Mugdha chaphekar and ravish desai dating sim

mugdha chaphekar and ravish desai dating sim

The show originally starred Ravish Desai and Mugdha Chaphekar, but the character of Aarushi was killed in September and replaced with a new lead . The show originally starred Ravish Desai and Mugdha Chaphekar, but the . Mili told her that this time she had played a very nice game and Kaira will not be. The TV show Satrangi Sasural also aired a wedding track recently, and its lead pair, Ravish Desai and Mugdha Chaphekar, with the cast of the.

Mugdha chaphekar and ravish desai dating sim - Ravish and mugdha dating

The producers hoped to revive interest by killing the character of Vihaan and replacing him with a new male protagonist played by Rahul Sharma. However, the show did not regain its original target rating point and was cancelled. Plot Season one Wealthy Vihaan Vatsal meets and falls in love with middle-class Aarushi, and brings her home to his seven "mothers" led by matriarch Dadi Maa.

Aarushi sees through their tough exteriors and meets their demanding expectations while also forming a close bond with each of them.

Bua maa strikes Vibha with her car and Aarushi takes responsibility. Vibha's abusive husband demands a huge compensation but Vibha proclaims Aarushi's innocence and the family hire her as their house helper. However, Vibha forms an unhealthy attachment to Vihaan and burns the couple's passports to sabotage their honeymoon. The couple instead go to Mumbai where Vihaan proposed, and Vihaan disappears after being attacked by goons.

Months later, on the day of Aarushi's baby shower, Vihaan returns with his "wife" Vibha. Vihaan had lost his memory and Vibha convinced him that she was his wife and Aarushi their maid. Threatening to turn Vihaan against them, Vibha makes the family follow her orders. Vihaan gradually becomes closer to Aarushi, especially when she gives birth to twins, and is confused by his feelings. He slowly regains his memories when Vibha tries to take him away from his family.

Vibha sells the family house, but realizes the buyer is Vihaan in disguise. Vibha gives Vihaan a poisoned kiss and demands that he legally marry her for the antidote. They are about to be married when Aarushi gives him the antidote instead. Vibha then takes their daughter hostage, blackmails the family, and burns their house. The family eventually reclaim the child. Aarushi stabs Vibha who shoots her, and Aarushi dies. Season two Four years later, Kaira decides to marry Vihaan so she can receive her inheritance.

They agree to separate after three months, a scheme by Bebo who is after the money. Although three of Vihaan's mothers despise her, Kaira grows close to the family. Kaira rescues Vihaan from Bebo's schemes, and Bebo dies while trying to control him with black magic. Aarushi's long-lost sister Millie joins the family.

Kaira tries to expose her as a witch but Millie's black magic stops her. The mothers convince the couple to marry properly but Millie causes misunderstandings. She became tense when she found out that Vihaan is not at home too. Later she became relieved when Vihaan return. Soon she realised that Vihaan has totally changed in the last few days. Vihaan behaved very rudely towards her but stay very calm in front of his mothers, children and Mili even. Mili told her that this time she had played a very nice game and Kaira will not be able to defend her and the whole family this time.

Kaira finally realised that this Vihaan is not actually her original one but a fake look alike of Vihaan whom Mili has created with her black magic. BeWith the help of a woman who knew black magic, Kaira came to a conclusion that the real Vihaan is trapped inside another world. Kaira succeeds in bringing Vihaan back home but everyone got confused seeing two Vihaans and the mothers and his children thought of testing the two and find out who the real one was.

They succeed in finding the real one out. Later, the fake Vihaan got angry and due to some chants chanted by the whole family could not resist himself from exposing himself as a fake person and got disappeared in the thin air. Everyone got shocked seeing that this things occurred in real life but later all the mothers came to know that Kaira is the one whom they were waiting for so long after Aarushi's death.

Everything was back to normal again and now everyone hated Mili because of her deeds. Mili realised that she was doing wrong to the family and apologised for her deeds but none accepted her apology. One night, Kaira heard weird sounds coming from Mili's and saw that someone was trying to torture Mili and Mili was begging the person not to do so and will accept every command of the person to ruin the Vatsal family. Kaira realised that Mili was doing all the deeds under an unknown person's orders who was controlling Mili all these days with the black magic and thought that Mili is really innocent.

Kaira thought of helping Mili proved her innocence in front of all that she was being controlled by someone who wanted to ruin the whole family. Mili tried to remember the face of the person but she coukd not since she had seen the person only at the time when she was under control.

Days later, a doctor confirmed that Kaira is pregnant with Vihaan's child and everyone is happy with the news. During a visit at a temple, Kaira came across a woman of a very kind heart and very caring character whose name is Vasundhara who lives with her paralysed husband at her home.

Mili only remembered that the person's name was something like Mayavini. Kaira started to meet very often with Vasundhara whenever she was alone but she somehow manages to go away whenever any person of Vatsal came in between them. Meanwhile, Dadi overheard some of her neighbours talking about Kaira getting pregnant with the person who was the lookalike of Vihaan.

She became very disturbed with this question whether the child is of Vihaan or his lookalike that she asked Kaira about it. Kaira felt sad that Dadi Maa has pointed over her character and thought of leaving the house instead. On the other side, it is revealed that Vasundhara was the person whom Mili had referred as Mayavini and she was the one who was playing the whole game of black magic in order to ruin the family.

She did not let the chance of Kaira leaving the house slipped away from her hands and came to Kaira's support and asked Kaira to stay in her home instead. Kaira agreed to her and stayed at her home for some days.

Vasundhara finally met Vihaan through Kaira and he too trusted her. Dadi Maa realised the fact that she was doing injustice with Kaira and asked Vihaan to bring Kaira home back and she had no doubts over the child anymore. But when Vihaan went to Vasundhara's home, he asked Vasundhara about Kaira and she manages to keep her inside with some excuses and dismisses Vihaan from there. Later, Kaira convinced Vasundhara that she should leave her place for the Vatsals and she finally agreed.

During a visit to Vasundhara's house, Vihaan came across a globe of jewel of where he had seen at the place where he got captivated. Vihaan somehow manages to get hold of the jewel and bring it home and hides it at the back of the statue of the goddess. After this, Vihaan and Kaira doubted about Vasundhara due to the sudden attachment with Kaira within the last few days but they were not sure enough whether she was the one after all there troubles.

Meanwhile, Dadi Maa had to go somewhere far for some holy deeds for the family. When she reached she told the priest not to revealed her secret to anyone. She was sure that something bad is happening all the time with her family and wanted to cleared off every family member's fate from evil. But she came to knew that she had forgot to bring the booklet where Vihaan's fate was written and promised herself that she is going to that old building for the last time and told that this secret must not be known by any of her family members.

As she reached the place, she searched for the booklet of Vihaan's fate and found that it has been torn off. The secret is revealed that Vihaan is not the biological child of Narmada Vihaan's mother in the story so far from the beginning , instead is her daughter Bina's son.

But Bina was wicked in nature and play black magics upon others which Bina's husband and Dadi Maa did not like her and was expelled from the Vatsals house from that night.

So Bina thought of taking revenge from her own family and on that night she sent some goons to bring back her son i. Vihaan from the house but the goon mistakenly brings Narmada's child instead. Dadi Maa did not want Narmada to become sad for her son's loss and put Bina's son near Narmada instead so that everything will be fine. Bina tried to killed her husband but her husband got paralysed instead.

After revealing this story, Dadi Maa left the house but met with a car accident to her way back. With the help of an old sage, Vihaan realised that Vasundhara gained all her dark powers from this globe of jewels and that she could only be destroyed by destroying the globe on the night of full moon which was the next night. The sage also told that if Vasundhara or any of her blood member got hold of this in her hands the next night, then the jewel will glow and regained all the black powers from it.

Vihaan thought of trapping Vasundhara with jewel since he knew if she is the real Mayavini then she will surely need the jewel the next night to regain her powers and in that process the truth of Vasundhara will come out and he will reveal it to Kaira and the whole others. As the hours of the full moon night arrives, Vihaan was ready to trapped Vasundhara and got hold of the jewel. Suddenly the jewel started glow and at this, the sage told since it is glowing upon his hands it means that he is somehow related to Mayavini and told that maybe he's her biological son.

Vihaan could not locate Kaira at the time and he hugged 7 of his mothers, his children and asked Mili to look after them if anything happened to him now. Vihaan realised that Vasundhara is his mother and the person with whom he saw with her was his father and promised himself that in order to save his family from her, he will do anything to protect his family and went to the forest where Vasundhara was waiting eagerly for him with the jewel.

But instead of giving back to her, he threw the jewel upon fire where the jewel of her black magic turned into ashes. In spite of guilty, Vasundhara revealed that she was the Mayavini whom he was finding for all this long. But before Vihaan revealed that he was her real son, she had hit hard upon his forehead and slit his throat with a knife and ran away. Kaira came towards Vihaan running and asked him who had done this to him.

Vihaan bid her goodbye and before he pronounced Vasundhara's name, he left the world. Kaira shouted his name and promised that she will avenge who is responsible for her love's death. Plot of Season 3 After one month [ edit ] Aaru and Arhaan were waiting for their father since it was Father's Day and they were expecting big gifts from him. The mothers were busy in preparing for the party of father's day along with the children.

Kaira brought gifts or them saying their father had sent for them and gave some excuses for his absence. Dadi Maa appeared before them suddenly and behave a little awkwardly. Dadi Maa started behaving rude towards Kaira and told her to wear dresses as that of a widow and let her sleep outside the house at night.

On the other, Vasundhara realised that she had killed her own son and also had lost her powers.

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mugdha chaphekar and ravish desai dating sim