Ione skye and john cusack dating

ione skye and john cusack dating

John Cusack and Ione Skye in Say Anything (). There was a brief period, in the late Eighties, when underachieving, unlucky-in-love. John Cusack and Ione Skye make one of the great screen couples in the Chynna Phillips from Wilson-Phillips plays Joe's girlfriend, and the. I originally interviewed Ione Skye for Venice Magazine, where this But John Cusack and I, although we never dated romantically, we fell in.

ione skye and john cusack dating

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You'll NEVER guess what John Cusack's teen sweetheart from Say Anything looks like now… :

ione skye and john cusack dating

Of course, this is all tinged with sadness in light of Mahoney's passing. To this day, the boombox scene — or, later, that backseat scene — might make you weak in the knees. Since Diane didn't have sorcery at her fingertips, it's safe to assume the vanishing handbag was a filming inconsistency. Gabriel briefly lifted the boombox over his head, and then sang the song.

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And your memory could be playing tricks on you where the super nostalgic Say Anything is concerned, too. Take a trip down memory lane by poring over all the things about this irreverent love story that you'd only notice as an adult.

Diane and Frasier had the same dad As amoral as Diane Court's dad wound up being, it's impossible to watch the film now and not view James Court through the lens of another role: Say Anything was released in , while Frasier didn't start its year run until So you may not have recognized actor John Mahoney then, but you surely would if you later became a fan of the Crane family sitcom. That's not to say the characters are without similarities — they're both charming and brash.

But they also have some ironic differences, namely the fact that Martin Crane was a retired police officer. That definitely doesn't jive with James Court's side hustles of fraud and embezzlement. Adding to the Frasier fun is the fact that this film is set in Seattle, the city in which the Crane family famously lived.

And Bebe Neuwirth , who also went on to star in Frasier, makes a cameo as Lloyd's school adviser. Of course, this is all tinged with sadness in light of Mahoney's passing. You make the unforgettable look easy. However, they were both relatively green when Say Anything hit screens. But poor Joan's role as Lloyd's big sis, Constance, is "uncredited. The siblings have since become Hollywood heavyweights. Both John and Joan boast more than 80 acting credits each. What might also occur to you upon re-watching Say Anything is that the movie is among the first of many together for these two.

They starred in the John Hughes classic Sixteen Candles a few years earlier, although it was another uncredited role for Joan for shame.

In addition to those roles, this killer brother-sister combo has starred in eight films together: Behold, the vanishing yearbook Unless Diane came up with some very clever concealed cross-body satchel, there's no way she had her yearbook on her when Lloyd picked her up for their first date. It would have been pretty hard to miss set against her bright white dress and shrug.

Since she had never heard of the dude hosting the party prior to going, she wouldn't have had it stashed there. And yet, multiple times during the party, she breaks it out and asks classmates to sign it.

By night's end, when she and Lloyd are about to leave , it's nowhere in sight again. Miraculously, though, it reappears in the car in the wee hours of the morning as she reads inscriptions aloud to Lloyd.

Sense a pattern here? There's only one heroine in film that has mastered the art of making things disappear and reappear, and that's Harry Potter's Hermione Granger. But, c'mon, she had magic on her side — not to mention a beaded purse upon which she'd placed an Undetectable Extension Charm in order to fit her many possessions. Since Diane didn't have sorcery at her fingertips, it's safe to assume the vanishing handbag was a filming inconsistency.

Corey gives off major Mystic Pizza vibes Although Lloyd and Diane are the most discussed characters to come from Say Anything, Lloyd's best friend Corey doesn't get nearly enough recognition for being as cool and complex as she was. Credit for that performance, of course, goes to actress Lili Taylor. The first time you watched the movie, you probably didn't pick up on the fact that the character — as quirky and original as she was — seemed strangely familiar.

Just one year before Say Anything hit theaters, Taylor starred in this heartwarming rom-com about a group of friends in coastal Connecticut. Although the film was not considered a box office success at the time of its release, it went on to become a cult classic and the film credited for giving Julia Roberts her big break.

Taylor's characters from the two movies have a lot in common. In Mystic Pizza, Taylor plays a young woman named JoJo who is in a holding pattern of making up and breaking up with her boyfriend.

In Say Anything, Taylor plays a young woman who is in a holding pattern of making up and breaking up with her boyfriend , Joe. The similar story arcs plus those names JoJo and Joe?

Hold up, is "scam" '80s code for sex? When Lloyd is talking to his friends Corey and D. Adorably oblivious love-struck teen that he is, Lloyd insists it was a date when he sat across from Diane at the mall food court. To which Corey responds, "That's not even a scam. But, like, which is it? The lingo pops up several times throughout the movie, leaving one to wonder what exactly scammin' is.

Who can keep up? According to the In the '80s "Glossary of Eighties Terms," scamming simply refers to a casual make-out session or a guy "picking up chicks.

Diane's kind of a feminist, social activist badass We all get better as we get older. We live, we learn, we grow. And with this evolution comes a heightened consciousness to the world around us — that's the hope, at least. When you first watched Say Anything, you probably viewed Diane totally in context to Lloyd. He was the sun. Her narrative revolved around his. Not to mention she came off kind of stuffy and definitely naive. Here are 14 facts about Say Anything She was already with someone new, but I was going to wave the flag of our great love, even if I was the only one at the ceremony.

After starring in a string of teen flicks, Cusack was ready to move on to adult roles. I realized I would never be 20 again so I might as well cap off that phase of my career on a positive note. The writer-director was having issues writing the leading man, but became inspired when he met his Alabama neighbor, Lowell Marchant. Are you aware of the sport kickboxing? It is now a major sport covered by ESPN. I kind of had a wild childhood. Two years after the movie came out, Skye married Beastie Boy Adam Horovitz; the couple divorced in Crowe told Entertainment Weekly he had a difficult time casting the father: But it struck a chord with people.

And I appreciate it.

ione skye and john cusack dating

ione skye and john cusack dating