Shaun evaristo and aimee lucas dating

shaun evaristo and aimee lucas dating

Although Aimee works as a dancer/choreographer for YG Entertainment, But when she tagged along with boyfriend Shaun Evaristo (also a. *Aimee with her boyfriend Shaun Evaristo, a choreographer. chat 10 chat 11 Lyna: That was dated around September G-Dragon. The Best Blogs for Aimee Lee Lucas, Music, Entertainmment, K-pop, Korean pop, Korean YG Entertainment chose to work with Filipino-American dancer Shaun Evaristo, who helped . I'll have a workshop right in the middle date for both.


shaun evaristo and aimee lucas dating

His fans, including those who were at the concert, have started a petition in support of the pop star and the case is still pending. Ultrasite is the most streamlined, cost-effective, thoughtful and secure way to build one website or hundreds for a global audience.

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shaun evaristo and aimee lucas dating

shaun evaristo and aimee lucas dating

shaun evaristo and aimee lucas dating

Shaun evaristo and aimee lucas dating - TikTok Launches “#JennieSolo Global Challenge” To Philippine Fans

Bringing them together is my main thing. I felt like the fans were MVPs in Kpop. I came up with MVP like that. MVP is like the most valuable player in sports. How often do you have these workshops? How do you decide which song to teach? Before, it used to be like, I will go to a place here and there.

There will be workshops a month and it was so much. Now, I need to look at fans. My classes are mobile. You go where the fans are. I want to cater to them.

When fans wait for hours, like 6AM for a concert at 8PM, I want to go there and bring them water, etc. What about hip-hop now that you are mostly focused in Kpop? Not so much dancing anymore only because I am doing my transition in more like a businesswoman. I am pushing more of my students to be in the front line so they are doing that work now.

I have them in this radio show, or teach my classes or perform for me like in MNET. But as far as hip-hop goes, I was just in Singapore and taught two classes and judged a competition.

All the time, I will forever be the hip-hop dancer, but because I had ballet experience, my movements have both. They are so smart. Are there any Kpop groups you wish to work with in the future? What are your other dreams aside from dancing?

Of course, like I said, they want to make sure you are well taken care of. I host for them in Vegas every month. They organize a little dance showcase. I want for me to touch every Kpop fan from the very small island to the very small city.

Among all those M. The latest one was really fun. You know Mike Song? He did Gangnam Style with his mom. That was very fun to teach right with Mike. Every class is awesome and different. This is a Long Chat Interview. It was like chatting with a close friend. Pretty please with cherry on top link me back in your site. There is this girl that sparks YG family fans all over the world. Just continue reading to get to know her.

Basically, we know Aimee Lee Lucas for her dancing skills. This is her first commercial video. That was dated around September G-Dragon: Stylish, motivator, confidence, fearless. I always find an item of clothing that I like each time I see him.

Plus, he can dance. I think I like his tats most though since I am a supporter of ink myself. What do you really like about G-Dragon besides his stuffs, tattoos and the fact that he can dance? Yes… I love his style also… It puts you on the edge Aimee: