Are nikki blonsky and zac efron dating

are nikki blonsky and zac efron dating

Aug 2, Zac Efron may have found love on the set of Hairspray, Zac is rumored to have found a new romance with costar Nikki Blonsky. Nikki Blonsky and Zac Efron photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. "Hairspray" star Nikki Blonsky reflects on the critically acclaimed remake on upcoming drama "Dog Years" -- told TooFab Zac Efron was "always late" to set, And I went back, and he said to me, 'Hey, we're in this together.

are nikki blonsky and zac efron dating

Nikki Blonsky: I Love Zac Efron With Every Inch Of My Body :

are nikki blonsky and zac efron dating

Of course, I'm in love with Pulp Fiction, and so many adult films, and I don't know when that transition will be. He was watching High School Musical and he said, "I know they're doing a big Tracy search, but do you know who they will get to play Link? Adam Shankman was my Corny Collins, he believed with me. It was the first time I ever reached 5 feet because I'm 4"

Is Zac Efron dating Nikki Blonsky?

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You played the nicest guy in the film, basically. The hip guy in school, who approached the girl who didn't really fit in You enjoy their characters because they are nice guys, and that's what you don't find in high school. Most of the popular kids are jerks. That's the thing with Link. When he meets Tracy, you see a real character come through and you see him take control. I think that's magical, [that] she brings out the best in everyone.

My high school experience was a great one. That's when I got into theater and I started performing. It was a great experience for me.

I was teased a lot. I had a lot of Ambers in my life, so I know what it's like. When Tracy is made fun of by Amber and Wilma, I know what it's like. It was easy for me to tap into those emotions.

Tracy if you could now turn around to Amber and say You know, it's funny; I've gone home now and see a lot of those girls. Everybody deserves a second chance, so I'm talking to them, and I know who my real friends are. Well, you'll be moving out of Great Neck soon enough.

Don't tell my mother [laughs]. You probably already have your agents in place. New York City is one of the best places to be. Where did you study dance? I learned I was not a dancer before Hairspray. So all the dancing you see in the movie, I just shook what my mama gave me.

My mama didn't give me anything, so I just shook what I had. Seeing how you wear your hair now, how does it feel for you to wear it in 50s styles like that big beehive?

Actually, I get to go brag around now, because I did change a little bit to play Link. I gained 15 pounds. That was fun for me, but of course now I get to run and talk about it, pretend how dedicated I am. My hair was very big, but I love my hair! It was the first time I ever reached 5 feet because I'm 4" It was the final piece for Tracy, the final way of getting into that character and letting her emerge.

How long did it take you to put on? It took us about an hour and a half to get it all ratted up and perfectly round. If this movie makes million bucks, and you made a sequel and we were living in a perfect world, what would you want or expect for the two characters?

That would be so much fun. That would be amazing! I think it would be fun to see them together. Like 20 years down the road, Tracy is making sandwiches for Link. I think anything with this cast would be great. What was it like working with Queen Latifah? She's been an idol of mine growing up, because she was always a beautiful woman, proud of who she was, embraced who she was, shared it with the world and didn't apologize for it. So, for me, to work with one of my idols was one of the coolest experiences of my life, and now to know her for the person she is, the incredible human being, is really the most rewarding thing.

I feel like such a dork. She is so awesome. I want to hang out with her more. And getting to work with John Travolta, too? That's an experience within itself. You even see a little bit of it in Edna. It's so iconic, and I'll always admire his courage, the way he always goes for it. Did you see the original John Waters' Hairspray? We had like movie nights. We had a movie night in Toronto, [with] Hairspray and we'd all just laugh.

It was so funny because we found out Brittany [Snow] really does look like the original Amber. We would laugh so hard. John Waters is a genius. Did you get the chance to talk to Ricki Lake [who played the original Tracy]? I actually still am in contact with Ricki. We email each other all the time. She was there for a whole day. During "You Can't Stop the Beat. You didn't get her down to dance.

She is so sweet, just like the older sister I always wanted. Was she in the song for the soundtrack? It was a great experience. Tracy Trio, I think we should take it on the road. Was Harvey [Fierstein, who played mother Edna in the Broadway show] there too? No, they just added him in. Are you doing a recording of original [material] for yourself or recording outside of movie and theater?

I love to write lyrics for myself and other people. I've started writing and compiling material for a possible album in the future. We were talking about an album of duets. We can do duets, but I think what everyone expects of me is to make an album.

It would be an easy road for me. You could record one duet. Oh, of course, I would love to record songs. But I'm not going to go and have the Zac Efron introductory album.

How long will it be until you get tired of the teen idol thing and want to go out and do your Pulp Fiction; go out and shoot people? As I get older, I definitely get interested in certain kinds of films.

Of course, I'm in love with Pulp Fiction, and so many adult films, and I don't know when that transition will be. It's usually just finding projects that interest me. Curse words and drugs are not necessarily interesting, but it's the characters and drama and situation that they are put in. If I find a heroic character in a nitty gritty story, I would love to play that character. Although I love musicals and continue to be in them, they are not the only genre I would love to do.

Do you have thoughts of similar roles? It's all about the character and connection you make, how you portray them. So I can't wait to dive into something serious, dramas, and also some straight comedies as well. But I think there are so many great venues to take in this business, and I can't wait to explore them all.

Do you have anything else that you completed? Yes, I'm getting ready to start on my second movie. I can't say exactly what it is yet, but I can say it will be filming very close. Who from the cast was the prankster? I was recording one of my songs and I just started seeing pencils go over my head. And then one hit me, and I was like, 'What is going on?!

Who from the cast was quickest to break character? Another beautiful relationship I got from the movie. Your character defied the norm and ended up setting the tone for more diversity and acceptance during a time where segregation was all anyone knew. How do you think integration and acceptance of other cultures, races, sizes, etc. Women have so much to offer. Just as good as men, and hopefully in the next decade, in the future, women really show their strength to the world and rise to the top because we are just as good as men, if not better.

Getty Do you think beauty standards have become more accepting and inclusive? Everybody was really accepting of me and of people like Rebel Wilson.

I just think we need to get a little higher and move on up and just keep getting those great roles not based on our weight, or getting those great positions at work, not based on what we look like, but based on what our talents are.

Tell me about your role in 'Dog Years. They both make me cry in it. Their performances are just so beautiful. Ariel Winter has been under some heavy criticism by body shamers for her wardrobe choices lately. What are your thoughts on that? Granted, yes, there are children in the world, so cover up a little bit, but she works hard for her body.

Celebrities are constantly getting harassed on social media. Do haters pop up on your feed? How do you handle it?