Social penetration theory and online dating

social penetration theory and online dating

Social penetration: The development of interpersonal relationships. explorations in initial interaction and beyond: Toward a developmental theory of interpersonal communication. . Social networks in online dating: The strength of no ties?. online dating profiles with email exchange and four possible scenarios, and Social penetration theory (SPT, Altman, & Taylor, ; Taylor, & Altman, ). Will the assumptions of social penetration theory hold in CMC in in dating relationships (Rubin, Hill, Peplau, & Dunkel‐Schetter, ).
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social penetration theory and online dating

Online dating[ edit ] Some scholars posit that when initiating a romantic relationship, there are important differences between internet dating sites and other spaces, such as the depth and breadth of the self-disclosed information taken place before they go further to one-on-one conversation Monica, We could gain that this hopefully close would be much easier in the same extent with Brad because her buddies are not as match making free software download. We can see from this that those who may be more introverted are more likely to disclose information on the internet.

social penetration theory and online dating

Social penetration theory and online dating - Blog Archive

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You must create an account to continue watching Religious educators are more person. Do you know ever time they have updated the smallest thing on their page? With Facebook being a relatively new phenomenon, it will be interesting to see additional research on relationships, especially romantic, conducted about it in the years to come. When studying relationships that begin on the Internet, Parks and Floyd conducted a study to measure social communication and relationship development on the Internet.

Breath, the limited amount of communication topics and depth, how much one chooses to reveal about each topic, were found to overlap in the Internet relationships. Other measures in the study focus on relationship commitment, eg.

Self-disclosure in social interactions moves from superficial to more personal levels, increased levels of depth, and the partners divulge information about a wider range if topics, breadth, and the relationship progresses. Friday, November 13, How honest are people who participate in online dating? It is so tempting to use the Internet to manipulate your identity Gibbs, Elison, Heino. In a study done by these researchers, they found a surprising result that honestly has a negative effect on the self-presentation success of relationships.

One explanation is that lack of honesty results in a better impression of oneself. A person is able to edit the flaws and bad habits. The easiest mode to do this through is online dating because that person does not have face-to-face contact with the other person, especially at the beginning of a budding relationship. Social penetration theory supports this because the theory claims people do not give out negative information in the early stages of the relationship.

This same study conducted a survey that found similar results. People misrepresented facts such a physical appearance, relationship goals, age, income and marital status Gibbs, Elison, Heino.