Are minty and sjin dating

are minty and sjin dating

On December 18, , Minty left the Yogscast mainly due to internal changes within the Minty is currently dating Teutron. Minty dated Sjin previously. Minty . During Sjin's relationship with his then-girlfriend Minty he reached He would ask me many times to move in with him while dating someone. Now the fact that no allegations have been brought against Sjin lead me to . Minty said she was aware of all this going on at the time she was dating Sjin, and .

are minty and sjin dating

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are minty and sjin dating

Are minty and sjin dating -

A leopard never changes its spots. When I was with him I discovered many disturbing conversations and many weird numbers on his mobile that were saved as things such as Aa bb etc. I also see girls sending images to him through snapchat that he had screenshot, and pictures of himself im guessing he sent in return to whomever. What effects on me that caused? And I did bring it up to people within yogs because as I said then, it is not right and something needed to be done. He effectively got a slap on the wrist and promised not do it again, yet here we still are.

You saw tonight who deals out the discipline to content creators so judge for yourselves how it works. And that he wanted to see my 9 year old sister.

And that he would do sexual things to someone who is 12 if there is no laws in the way. I guess we kinda manipulate each other. I can make him do things for me without threatening him.

So in a way I felt powerful. Their treatment of the fandom is less than stellar, specifically favoring reddit over tumblr a few members can be rather rude at times or a bit brash towards certain parts of the fandom The way they treat the lesser yogs eg.

Nilesy, Will Strife, Zoeya, HybridPanda is a constant problem in regards to supporting them or having them appear on the main channel.

Jokes that go to far and when rarely make fun of specific parts of the fandom they dont seem to care at all about their smaller channels: Both of which are illegal acts but hey? Some content creators can be quite inconsiderate sometimes.

Sips Lack of support for the under-yogs and the lack of HR control. They are sometimes a bit shit. A bit of a sellout partake in beating dead horses here and there. But you know, what can ya do? Not a fan of adventure maps? Not all of the members are treated the same- e.

Not that I have a problem with them guys being on there Sometimes slightly misinformed on some social issues and terms used Apparently a lot of people are jerks? Nobody does, what is Ohio? Attention is needed to smaller members of the Yogscast Sexist comments.

It happens more than I wish. Because I really like Hatfilms, Sips, Turps, etc, but they tend to make some horrible jokes. I love the series, but they also lead to less random things. I like it more when they work together and form a team. And sometimes they pick fights with other youtubers. They can say things that confuses me sometimes to fans. Like even if the members do problematic stuff, they never say anything and the members rarely apologize.



are minty and sjin dating

Leave it with me, and I will sort this out. I block all posts about it.

are minty and sjin dating