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Super Junior's Donghae and Nam Jihyun's friendship shines through Super Junior's Donghae and 4minute's Nam Jihyun friendship was. makeup tutorial for wedding filipina dating marriage online dating kpop dating door game long tuong roomancer online dating peybrina us alcohol tax stamp dating nam jihyun and donghae dating games reciprocidad ejemplos yahoo. It's good to see Super Junior members dating by now. Dara was focused on the game on Jinwoo's phone that she was oblivious to This time it is none other than 4 Minutes' Nam Jihyun and hear those fangirls wailing?.

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She cooked for her brother and post in on Twitter. Donghae had premiere film of The Youth and also Jihyun. Immediately, I searched info as much as I could get. Every video or fancam I watched them. I kinda hoped Donghae would post selca with Jihyun and other casts but to my disappointment, he posted selca of himself orz One of Donghae fansite shared their fancam. They screamed so loud when Donghae was talking and embarrassed him.

I found Jihyun fancam too atm. Jihyun kept glancing at Donghae every now and then. Just look at her expression when Donghae was talking. Donghae kept asking Jihyun, can she wait if her boyfriend is going to military? We all know Donghae is going to army soon. Something that made me shocked. According to Jaebarip ig post, they spent Christmas together. She even wrote the caption family along with photo.

Someone nice gave me this photos. These photos kinda old photo so, we know that Donghae and Jihyun have known this jaebarip woman since long ago and because of her they have a chance to meet each other and getting close. Also, Donghae and Jihyun seems close with this woman judging from her ig posts. This photo when she was attending Super Show 6 in Seoul on 20th September. So, maybe she came with Jihyun? From her bio on ig, it says, she is acting coach. And here, she came when The Youth casts had movie premiere.

Donghae gave her gift. Two days after Christmas, Donghae posted the same photo but kinda different…. Till the day I found out that finally Jihyun followed Donghae on ig.

If they still contact each other, Jihyun should tell Donghae to follow her back but why? Are they actually not really that close? But why Donghae followed Dara back immediately?

Because there is something between them? Or because they know people ship them? The only thing I know is I should stop thinking and let it be. Because of them I found this things: Someone said Donghae and Jihyun post on ig are a bit too similar. About the time, yeah who knows. To be honest, I thought the same way at first but then again, you see the wall? And they posted it at the same time?

And I searched about Grill5 and Girll5 has this decoration so, maybe Donghae took the photo at Grill5? I still find it confusing. One of them, Donghae was asked about his ideal type again.

When I was young there were this characteristic; long hair, big eyes, pretty, kind, height must be around Even DaraHae shipper is kinda… butthurt because of this?

You can tell right? After all, fanacc said Donghae went back with member after concert. Firstly I thought it was juts me but people said the same. I ever saw Hyukjae wore the same bracelet. And I think Dara has it too? I forget but I think I also saw it somewhere. If you look it carefully, they are a bit different. You know, the design is kinda different. Donghae in Incheon Airport on 29 November People think and make a fuss about that S letter.

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