Reese witherspoon and vince vaughn dating

reese witherspoon and vince vaughn dating

Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Reese Witherspoon & Vince Vaughn - Reese and Vince apparently clashed over filming styles while shooting Four Christmases in Reese reportedly. Watching Access Hollywood makes me feel like something that fell out of Paris Hilton's crotch, so I avoid it and thus had no idea that Reese.


reese witherspoon and vince vaughn dating

Vaughn's longtime friend and collaborator, a freakishly muscular Jon Favreau, and Tim McGraw play his ultimate-fighter brothers. A couple, who've been happy with each other for 3 years, start playing a game of Taboo with their extended family. The third stop is at Brad's mom's house, and speaking of a complete waste of talent, Sissy Spacek gets to do little but beam benignly as a rich Marin County hippie.

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The young couple that have been happy for about 3 years tries to describe the words on the cards using the same tactic and come to learn that they really don't know anything about each other; they get each word wrong.

Unfortunately, that's just one scene. The rest of the film is sloppy and unreasonable. If you've seen the previews, you know the story and most of the jokes: They love each other so much that they don't want to destroy it with marriage or kids. They always avoid their families too. They're going to Fiji for Christmas, but - oops - don't you know it: There is a fog, and their plane is cancelled. First they get angry at the Airline clerk, which actually has some funny pieces of dialoge spoken by Vaughn.

Then, the plot point comes in, rushing us into act two: A news crew goes up to Brad and Kate and asks them where they plan to spend their holiday. This scenario doesn't work on so many levels, but guess what? I know your in complete anticipation; Brad's and Kate's families starts calling them saying that they saw them on the news.

Can you think of what to do? Oh - I know! They have to spend Christmas with their divorced families. One with each parent! Wouldn't that be hilarious? It would be like four christmases in one! There's only one Christmas out of the four that hits most every point correctly and works, and that is the fourth one that Kate spends at her father's Jon Voight house. Another Christmas, the third one with the Taboo game, is somewhat funny, but loses points when Brad goes on a rant about his mother Sissy Spacek being married to his old school buddy.

The first two Christmases, however, are unfunny, arbitrary messes. There's one where they visit Brad's dad Robert Duvall - once a great actor, now look at him and his two psychotic, violent brothers: And "Four Christmases" began with some promise, too. Vaughn's Brad and Witherspoon's Kate are a happily unmarried couple sharing a coolly industrial-chic house in San Francisco.

They like to keep things lively by role-playing at bars, as they do in the film's amusingly naughty opening, and they lie to their families about doing charity work each year to avoid seeing them during the holidays. So far, so good. Then, when they're caught live on the news getting stuck at the airport on the way to Fiji, they get roped into seeing both sets of parents, who are divorced, hence Brad and Kate's own apprehension about walking down the aisle.

And so they must celebrate -- let's all say it together -- four Christmases. The visiting begins in painfully broad fashion with Brad's family, all white-trash stereotypes led by Robert Duvall. Vaughn's longtime friend and collaborator, a freakishly muscular Jon Favreau, and Tim McGraw play his ultimate-fighter brothers. The noisy joylessness of this segment sets the tone for the whole movie, and it makes you wonder how it's possible that it took four screenwriters to come up with this stuff.

Next, they're off to see Kate's mom Mary Steenburgen , who's found the Lord now that she's involved with a rock-star preacher Dwight Yoakam, underused.