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If you meant one of those, just click and go. If you want to start a Characters/ DatingSim page, just click the edit button above. Be careful, though, the only things. I have to say that I find it bit ridiculous that the setting of the game focuses very I think it's why Lupin is less loved than the other characters in. The Dating Sim is a type of game designed to set up goals, usually in the forms Dating Sim elements with the standard multiple endings for the characters that.


They're wondering why the filmmakers didn't stuff a subplot like that into a movie canon that a has never mentioned magic or any kind of superhuman powers other than mutation and b is already staggering under the weight of Loads And Loads Of Characters? If you're working in the Boys' Love Genre , then your characters will be somewhere between androgynous and feminine. At the same time, don't let the members of your game's harem be clones of each other.

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An interview with the director had him say something to the effect of 'I would think the fans would be more grateful to know that the storyline and moral ambiguity was kept intact then the fact that there is a giant squid at the end.

Like the Genshiken example above, this movie also appears to have experienced something of a "They Didn't Change It Enough So It Sucks" reaction from several critics, who have argued that the fact that the movie largely sticks very closely to the original work to the extent that many scenes are taken and film as if they were straight from the book come to life means that the movie doesn't have enough space to develop as a work in its own right, as opposed to a faithful adaptation.

No more giant flying space squid? An ending that nicely wraps up all of the plot points in a believable manner? People will bitch and moan about how using Manhattan's powers in place of alien squids does not work as well because the people of Earth would be uniting against Manhattan, not for peace.

So what, did the squids have nothing at all to do with the people of Earth uniting in the comic book? Oh, I'm sorry, graphic novel. What most people really hated was the cutting of almost every recurring character. Watchmen lost a lot of depth when it was translated into a 2 hour movie. Thankfully, the Directors cut adds much more of the minor recurring characters The new Dragonball movie has already had fans starting to complain about the fact that Goku now goes to school, even though it's a minor plot point.

Then the animal characters were taken out, which is a bit more understandable, although still pretty minor. It makes you wonder if they'd have been able to make them believable though. And of course far too many were complaining that Emperor Pilaf wasn't the villain because "he is the first Big Bad. Note that these early images did not give a very close look of his face. Later images showed him to be a pale green, symbolic of how long it had been since he saw sunlight.

When trailers appeared, it seemed like they did some color correction to make him more green, possibly to placate the fans. Lots of people have also been complaining about the hair. Goku doesn't have his distinctive hairstyle, Bulma's hair only has a blue streak, and Roshi actually has hair and no beard.

Apparently the filmmakers considered making both Roshi bald and Bulma with bright blue hair, but why get Chow Yun Fat in a major role and have him unrecognizable and Bulma's hair looked just as goofy as Goku's original hair style.

Now that the movie is out, it is safe to say that this trope has been averted. It doesn't suck because they changed it, it sucks because it is a bad movie. To be fair, Dragon Ball Evolution was hated by almost everyone after it actually came out. Although it could also be down to the recasting of the original characters , even though the cast are in their seventies and DeForest Kelley and James Doohan are dead, not to mention Kirk was trapped in the Nexus for decades in Star Trek Generations , even before his bridge dropping.

Most of the criticism of the Beowulf movie was based on this. The DVD includes an interview with Neil Gaiman explaining why he made these alterations, and they're pretty decent reasons. The Resident Evil movie series. Never mind that it's not meant to take place in the same world as the games , or that it might actually be GOOD in its own right, as soon as they added a character one of the most blatant examples of a Mary Sue ever and a backstory for Nemesis, people wanted to kill ANYONE involved in this movie for taking a new story and plastering the Resident Evil name on it.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. The upcoming remake of The Warriors has fans in an uproar, even though almost no details about the film have been released.

It's worth noting that the original movie was an adaptation of a novel, and not a particularly faithful one at that.

Wanted may or may not be this trope. The original comic of the story presents all the characters as former super-villains who finally joined forces, kill all the superheroes , made humanity forget about them and rule the world from behind the scenes.

The film adaption is about a league of assassins killing people who could possibly become the next Hitler. The only thing it has to do with the comic is the names and title.

Literally nothing else is the same. The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy film adaptation was based on a new script written by Douglas Adams before his death , as opposed to direct adaptation of the original text.

Even though the movie was written by Adams himself, which actually makes it Word of God , a God whose last message to creation was "Sorry for the inconvenience" Douglas Adams has also stated that there is no definitive canon for his Hitchhiker's Guide series.

The books are significantly different than the original radio shows, and the Douglas Adams overseen video game is different as well. Adams claimed that he liked to see how it grows and evolves as it changes medium. In-universe example is poet Lallafa, whose work was re-discovered long after his death and was subsequently, through time travel, brought to future. This resulted in him not being actually able to write the poems, which is why he was sent back to past to copy them so they could be discovered.

Some argue that this makes his poems worse, while other argue they're the same. The Shining is quite different from the book, and gets a lot of Stephen King fans saying how much it sucks. Outside of them, it's considered one of the best horror movies ever made. I think you mean "among Kubrick fans it's considered one of the best horror movies ever made. To a lesser extent, ditto for Carrie.

Which is weird in Carrie's case, since even King himself liked some of the changes the film made and had stated that he wish he had thought of them And why is there any reference to Stephen King in the Lawnmower Man movie? The Star Wars Expanded Universe fandom suffers from this every time someone dies, even when a single character that wasn't even in the original movies was killed off.

In recent years, the universe has dipped more into Anyone Can Die territory, leading to this happening frequently. The special editions, anyone? Not to mention all the prequel retcons Also he's Jesus or something. The US DVD and Blu-Ray releases of Let The Right One In use a drastically different subtitle translation than the theatrical release, which lacks many of the subtleties from the original version's lines, removes most of the dry humor from the script, leaves out entire sentences, and flat-out mistranslates several lines in one case, a character's name is called out, but it's subtitled as "I'm trapped".

To add insult to injury, they're not dubtitles ; the dub is, ironically enough, derived from the original theatrical subs. Many Lion King fans disliked the fact that they put "The Morning Report" a song that isn't even 2 minutes long, into the Special Edition dvd.

Oddly, many like the musical version, and there is an option to choose between the "Special Edition" version and "Original" version on the dvd. Fans of GI Joe are already complaining about the new movie and leaked plot details, going as far as to say that statements that the story is based on the comics even coming from the comic writer Larry Hama himself are out and out lies because: Ripcord is Black which is incompatible with stories Rip Cord had in the comics, Not everyone on the team is American, Baroness had a relationship with Duke and Cobra Commander wasn't a used car salesman but rather a former soldier and a scientist who works for Destro in the first movie.

They will ignore the numerous plot elements that come from the comics story, and decry "it's not based on it at all. The Silent Hill movie. Changing the main character was, among other things, met with such a reaction by the fans. Let alone changing the plot. The new Sherlock Holmes film directed by Guy Ritchie has been criticized for making an action film out of the source material.

This is despite the fact that there are a number of action sequences in the Sherlock Holmes adventures. Holmes is canonically a martial artist, fencer, etc. Many other things different than that, including Erik's complete backstory. The trailers for The Lightning Thief are out, and already the complaints are flying, particularly about Annabeth's hair being brown and, most of all, Grover being black.

Hilariously, the complainers of the latter claims they're not racist, but the fact that the actor's race bugs them suggest otherwise. Just as you think people couldn't get any dumber , there's a couple of people complaining about Percy being in an elevator - which was in the book.

Cue giant holes in the walls. And note that this movie is being directed by Chris Columbus , who made the two most faithful films of the Harry Potter franchise. To address the "racism" issue from the perspective of someone who knows nothing about Percy Jackson: It doesn't bug them to have a black performer in the movie, what bugs them is that they've grown to know the character as I assume white, and when something as fundamental as their race is changed, it feels as though they've replaced the character they love with someone different, unrelated, an imposter.

But it won't be his last time. Yuri also mentions having one when Monika rewinds the player seeing Yuri cut herself for the third time. Actually ends up a plot point ; in Act 2, Monika deliberately ratchets up the worst traits of both Yuri and Natsuki in an attempt to make herself look more appealing than either. After Monika deletes everyone before Act 3 starts, she will call you by your character's name, and then your OS profile's name.

If you're currently streaming, however, she will only call you by your character's name, then admonish you for bringing an audience along a little later, giving you a measure of privacy.

If you start a brand new game after deleting Monika's character file, the game starts with Sayori suddenly going insane and the game crashing, followed by a cut to her suicide if you open it up again. If you delete Sayori's character file instead, it just cuts straight to the image. The non- golden ending explains why this happens: Sayori, now president of the literature club, gains the knowledge about everything Monika did and knew.

If Monika is deleted before you even start, Sayori gains knowledge that everything is just a visual novel. As Sayori becomes aware that she's in a game, it drives her insane. If you try to reinsert Monika's character file into the game after she "resurrects" the other three, a message pops up from her telling you to stop playing with her heart, before the game erases it and continues as intended.

A rare scene can happen if you somehow manage to back up your save files and are able to access them when they haven't happened in the "Act" you're playing the video shows someone trying to view a scene from Act 2 while in Act 1.

Monika will chastise the player for "cheating," and then restart the game. Does This Remind You of Anything? Yuri's second poem, The Raccoon is a story about its protagonist slicing some bread to feed a raccoon simply out of curiosity.

The raccoon then follows her everywhere, so she always keeps some bread and a knife ready to feed it. She gains an addiction to giving it food over time, admitting that she gains satisfaction from it. The prose also heavily focuses on the knife, and the last stanza mentions "a rush of blood. During Yuri's already suggestive confession speech you can hear ragged sighs in the background, as though she's on the verge of ecstasy.

Natsuki's poem about spiders in the Act 1 can also be read as a metaphor for homophobia, not just prejudice against people with unusual hobbies. It speaks about a person who feels disguested even when she simply touches Amy she's afraid that Amy will molest her and, maybe, thinks that her touch will "turn people gay" and finally decides to tell everyone about it publically outing Amy. After the player deletes her character file, Monika sends the player back to the beginning of the game, restoring the other three girls and making Sayori the president.

Everything seems to be going well As she begins to recreate Monika's room, she and the rest of the girls are deleted by Monika, who realizes there is no happiness for anyone in the game. As the credits roll, the CGs are deleted unobtained ones rendered in grayscale , along with other aspects of the game. It ends on a note from Monika disbanding the club, which is all you'll see if you try to reload the game again. As detailed under Developer's Foresight, deleting Monika's character file after opening the game executable but before starting a new game causes Sayori to panic, eventually cutting to a black screen, and then to a black and white image of her corpse.

Reopening the game simply leaves you with a black screen stating "END. Sayori in Act 1, and Yuri in Act 2. Sayori also deletes herself if you delete Monika's character file before starting a game, as she realizes that she's a video game character, and it drives her insane. One of the glitches in Act 2 is the club room and all the character sprites very slowly zooming in and getting more and more tilted over the course of a conversation before suddenly snapping back to normal. As seen here, Monika is unaffected.

Even before Monika starts really messing with the game, there are implications that all your love interests have some serious issues. Each girl has their own flavor: She always puts the happiness of others over her own, and despite being a very adept Stepford Smiler , the damage this leaves on her becomes very apparent after Act 1. The game states several times that, fantastical elements aside, this is very characteristic of real-life depression.

Even before Act 2, Natsuki has a very crabby attitude that is directly attributed to her father not being a good parent. How much of it can be classified as "abuse" pre-file editing is sketchy, but at the very least it's implied he doesn't feed her properly. She has a constant crippling fear that her closet habits will freak people out were they ever to learn about them, and that fear is implied to have been founded more than once before she joined the Literature Club.

Once again, how much of these habits are pre-edit is up for debate, but Yuri is confirmed to collect unique knives as a hobby. Monika is fully aware that she is a side character in a Dating Sim and, as much as she loves the Literature Club, has trouble seeing other characters as human because she knows they're just computer files.

She also clings to the player character because they're the closest thing to "real" in her life. The player can discover random "special poems" that have a significantly different tone to what the girls compose normally. Additional text files are created in the game folder during Act 2. They disappear once Act 3 begins. The game folder contains ". While it has importance within the game itself, opening these files in a text editor may first return nonsense until one notices it's under multiple layers of encoding.

See here for the decoded files and the process behind it. In the event the player decides to humor Monika and stay in their literally endless conversation instead of deleting her files to advance the story, she has a ludicrously long list of insightful topics to discuss, such as ideas on death, graduation, depression, God, school, dating, etc.

On Yuri's route, she eventually reveals that she sits alone at lunch due to her lack of social skill. However, she doesn't feel so bad about it, because it gives her more time to read.

You wind up in one after Monika deletes most of the game's assets to ensure it's just you and her spending eternity in the clubroom together. Outside the window you can see weird patterns of light and darkness cascading along.

Monika describes the game being powered off as being something akin to this. She is bombarded with flashing lights and colours and the sounds of screaming, unable to even think straight until the player loads the game again. She requests that the player do this to her as little as possible as a result.

The title screen changes significantly after the player completes each act. After Sayori's death and deletion, she's replaced on the title screen throughout Act 2 by a glitched amalgamation of the other characters with the "New Game" text being glitched as well when that point is first reached.

Act 3, in which only Monika is left, skips the title screen entirely. Act 4, where Monika is gone but the others are restored, features only the three remaining girls on the title screen. The title has an exclamation point.

You know, because it's such a bubbly and cheery game! The way Monika is self-aware and how she uses this self-awareness has strong connotations of this, as she is from beginning to end defined by being a character in a Romance Visual Novel. To begin with, she is cursed by the fact that she isn't a romanceable character, which essentially means that she is — within the confines of the genre she exists in — in the end not really all that important for the story.

Her creator has essentially doomed her to exist in the shadow of Sayori, Natsuki and Yuri; forever unable to fulfill any other role but playing second fiddle to them. The kicker is that even when Monika gains the power to alter the program, all she can think of doing with this power is use it to make herself the only romanceable character, because her way of thinking and viewing the world is still inherently limited by the type of game she is a character within.

Namely a game where the goal is to gain the player's "love", and so in despite of all her power, that is all she can think of using it for. The extreme close up of Yuri's face, with an audible pop and a momentary spurt of blood coming out of her eye.