Lancer diesel car price in bangalore dating

lancer diesel car price in bangalore dating

Coincidently am looking out to buy a good condition used lancer, one of the used car dealers has 2 brand new Y petrol lancers Location: Bangalore And paying such a high price if you ask me it really makes no sense. Here are a few threads dating back to the time we had gotten our Lancer. Originally Posted by rajivanoj Am having lancer diesel, i have if kms, then which oil should be used and what is its cost? also you could go for a oil change @ K if the car is driven extensively at high rpms. Location: Bangalore . Move these dates a bit according to the severity of the winter. Used Mitsubishi Lancer cars in Bangalore (22 results). Find great deals on good condition second hand Mitsubishi Lancer cars for sale in Bangalore with price, features, images and 1,10, kms; Diesel; 3rd Owner.

lancer diesel car price in bangalore dating

lancer diesel car price in bangalore dating

lancer diesel car price in bangalore dating

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The more you do it, the longer the engine will last. The whole debate about exactly when you change your oil is somewhat of a grey area. Manufacturers tell you every 10, miles or so. Your mate with a classic car tells you every 3, miles.

Ole' Bob with the bad breath who drives a truck tells you he's never once changed the oil in his car. Fact is, large quantities of water are produced by the normal combustion process and, depending on engine wear, some of it gets into the crank case. If you have a good crank case breathing system it gets removed from there PDQ, but even so, in cold weather a lot of condensation will take place. This is bad enough in itself, since water is not noted for its lubrication qualities in an engine, but even worse, that water dissolves any nitrates formed during the combustion process.

So not only do you suffer a high rate of wear at start-up and when the engine is cold, you suffer a high rate of subsequent corrosion during normal running or even when stationary. The point I'm trying to make is that the optimum time for changing oil ought to be related to a number of factors, of which distance travelled is probably one of the least important in most cases.

Here is my selection in rough order of importance: Number of cold starts more condensation in a cold engine 2. Ambient temperature how long before warm enough to stop serious condensation 3. Effectiveness of crank case scavenging more of that anon 4. State of wear of the engine piston blow-by multiplies the problem 5.

Accuracy of carburation during warm-up period extra gook produced 6. Distance travelled well, lets get that one out of the way If you were clever or anal enough, you could probably come up with a really clever formula incorporating all those factors. However, I would give 1, 2, and 3 equal top weighting. Items 1 to 3 have to be taken together since a given number of "cold" starts in the Dakar in summer is not the same as an equal number conducted in Fargo in January.

The effect in either case will be modified by how much gas gets past the pistons. What we are really after is the severity and duration of the initial condensation period. Manoj Jha, the Managing Director stepped down from his post. The decision was unanimously accepted by the board of directors. The operation was sold to Caterpillar in and HM quit the earthmover business.

HML continue to be a joint venture partner with Caterpillar in Hindustan Power Plus, which manufactures diesel engines and generator sets. The tractors were based on the Zetor tractor design and sold under the Hindustan brand.

In , the Gujarat, Indian government formed Gujarat Tractors from the ailing company. These trucks came from the factory with a fully built modern metal cabin which was not common with Tata and Ashok Leyland trucks at the time. They were well known for their reliability and fuel consumption, but were discontinued mainly due to falling sales, poor service facilities, and HML not being able to sell them for an affordable price. The petrol engine commonly known as Isuzu 1. Initially the joint venture produced 4-cylinder GZ 1.

The technical collaboration lasted from to The Indore plant has since expanded to manufacture engines for a number of other manufacturers like Opel, Ford and Mahindra.

Hindustan has a joint venture with Mitsubishi that began in The plant is located in Thiruvallur, Tamil Nadu.

Hindustan Motors :

lancer diesel car price in bangalore dating

I used to pass that car almost everyday and happened to ask the security person who said that the firm is interested in disposing of this car. However, I would give 1, 2, and 3 equal top weighting. Alternatively you might get a car that by virtue of excellent crank case fume scavenging could tolerate many more cold starts than one without.

lancer diesel car price in bangalore dating