Is alex and jo dating in real life

is alex and jo dating in real life

The cast of Grey's Anatomy- in real life Poor Callie was heartbroken and moved on to dating women. Justin Chambers as Dr. Alex Karev Jo Wilson is a surgical resident who first joined Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. Camilla Luddington & Justin Chambers Have So Much Story Left To Tell. By Taylor Maple So, are Jo and Alex leaving Grey's Anatomy? They finally got together in a real way, and have officially committed to each other. Alex Karev and Jo Wilson's Surprise Hookup on 'Grey's Anatomy' all her friends , but she soon got over it and the two started dating. Things eventually calmed down, but Alex found Jo's abusive husband in real life even.

is alex and jo dating in real life

Is alex and jo dating in real life - Ellen Pompeo as Dr. Meredith Grey

Oh is equally popular with the cast off-screen. When Glamour asked who they socialize most with off the set, Oh seemed to be a frequent confident of Justin Chambers, Sara Ramirez, and, of course, Wilson. This affection has not been lost on Oh either. Talking with The Globe and Mail , she had heaps of praise to usher on Wilson. However, rumors flew that her former castmates resented Walsh because she was chosen for her own show instead of one of them.

On Private Practice, her character moves to sunny Southern California, and things seemed to heat up off set as well. Shortly after, Walsh and husband Young divorced due to irreconcilable differences. All told, the marriage lasted 14 months and shocked those who had recently seen the doting couple in public. The gossip rags speculated that her on-set relationship with Sutcliffe was to blame. The name of her fragrance: They both came to Seattle Grace with respectable careers in movies. Fans have been tempted to wish for a more intimate relationship.

Both come from the theater world. They met while doing Rent and later married. Menzel got a lot of media attention when John Travolta mangled her name at the Oscars but has had a diverse and impressive career spanning movies, TV, theater, video games, and live concerts. Instead, she was a love interest for Tim Daly.

Alas, in Diggs and Menzel called it quits for good. Diggs has been very open about how the split has affected him psychologically, giving some very candid interviews in the process. Add in Shondaland mainstay Paul Adelstein, relative newcomers like KaDee Strickland, and latter season additions like Benjamin Bratt, and the cup runneth over. When the series ended, Brenneman wrote a blog post on her website detailing how close the cast had grown over six seasons.

Katie Lowes and Adam Shapiro On Scandal, Katie Lowes played the conflicted Quinn Perkins, a character with a painful past and a penchant for dating men who wind up deceased. Her love life made it on set when husband and fellow actor Adam Shapiro did a guest spot on Scandal. Both actors have popped up in Shondaland. The two have been happily married and working in the same spheres for a while, welcoming a son into the world in Unlike most real life Shondaland couples, they have played off each other on screen.

He had some smaller roles in film, but was mostly an unrecognizable face until , when he first landed the role as Alex. Unlike his character on the show, he has been in only one steady relationship with his wife Keisha since , who he has 5 children with!

Camilla Luddington as Dr. Jo Has been through a lot, including being abandoned by her mother when she was a newborn and an abusive relationship with her husband, who she ran away from. She came to Seattle in order to start a new life away from her husband, who she said would never find her there.

Camilla Luddington in real life The British beauty, Camilla Luddington, got her first recurring role as Lizzie in Californication, followed by Claudette in several episodes of True Blood. The couple welcomed their first child, a baby girl named Hayden, in April this year. Jessica Capshaw as Dr. Arizona Robbins Arizona Robbins entered Seattle Grace during the 5th season, as a surgical fellow for the pediatric surgery department. She and Callie started dating and eventually got married and have a daughter together named Sofia.

Yup, that could put a damper on things. They later on got a divorce and went their separate ways. Jessica Capshaw in real life You might remember Jessica from films like Minority Report, where she played alongside Tom Cruise, and as one of the leads in the horror film Valentine. She also had a recurring role as Jamie Stringer in the series The Practice. Jessica was born to perform with an actress as a mother, Kate Capshaw, and none other then Steven Spielberg as her stepfather!

She has been married to Christiopher Gavigan since , with whom she has 4 children. Kevin McKidd as Dr. He and Cristina had a pretty hot and heavy on and off relationship until they finally ended things due to their different views on having children. He later dated, and got married to Amelia Shepherd. The Scottish actor, who came to the US to pursue his dream of acting, officially became an American citizen only two years ago, in He is now the father of two children, who he has with his ex-wife Jane Parker.

Sarah Drew as Dr. April Kepner April Kepner is an attending trauma surgeon at the hospital and is one of the staff members who came from Mercy West Medical Center after the merger in the 6th season.

April is portrayed as a religious Christian, and often prays for her patients each time before they start surgery. April still has some trauma from when she was held at gunpoint during the infamous shooting. Similar to her character on the show, she is a dedicated Christian and is the daughter and sister of a pastor.

She has been married to Peter Lanfer since , with whom she has two children. Caterina Scorsone as Dr. She decided to follow in the footsteps of her big brother and became a neurosurgeon. Later on she and Owen start an on-again-off-again relationship, and she eventually proposes to him and they get married. Kate Walsh as Dr. She later on got remarried to Jake Reilly and adopted a baby boy from a former patient. Her character was so popular that she even got her own spin-off series Private Practice, which ran for 6 seasons until She eventually said goodbye to the character after 8 years in order to move on to different opportunities.

She appeared in a few episodes in the first season of Fargo followed by the lead in the series Bad Judge, which unfortunately only lasted for one season. After George joined the army to be a trauma surgeon, Richard let him go home early on his last day at the hospital, in order to say goodbye to his family.

Knight in real life With all of the dramatic departures on the series, T. According to the actor, he quit the show after the executive producer Shonda Rhimes drastically cut his screen time by the 5th season. He is currently starring as J. Sandra Oh as Dr. Cristina Yang Cristina Yang first appeared as an ambitious intern, and probably the most talented in the group. She has had some intense relationships including a heavy fling with Head of Trauma Owen Hunt and an engagement with cardiothoracic surgeon Preston Burke.

They have been there for one another through some pretty difficult and tough times. Cristina left during the 10th season for a better job in Switzerland. Sandra Oh in real life Sandra Oh actually started off as a ballerina until pursuing a career in acting. Since she has left, she has appeared in the independent film Catfight and is working on her next role, as the lead Eve Polastri in the upcoming mini-series Killing Eve.

Katherine Heigl as Dr. Izzie Stevens Izzie Stevens was one of the original surgical interns from the first season. A fan favorite, her relationship with a dying patient, Denny Duquette Jr. She also had a complicated relationship with the late George and later on married Alex Karev, only to abandon him shortly after getting diagnosed with cancer. By the time she returns, Alex has already moved on.

The cast of Grey’s Anatomy- in real life