Remus and tonks age difference dating

remus and tonks age difference dating

I have nothing against Remus being with Tonks- because man gotta eat, man Those two lines would have made a world of difference in me with what was going on with Tonks. . Dumbedore, the Greatest Wizard of The Age is dead. There are plenty of people years apart in relationships that do work in real life. The romance of Nymphadora Tonks and Remus Lupin happened, for the most ' It's different,' said Lupin, barely moving his lips and looking suddenly tense. Rowling reveals detailed story of how Tonks and Lupin met, Remus’ patronus. Of particular interest to fans will be the section on how beloved Harry Potter couple Tonks and Lupin met. Clever, brave and funny, pink-haired Nymphadora Tonks was a protégée of Alastor ‘Mad-Eye.
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Remus and tonks age difference in dating :

remus and tonks age difference dating

I don't see the age difference as any problem, and the tempermental differences would probably complement each other, but without any textual hints, I kind of doubt that it will happen. I also think it is easy to imagine ger graduating from Hogwarts before Harry started. Mesmirez June 11th, , 7:

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Remus and tonks age difference dating - Nymphadora Tonks Harry Potter Wiki.

That may be because I want Tonks to end up with someone else who shall remain nameless, but anyway I just didn't see anything to show that it would happen. It just seems convienent that J. I imagine Charlie to be around 24 and Tonks to maybe be around 21 or 22 or so. I know there are other estimates, but that's my idea of it. For all we know he could already be or have been married. I doubt it but you never know. I don't think Lupin really wants to be with anyone because of what Mort said.

Plus give Tonks and Lupin thing a break I mean Sirius is the cousin of Tonks mother right, that will make Sirius and Lupin at the same age as Tonks parents Severus15 January 5th, , 1: Lady deMimsy January 5th, , 1: And she is thirteen or fourteen years younger than Remus and Sirius at the youngest, assuming she entered Auror training straight out of school.

Do wizards get gap years? I think Tonks would be just the type to take one. I'm perfectly willing to accept that they may not like each other, at least not in that way, but I don't see how either the age gap or the relationship between her and Sirius constitutes an impediment.

Doggy January 5th, , 2: Personally I wouldn't mind if my best friend would do that. I wouldn't even mind if my best friend would marry my brother even though I would be a bit worried about her sanity D , and I don't think Sirius would mind either, he'd probably only be happy Lupin has found someone. On the other hand, I can't really see them falling for each other. Also, how do we know that the MoM lets werewolves marry? They seem pretty strict with a lot of things. Severus15, if you want to have a signature on the end of your posts, it might be more practical to go to your Control Panel and changing it there so that you don't have to write it in everytime you post.

D maeve February 20th, , 8: All of his best friends have been lost to Voldemort or the fight against him. He needs some happiness and Tonks is just the right chick to give it to him.: Mrs Padfoot February 20th, , 9: Their personalities are quite different. Although, you could argue that opposites attract.

I mean, it just seems a bit unlikely thats all. Maybe I'm biased because I don't like to think of Sirius falling in love with anybody but me, Ha Ha but there doesn't seem to be much evidence for this.

Just because they were close friends and not even as close as James and Sirius doesn't mean that they are homosexuals. And I don't think JKR would have a storyline like that in these books. You sure said everything I couldn't quite say. There has been no hint in the books whatsoever that Sirius and Remus has been giving each other the eye. They act as any close best friends would act. And if JK was to include some kind of homosexual reference in it, I would accept it although reluctantly , but as Mierin42 pointed out, third graders do adore HP and they just aren't quite at the age to understand subjects like that.

Plus, simply put, HP just isn't the kind of book to have something like that! Lupin needs to lighten up and some laughs and genuine smiles in his life, so forget the whole age difference and dating his dead best friend's cousin thing, 'cos I really think they'd make one cute couple!

Puffskein February 23rd, , 8: I have a big argument on this topic which I'll owl to anyone who asks. Personally, though I hate to say it, I think Remus deserves better than a sulky, reckless lover who is now dead. I don't think it's necessarily true that Remus needs to fall in love in order to be happy. He is the type of person to count his blessings, and is very grateful for all the people who accept him. So maybe he thinks he's quite lucky enough to have friends and doesn't feel a need for any other kind of relationship.

Remember he hasn't lost all his friends yet. He's lost his oldest and closest friends, but he still has the Order who all except Snape accept him and respect him, and some of whom he's known for years. Having thought about it some more, I don't think Tonks would be his ideal partner. Their interaction in chapter 3 was probably just to establish her character and show how well he gets on with the Order members.

They have a fair-sized emotional maturity gap, despite his mischievous past, and they also have a big emotional baggage gap.

He's got enough baggage for a train of mules and she's just got a small rucksack. OK, we hardly know her, but we do know she was in the Order before. That means they've known each other for years, and she's been in the first war, so she should have some idea how he's feeling. And there's a shipping clue - they were next to each other in Moody's photo. Skylark February 28th, , 6: As charming as both Tonks and Lupin are, their individual personalities don't seem to mesh.

Tonks is almost too funny and young, and Lupin, as mentioned previously, may not be "old", per se, but is definately an old soul. I also like the Emmeline Vance idea. I never would have thought of that First off, we don't know much about Emmeline, except that she is described as "stately", and she was in the first order. I think surviving the First War is a huge testament to both Lupin and Emmeline's abilities as wizards. So, obviously they're both talented and have the same ideals, and perhaps, similar experiences.

I would like to know more about Emmeline in the next books, even if she isn't paired with Remus. Also, I don't have a problem with homosexuality at all, and I've even thought, as yet another Literature major to cross these boards, that though Lupin may not be a homosexual, the type of discrimination and hatred he receives is similar to the stigma attatched to those in the homosexual community.

However, I've never particularly liked setting him up with Sirius. One major reason is one that has already been mentioned: I feel that although as a society we may not be ready to accept a gay couple in a children's series then again, who doesn't love Bert and Ernie?

Also, I don't know why, but I sort of characterize Sirius as too reckless and even, self-centered or stubborn, to provide a supportive relationship for someone like Lupin.

Then again, maybe I'm just a hormonally charged fangirl who's far too in love with her Sirius Black fantasies to want to give those up. I don't know if I would consider the picture a shipping point, because there is a very good chance that someone the photographer? However, that could be an interesting relationship.

I agree that Tonks might be a little young for Lupin. He is a very "old" soul and I think he'd needs someone more mature, to go with that soul. I definately think that he deserves some happiness.

Cat February 29th, , 7: It's a sweet idea to pair him off with somebody, but it's not going to solve his problems. He already has people who care about him, whose opinions aren't affected by who he is during the full moon, and he already cares deeply for others. What he probably needs is to accept himself. He needs some 'me' time not me me, of course, but him me.

If a lady friend or boyfriend - I might as well be politcally correct here! I agree with you! I don't and I think that's probably why he's apparently single, even though he has his friends. Imagine being in his shoes. It would be so hard to think that the werewolf thing could ever really not matter to somebody, even somebody who insisted that they loved you and cared about you. Then the romance would be killed a bit because that would be hard for the other party to take.

He's pleasant and he's very mild in his attitude, not a depressive character, but it definitely seemed to me that there was a hint of revulsion when he talked about being a werewolf. Then he left at the end, not just because of what he failed to tell Dumbledore I think he's forgiven for that or because he didn't take the potion that one time pobody's nerfect and it turned out alright in the end , but because he didn't want people to be frightend of him. He shouldn't care about that!

He knows their fears are baseless but they still concern him! I'm going on a bit here, aren't I? Puffskein March 1st, , 5: I think that a lot of Lupin's pleasantness comes from not wanting people to think he's a stereotypical werewolf. That's why he sometimes acts rather sharply to people who know him very well - he's not so afraid to speak his mind.

So I think he does appreciate that his friends accept him for what he is. He might think differently about an actual romance, though. Like I said before, Lupin knows he's lucky to have friends.

I can easily see him not wanting to push his luck by going further, especially with an existing friend and if the suitor wasn't a friend already, he'd worry that they'd think he's a stereotypical werewolf.

I can see him reacting to an offer of love in the same way Eeyore reacted to a party invitation: The logic goes, "How can he have kept quiet when the guy he thought was a murderer has been getting into a dorm and slashing up portraits and curtains? Did you mean to write "pobody's nerfect"?? I think this is a bit different because, unlike the matter of Sirius, it could have happened again, and Lupin broke what must have been a major condition of his employment.

It turned out alright, but it was very close. We can let him off for not telling Dumbledore about Sirius because Sirius wasn't really dangerous, but his wolf side is. I'm afraid I think he was right to resign. RubberSoul March 1st, , That raises the question of if Lupin weren't a werewolf, would his personality then be a lot different? Would he be less shy, more of a dominant personality, more of a joker?

However I agree that Lupin's personality is sculpted by the fact that he's a werewolf; I think he suppresses himself. Sirius and Remus' personalities go really well together. That isn't to say that Tonks is an immature school girl, but I don't think Lupin and Tonks meet each other at the same level. Cat March 2nd, , Anyway, they probably wouldn't have been able to do anything if they had known. They wouldn't have had any new defence tactics - all that could have been done was to keep a look-out and, hey, people were already doing that.

Nobody but Harry saw the ominous black dog, so it's not as though anybody had seen it and thought 'Oh, it's just a doggy, I'll let it by'. No, it wasn't a condition of his employment at all. He attended the school as a student without the potion! He messed up, but it was because he'd seen that the murderer was in the proximity of students.

He'd seen the name 'Peter Pettigrew'. Nobody can be expected to be level-headed in the circumstances. It's not like he just forgot because he was distracted by an interesting book.

How could it possibly ever happen again? How many times do things like that happen? Cat March 2nd, , 4: Yes, I'm sure he guessed that Peter was guilty when he saw the Map. Or he was forming an idea. Or, at the very least, he realised that something was amiss. That's why he ran out without taking the potion. You could say afterwards what he should have done like told somebody when he saw the Map, rather than rush out himself but then you're not giving him credit for being human.

He wanted to know for himself. He wanted to see Sirius and Peter with his own eyes. He also, as it turned out, wanted to kill Peter.

Anyway, I don't think it's fair to throw away the key on him. Harry's not pressing charges, so to speak. Besides, Hogwarts isn't like other schools. That's not to say that it's a lovely place of goodness and rainbows - it's not even close - it just works differently.

If it was like any other school, Filch and Snape would probably have been thrown out years ago. Dumbledore has different ideas on what makes good staff. Wizards and witches have different ideas on just about everything. And, personally, I don't think it looks like he's going to be replaced in that. Sorry, this is right off topic, isn't it?

Puffskein March 2nd, , 7: But Lupin did work out how Sirius had been getting in, and if he'd spoken up, people would have known what they were looking for. And how do we know that only Harry saw the dog? We're stuck in his point of view. What I really meant was, it's a condition of his employment and was a condition of his education that he should take all possible precautions to reduce the chances of anyone getting hurt by his wolf side. Even if Dumbledore didn't spell it out, Lupin must have taken his obligation very seriously.

Not only did he forget his potion on that fateful night, he failed to take the alternative measure of staying in the Shack. Yes, he had just witnessed a very distracting turn of events, but considering he's been a werewolf for odd years, had just been talking about his condition and reminded by Snape that he hadn't taken the potion, it does look very negligent of him to forget it was his time of the month, go out to the grounds, and indeed chain himself indirectly to a student!

Was he really thinking, "I'm going to turn into a raging beast very soon, but it doesn't matter because Sirius will fight me off my best friend's son and his friends"? Not likely, considering his admission "I could have bitten any of you". Remember how things got pretty hairy for the future Harry and Hermione. I don't hold this against him, it had to happen for the plot to work, but I can understand why he beat himself up about it.

Off-topic rambling over now. Or maybe I just don't want Lupin to get with anyone cause I loves him I mean, come on, I'm the one who deep-fried Harry Potter for a mere slip of the tongue He made a mistake by not taking the potion, yes, but put yourself in the guy's place.

Seeing that Pettigrew was alive, getting to the Shrieking Shack and finding out that Sirius was innocent That was probably one of the most emotional moments of Lupin's life. Discovering the truth after thirteen lonely years must have pretty much driven everything else out of his mind- it would have done the same to anyone.

People forget all kinds of stupid things at emotional times. I think if anybody ever had an excuse to forget something important, then Lupin had an excuse that night. I would agree, except if there was ever something important that could not be forgotten, it was drinking that potion.

Cat March 3rd, , 1: The sight of a huge black and ominous dog causes a bit more than mild confusion in the wizarding world. If not, think 'There's a bloody massive dog walking around. He didn't just forget that he happened to be a werewolf, though. If something can push that to the back of your mind it has to be very important. Besides, he probably took some earlier that day. When he drank from the goblet that Snape brought him in front of Harry he said that he should probably take some later.

Maybe it was a risk, but not a certainty, that he'd had too little potion that night to go out. But the thing with Peter was important and sudden. It's oh-so-easy to critisise afterwards, but few people would have been chilly enough to be level-headed in a situation like that. I'm not saying what he did was the right thing.

I'm just saying, and I said before, that people shouldn't be so ready to throw away the key on him just because he acted like almost every other human being would have. He shouldn't beat himself up over it. It was a noble gesture to resign, but being noble isn't always right either. He's still the best teacher they ever had. A couple of mistakes, however big, doesn't take that away. I half want to slap him around the face and say 'Pull yourself together, man!

Harry doesn't hold a grudge. Ron and Hermione apparently don't hold a grudge. Dumbledore doesn't hold a grudge and it's his bloomin' school! So Lupin shouldn't hold a grudge aganst himsef about it, either.

Come to think about it, none of the fans should hold a grudge. If Harry isn't pressing charges there's no point in playing the jury. Perhaps it was only because Sirius chased him, but he ran away from humans and didn't really come out. Maybe he had some control after all.

Or maybe he just had a hankering for giant spider. Puffskein March 3rd, , 2: I still find it hard to believe that Lupin could forget his imminent transformation when he's just been talking about his condition AND Snape had said that he hadn't taken the potion. The fact that Peter was there made it MORE important that Lupin should take precautions - if he hadn't transformed in the grounds, they might just have got Peter to the castle, and then what wouldn't have happened?

Poor Lupin might be blaming himself for the Second War by now. I don't know if any fans do hold a grudge about the potion thing some do about his silence to Dumbledore. But it's just not good for a teacher to put their students in avoidable danger like that. In any case, DADA teachers just aren't allowed to last more than one year in this series. He ran away from some humans, but he ran towards some other humans Remember when they had to dash to Hagrid's hut? Ayden March 7th, , AffectedMangoO March 7th, , For some reason it was important to JKR that Sirius wasnt accepted by society.

Puffskein March 8th, , That's why I don't hold it against him, but I can understand why he beat himself up for it. And now for something completely different, and slightly closer to the topic: It's not just couples who act like couples.

Old friends can do too. Lupin had the guts to disagree with Sirius on a very emotive issue in this scene - I can't imagine him risking a unique relationship that way. His friendship with Sirius is no more precious to him than his standing with the Order. Lupin is "staying with Sirius" because Sirius is the one who's living in the house all the time and owns it.

Lupin has his own place, but I should think he can get better accommodation and food at Grimmauld Place. Him being there might be important for his Order work, and he's generally good at curbing Sirius's reckless tendencies. Why did he give with Sirius rather than anyone else? I think Lupin was subtly trying to show Harry that he cared at various points in the book.

He thought that the best way to get Harry to notice this was to give him a present with the person Harry cared for most. But Harry was too wrapped up in Sirius to notice.

Even if it wasn't just the movie, this might as well mean that Sirius should have been with Luna! Maybe he was just slower at emotional development, like Ron. They are compatible in that sense, definately more than Remus and Tonks Yes, they're close friends. But consider that Sirius according to Hermione has been "very lonely for a long time" and was hung up on Harry at the expense of all else. Consider that Lupin showed even less denial than Phineas Nigellus when Sirius died.

I think they were friends, and better off that way. I agree with everything you said there It seems that people are unable to come to terms with the fact that it is possible for two grown men to have a very close friendship.

Actually, tonks is about And Lupin is around 40 in an interview once J. Rowling said Snape was 38 in book 3 and Lupin and Snape are like the same age. But either way who cares about the age difference if they love each other? I mean I know some people care about age factor in love, but I don't Mesmirez June 7th, , 6: I thought that she was only around 20 something, and Lupin in his mid thirties.

Mischiefmanaged June 7th, , 6: Anyway, I think JK said Snape was 35 in book 3 not sure , which means that Lupin is about 37 or 38 in book OotP, but did she ever mention how old Tonks was if she did I totally forgot it Voxx June 7th, , 7: Mischiefmanaged June 7th, , 7: But do you really think that werewolves' children have to be werewolves too?

Is this something "inherited"? I can't remember, was Lupin born a werewolf? Lupin is one of my favourite characters and I think he deserves to be happier than he is especially now that he has lost his best friend , and Tonks is very cheerful, full of life and so she could help him.

But as I said, it's just a silly thought Hogwarts Lake June 7th, , 7: That could also be because he knew what was behind the veil and did not want Harry to see and Lupin turned away from the archway as he spoke. It sounded as though every word was causing him pain. This quote clearly states he was greatly affected by his death and the books are from Harry's POV not Lupin's so I doubt we'll ever find out: I really hope she is not evil!

I just want Lupin to be happy at last He has had a horrible life - all his friends dead, hated by wizards TRF-Chan June 8th, , 3: Like I said, I love the pairing I've even come up with kids for them, for Christ's sake!

And, for a bit of off-topicness: Are two men not allowed to be close friends and nothing more these days? As for the whole Lupin-might-pass-on-his-lycanthropy-to-his-hypothetical-kids thing In the case of the little Lupinlings I came up with, yes, they did inherit it, but that doesn't mean that if they had had siblings that they'd have inherited it as well. Hey, they had to have it to make the plot work! But obviously a man and a woman aren't allowed to be close friends and nothing more.

Personally, I think that a relationship, in general, between a man and a woman is no different apart from the obvious ; from a relationship between a man and a man. Men can be close friends with other men without being in love, but they can fall in love, too.

I think that Sirius and Remus could fall in love, if they've not already. But, unfortunately, I don't really think that Rowling will write it that way. While in my ideal society homosexuality should be as accepted as heterosexuality is, it's not, not in modern society. I'm sure Rowling's aware of this. Maybe she didn't mean for them to appear as lovers That's what all shippers do. TRF-Chan June 8th, , 4: Ah, after I posted I was wondering how long it would be before someone used my own words against me like that.

And she kind of speaks like a lesbian.. RoadSafetyGirl June 11th, , I'm not saying Tonks isn't, just that I'm not its possible to tell the way you mean: I like the idea of Tonks and Lupin, she can be the yin to his yang and lift him out his gloom: I thinks is she was into men, she'd be more likely to be with Charlie Weasley It would be good to see her interact with Fleur Delacour as they seem like complete opposites.

Maybe they could both go to the Weasleys for Christmas dinner.. XMoonyX June 11th, , He seems very laid back and down to earth. Tonks is energetic and exciting! I think they would complement each other quite well! That would be good though!!! Blossom June 11th, , 7: Mesmirez June 11th, , 7: I agree with whoever said that Tonks and Lupin, far from complementing eachother, would probably get bored with eachother.

Teamed up with the age thing, they don't seem to be a very likely couple. Plus, between the Order, mourning, and his Lycanthropy, I don't think we'll be seeing much of his love life. Just my two knuts. However, all these points about Lupin and Tonks make that a much better ship in my opinion, so I hope they go for it in the next two books. We need a little ray of light amidst the clouds. TRF-Chan June 11th, , Tonks isn't THAT young. She's got to be at least , and Lupin is in his mid to late 30s.

Drusilla June 11th, , And though the idea is sweet,I just don't really see it happening. They have a good working relationship and a lot of respect for each other,but still If anyone should get paired with Tonks it's Bill Weasley,they're closer in age and there's also the hair factor: Or if Fleur is an insurmountable obstacle,Tonks'd be good for Charlie too-they seem to both be a bit touched in the head-Tonks about her hair,Charlie about dragons Marisa June 11th, , I can just see it now Remus and Tonks are cute; they were both brave and funny people looking for love and happiness and they found it in each other in a horrible time.

But their relationship still discomforts me and I prefer other things. To each their own, you know? With age and reflection, I think that Harry could use the moment to understand why Remus wanted to leave and why Remus never visited him. Harry can never fully understand Remus like that, especially because Harry, throughout the entire series, is never properly educated or informed about the challenges that his friend and mentor and so many others like him face in everyday life.

Lupin, and werewolf rights and activism courtesy of Hermione Granger. What if some horrible accident happens on a full moon? Some part of Remus is always going to remember the think of the children! He definitely blames himself for nearly killing Harry, Hermione, and Ron, and for letting Pettigrew escape just bc he was rash for one night and forgot to take his potion. He nearly killed Sirius too. Remus fought in the First War against Voldemort and is a longtime member of the Order of the Phoenix.

This is a war, after all. If Remus helps Harry, the faster the war can be over and the better chance they have of all getting through this. If Remus helps Harry, then the sooner he can have a better and safer world for his wife and child.

If anyone feels like crying, then they can contemplate how Remus probably feels responsible for looking out for Harry now that both James and Sirius are dead.

Harry was abandoned on a doorstep; Harry lost his father figure in Sirius and his grandfather figure in Dumbledore; Harry was kept in the dark and left on his own and without help or a mentor so many times. Like, Harry has lived with the Dursleys all his life, wanted comfort and aid from someone like Remus for all his life, even after he met Remus.