Joseph chang and rainie yang dating prince

joseph chang and rainie yang dating prince

Joseph Chang And Rainie Yang Spotted On A Date - posted in Asian Entertainment News (Archive): The actor was said to have. Rainie Yang finds her Prince Charming - posted in Asian During the eight months that we were dating, I only saw him less than 10 times Xiao Gui, Joseph Chang, Show Luo, Sunny Wang, Kingone Wang, so many names. Joseph Chang (Chinese: 張孝全; pinyin: Zhāng Xiàoquán, born 28 December ) is a Joseph Chang Prince of Tears, 淚王子, Sun Han-sheng Girlfriend, Boyfriend, 女朋友男朋友, Liam 我們都傻" ("We Are All Silly"), Rainie Yang.

joseph chang and rainie yang dating prince

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joseph chang and rainie yang dating prince

Joseph chang and rainie yang dating prince - Taiwanese male film actors

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They have dated for quite some time. Her boyfriend is supposed to come pick her up one weekend and they are supposed to go to Las Vegas to get married however he ends up making her leave him and she is heart broken. Will this contract be completely over in 3 months or will they fall in love with each other? It is simply just a spin off with Rainie Yang and Joseph Chang. It has a similar story line except that they are drunk.

Overall, I was kind of bored to be honest. This did not hook me as much as Fated to Love You did. Not one of my Top 10, I was pretty dissappointed. It did have those lovey dovey scenes but that was it.. The story line kept going up and down. It got boring then got interesting which was where those lovey dovey scenes came in.

Yeah most asian dramas are supposed to be cheesy and cute but this went one step lower.

Joseph Chang and Rainie Yang Allegedly Dating According to Next Magazine