse Square which aired live.

That year, Stern returned to the Washington, D. Listeners jammed the station's switchboard during the first simulcast with mostly negative calls about the change. He was reaching over one million listeners a week there, [41] and hosted a live victory parade in Times Square to celebrate.

Selena, Canada, and Columbine controversies[ edit ] On April 3, , three days after the shooting of singer Selena , a rift in the Hispanic community occurred after Stern commented on her music and Spanish people. After a song of hers was played with gunshot sound effects, Stern said "Spanish people have the worst taste in music. They have no depth. Alvin and the Chipmunks have more soul. Stations would be able to choose shows from a hour menu or carry the network's programming around the clock.

Anybody who speaks French is a scum bag. It turns you into a coward. Just like in World War II, they would not stick up for us. Screw your culture and we're invading you all. Did [the suspects] try to have sex with any of the good looking girls? At least if you are going to kill yourself and kill all the kids, why wouldn't you have some sex? If I was going to kill some people, I'd take them out with sex. That's how I think. I had zero intent to make fun of the situation.

The point in making that comment was an attempt to try to understand a motive. We didn't know anything about motives [the morning after] and were trying to consider all possibilities. Plato had been living in Tulsa, Oklahoma , surrounded by rumors of her sexuality and drug abuse, which became the biggest topic of the interview. After telling Stern she had been sober for over a decade and denying rumors about her lesbian relationship, some callers accused her of lying.

At some point Stern suggested that Plato do a urinalysis to prove them wrong, while Plato agreed to give a hair sample for analysis. Stern also asked her if she had ever considered suicide to which she replied, "Hell no.

I've got a beautiful boy. I'm OK in my skin.

howard stern medicated pete dating game