Freddy light and lisa marie dating

freddy light and lisa marie dating

Nov 24, TV was founded in by amateur filmmaker Frederick Light and ex-porn star, We found out that Lisa Marie and Freddy were dating. Fun little treasures in i remember when a guy i was dating told me he didn't freddy light/sean light-bodyrocktv host/lisa-marie bodyrocktv. Gripping scene of. Sep 17, I think this is why I always had issues with Lisa. She always kept telling us to be happy with ourselves when she clearly was not happy with.

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As of last Monday, I have officially parted ways with Bodyrock. I don't know how many of you follow the workout site, but let me give you some background. Initially a two person operation, newlyweds Zuzana and Freddy split their time between working in Freddy's family florist shop in Kingston and filming short workout videos in their apartment - videos they would upload to their popular youtube channel.

By the end of July , their videos had hit over a million views and Zuzana and Freddy were able to dedicate themselves to filming high intensity, primarily bodyweight workouts full time. They developed a website that, along with their workouts, featured diet and nutrition advice, personal blogs, encouraging "Coffee Talks", and fashion features. With Zuzana as the warm, encouraging, and smoking hot host and Freddy behind the camera handling the technical aspects and cracking jokes, they seemed an unstoppable duo.

Zuzana and Freddy and Freddy's creepy glasses in happier times. Then, just about a year ago, in November of , Freddy and Zuzana announced they would be splitting up. Freddy would be continuing to maintain Bodyrock. TV with new hosts, and Zuzana, or Zuzka as her fans affectionately call her, would be finding her own way. The Beginning of the End Like many of Bodyrock.

TV's millions of fans, I was heartbroken when I heard the news that Freddy and Zuzka would be separating. After years of following their workouts daily, listening to Zuzka's coffee talks, and learning about their lives, it truly felt like I was losing a friend. I knew in my brain that these were just people on the internet that I had never met, but it truly seemed like so much more than that. I had become a part of the Bodyrock. TV community, had shared my fitness journey with other followers, and had even had a brief e-mail correspondence with Freddy himself.

Despite not personally knowing these internet fitness gurus, Zuzana leaving the site was going to have a direct, albeit minor, effect on my day to day life. However, as sad as I was about Zuzka's departure, I remained steadfastly loyal the Bodyrock brand. After all, as much as I had grown to like Zuzana, I was really in it for the workouts. As a dancer and performer, daily exercise is as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth and I wasn't about to give up on the free, high-quality workouts I had come to expect from Bodyrock just because the face behind the camera was different.

This is when things started to get weird. New Hosts, New Attitudes Almost immediately after the sudden and kind of off-putting departure of Zuzana, Freddy moved back to Canada to live with his brother Sean and started bringing in new hosts.

Along with Sean, a bevy of beautiful girls with admittedly lackluster camera presence began rotating through the workouts. Finally, after many failed attempts, Freddy and Co. TV began to change. One of the things I really liked about Zuzana was that she genuinely seemed to exude the message that anyone, with hard work and dedication, could change their life for the better. Zuzana made no effort to conceal her past life as a porn star, and while she made it clear that her life had moved in a completely new direction, she was very honest about her experiences and how they had shaped her as a person.

In an interview with the Toronto Star, Zuzka stated that those years "led to years of darkness and abuse". Mere months after Lisa Marie moved in with Freddy and stepped in as host, big changes started happening.

Lisa Marie started working out in only her underwear. The promotional pictures that seemed harmlessly sexy with Zuzana, began to take on the edge of softcore porn. We found out that Lisa Marie and Freddy were dating. The camera techniques that seemed flirty with Zuzana - the camera scanning over her boobs and butt while she worked out, began to seem downright dirty.

Lisa Marie bent over chairs in overtly sexual positions, Freddy letting the camera linger in decidedly inappropriate places so long that you couldn't even see the exercises or easily follow the workout.

Example of the now-typical attire and camera angles. Then came the body modification. We were given the "privilege" of following Lisa Marie behind the scenes as she got a boob job.

Video updates with Lisa Marie in a hospital gown and Freddy in his ever present indoor sunglasses Seriously, Freddy? What is up with that? I took a peek at BR. TV the other day and WOW how it has changed.

I did do one rep of a 35 lb weighted pull-up this morning! I did a lb deadlight for 4 reps too - I've done more weight, but for lbs, I've done 3 reps, this morning I did it for 4 reps, so I was happy with that. I tried it with my kids and I'm addicted! It is so challenging and so damn fun! And also so damn expensive! I cannot afford to do it as much as I would like. I need to find a way to fit more of that into my life. My kids love it, I love it.

I want a rock climbing wall in my backyard, LOL. I could do this everyday all day long. Have any of you tried it? There is another woman that I follow on Instagram - Sohee Fit. She has her own web-site too soheefit.

She gets a lot of her workouts from Bret. She is one smart ANF fit woman. She used to have an eating disorder as well. You might learn something - either about working out OR nutrition.

She's super likable, and I find all of her stuff to be an easy read. How are you all doing? I've been buried under snow! My kids have had 3 snow days all ready, one kiddo has had strep throat twice, the other one once, and now this week they are on February vacation.

I'm losing my mind! I'm still managing to fit in my workouts for the most part. The Official page , fans Why so many pages? Because the BodyRock hosts put their heart and soul into each community.

These people get personal, and their fans have no problems saying whatever they feel or think. Since I started following the BodyRock community, I have seen drama after drama hit their pages on a daily basis. Next, Lisa-Marie got a boob job, followed by hair extensions.

In fact, for every change they make - whether it involves a host or the program - they hear about it from their fans. My first thought was, what a community manager's nightmare! Some of these comments were just down-right cruel!

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freddy light and lisa marie dating

Have any of you tried it? I worded a thoughtful response, and without personally attacking any of the hosts or the site, I expressed why the recent changes had put me off and made me feel uncomfortable. Freddy currently maintains the site with almost a Big Brother-like attitude.

freddy light and lisa marie dating

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