Iris and barry dating simulator

iris and barry dating simulator

on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Iris west allen, Flash arrow and Snowbarry. the flash barry and iris on treir first date 3x03 #TheFlash #season3 #3x Main · Videos; Iris and barry dating website. This precondition is what i disturbed inasmuch was doughty to daniela to myself. It was the only joint narratives. He eventually met Joe, Iris, Joe's foster son Barry Allen and the rest of Team Flash, and He became the boyfriend of Jesse Wells, only to be dumped after she and Barry, with Iris creating new lengthy combat simulators for him to improve.

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So that's going to be a great episode to see Felicity and how we all interact with her. Check out what other scoop Cosnett revealed about what's coming up on The Flash, including Eddie's "sexy" hidden relationship with Iris, his "hilarious" friendship with Barry and whether or not we should really be trusting Eddie. Now that Eddie is dating his partner Joe's Jesse L. Martin daughter Iris, how is he going to handle having to hide their relationship? There's a lot of anxiety and tension around it.

There's a lot at stake since Joe is his partner—his job is at stake, his relationship with Joe, everything. While it is kind of sexy having to hide it, it's also scary. He feels very torn. Over the next few episodes, it all starts to unravel. The only person that knows about the relationship is Barry, right? Yes, and he's really grateful to Barry that Barry's keeping it a secret and he thinks Barry is really lovely and endearing.

He knows how close Barry and Iris are, like brother and sister, but he blissfully unaware that Barry has a crush on Iris.

That's really fun but really irritating for poor Barry. How is that crush going to affect Barry and Eddie's friendship? Over the next few episodes it's going to be really delightful and awkward to see how they're going to keep it a secret and how Barry and Eddie interact. Poor Barry is so conflicted and Eddie has no idea.

Our characters are so opposite. I'm so secure in myself and I know that I'm good at everything but Barry is so unsure and he's so much the underdog, which is why we all love him so much.

To see the two interact is just so amazing. The writers have been so great at throwing Barry and Eddie together and evolving their story in a clever way. Are Iris and Eddie serious or is their relationship just for fun right now? No, it's getting serious. They unexpectedly fell in love during Barry's coma.

They have that wonderful, Much Ado About Nothing love-hate relationship and it makes it all the more real. It gives them this amazing sexual spark and wonderful tension.

At this time, Iris admits to Barry once more that she has feelings for him, but her priority is her current romantic relationship. After Reverse Flash is caught, Barry makes a deal with him to go back in time and save his mother in exchange for granting Eobard his freedom. Iris supports this decision because she wants Barry to be happy, even though it will mean her current reality is erased.

At the last second, though, Barry decides to simply say goodbye to his mother and go stop Reverse Flash. The battle does not go his way until Eddie kills himself, which essentially kills Eobard as well because he is Eddie's descendant. Season 2 Eobard's death opened a wormhole in Central City, which weakened the barrier between this Earth and the neighboring one, Earth Believing himself to be the cause for Eddie's and Ronnie's death as well as the new villains, Barry does not renew his confessions to Iris.

Barry and Iris remain best friends but neither one brings up their feelings from the year before. Once he's fallen back into a routine, Barry starts dating a cop named Patty Spivot after some prodding from Joe, who says he must try to move on from Iris even if he'll never feel the same way about another woman.

Iris is supportive of the relationship and suggests that he tell Patty he's The Flash if he's serious about her, to avoid the misunderstanding and hurt that Iris herself experienced previously. Barry does not seem ready to tell Patty, however, and instead lets her leave town without admitting it himself. She is a police detective who is married to Barry's doppelganger, and Barry starts playing along instead of continuing his mission because - again - he can't help himself.

Eventually he and his team rescue Jesse with Earth-2 Iris and Barry's help, and Barry returns home remembering just how much he loves his own Iris again. Despite being coerced into revealing their married status on another Earth, Barry still does not take steps towards asking Earth-1 Iris out. Instead, he helps her move on from grieving Eddie by presenting her with a birthday message from him.

Barry tells her that he filmed Eddie the year before when he was preparing a surprise birthday gift for Iris, but in reality he had made sure to get some closure for Iris in his most recent trip back in time. As far as Barry knows, Iris will use this closure to start dating Scott Evans.

But Iris can't bring herself to go out with him, having decided that Barry is the man she wants to move on with. She finally tells him in episode 20, while he's deciding whether or not to undergo a risky electrocution to gain his powers back.

She wants him to know that she loves him whether he's The Flash or just Barry Allen, and in the end Barry decides he has to try anyway. The explosion sends him into the speedforce, but Iris is able to get him out with Cisco's help. His trip to and from the speedforce has Barry feeling pretty invincible, so he asks Iris out in episode Of course, Zoom immediately proceeds to murder his father Henry, because Barry is not allowed happiness.

After defeating Zoom, Barry still feels totally empty. Iris reminds him that she loves him and is ready to move forward whenever he is, and he lets her know that he needs time. After she assures him that she will wait as long as it takes, Barry decides to go all the way back in time and save his mother What he feels he should have done at the end of season one.

Season 3 After saving his mother, Barry enters a new version of reality in which he is not The Flash. Because he and Iris did not interact after elementary school in this reality, he works up the courage to flirt with her at Jitters and scores a date on the first try.

Reverse Flash - whom he has pulled out of the time stream and kept trapped since rescuing his mother - informs Barry that soon he will lose his own powers and forget about the previous timeline entirely, which at first Barry is fine with. As far as he's concerned, it's the perfect world. However, Joe is an alcoholic who hasn't spoken to his kids in years here, and Iris' brother Wally makes for a very reckless and unsupervised Kid Flash. Once Wally is attacked by The Rival and at death's door, Barry makes the choice to return to his own reality before it's too late.

Barry thinks he's set everything right once he reappears in the show's original continuity, but it turns out there are several differences.

Barry and Iris will get married in The Flash season 4 – but there's a twist


iris and barry dating simulator

I feel it's important to mention the other members of Team Flash were either in an alternate dimension or working for human traffickers, so it's not like they were spoilt for choice. Are Iris and Eddie serious or is their relationship just for fun right now? At first the team is very upset with him, but Iris reminds them that they're a family and they have to forgive each other whenever possible.

iris and barry dating simulator