Chen kun and zhao wei dating

chen kun and zhao wei dating

Nowadays,Zhao Wei and Chen Kun is one of the most popular on-screen couple in China. In ,Zhao Wei and Chen Kun entered Beijing Film Academy. As the leading actress in Tiger Mom, Zhao Wei is well-known in Asia. Her classmates include Huang Xiaoming, Chen Kun, etc those top stars. Born February 4th, , Chen Kun (also known by his English name, Aloys) is a Class picture of Huang Xiao Ming, Vicki Zhao Wei and of course, Chen Kun.

chen kun and zhao wei dating

chen kun and zhao wei dating

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10 highest paid Chinese film stars are all men :

chen kun and zhao wei dating

Your lean silhouette and long hair billowing in the wind. Eddie Peng Yu-yen The Taiwanese actor has recently made his name with action movies in the Chinese film industry after his earlier coming-of-age TV dramas, taking his career to the next level.

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Whoever becomes your wife will be so happy. Zhao Wei took a sip of water as they talked and Huang Xiaoming casually took it from her and drank from it without hesitation. Zhao Wei reached for the bottle and for the cap, but she was in the middle of speaking, so Huang Xiaoming capped it before handing it back to her.

In these tiny gestures, its clear how considerate he is towards her. Knowing it was her birthday, Huang Xiaoming prepared a cake for her. On top was five little figurines, the biggest was Zhao Wei with her impossibly large eyes.

She initially thought it was from fans, but her eyes teared up when she realized it was prepared by him. When the taping was over and they stood up, the audience hollered for them to embrace again. Huang Xiaoming tossed his crutches aside and picked Zhao Wei up in a princess carry.

The audience went wild. Your charisma like the days of our youth, nothing can block your brightness. She is also lucky to have two devoted guy friends in Huang Xiaoming and Chen Kun who adore her and take care of her. She was on a talk show with her movie production team when mega C-actor Huang Xiaoming made a surprise appearance that also took a turn for the sweetly nostalgic and playfully romantic.

They were college best friends in college and Huang Xiaoming has been vocal over the years about how he fell in love with Zhao Wei on first sight. During the show, he was staring at her so adoringly and so solicitous that Zhao Wei said that whoever becomes his wife is bound to be so happy. He brought out a cake for her birthday, and she stood up to give him a hug. Huang Xiao Ming arrive on crutches since he injured his foot filming and he actually tossed the crutches aside and picked Zhao Wei up for a princess carry that made the audience go crazy.

Might I point out that Huang Xiaoming has been dating Angelababy for the last 3 years while Zhao Wei is married to a private citizen Mr.

Huang and has a baby girl with him. But these two have never shied away from PDA in public, though of the cheeky chaste kind. After this appearance, fans swarmed weibo and dropped some amazingly sweet commentary on this very long-lasting friendship that makes their fans both happy for them and sad it never could be.

Read on for more swoony sweetness. And its truly a shame these two have not worked together before in a drama or movie. There is a type of first love called a college confession.

There is a type of steadfastness that says 16 years later I am still here. There is a type of quietness that says smiling contently when embracing you.

chen kun and zhao wei dating

chen kun and zhao wei dating