Amazing spider man death and dating

amazing spider man death and dating

Spider-Man by Jeph Loeb The Amazing Spider-Man by J.M. DeMatteis The Amazing Spider-Man by Stan Lee The Superior Spider-Man, Vol. 1 by Dan Slott. Collects Amazing Spider-Man # Who is the mysterious red-haired heroine named Jackpot? How is it that Harry Osborn is suddenly back from the dead?. A trade paperback which reprints several issues of Amazing Spider-Man and an Annual.

amazing spider man death and dating

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Look at this opening shot for example. Flashbacks to that fortune he read in high school: Source Marcos Martin does a great job, as usual, but I find the scene to be really unique.

Other writers will start a Spidey story with him swinging across New York or coming across a crime in progress, but Waid gives us that rare glimpse of Spidey just chilling out, eating lunch, while facing his ever-present case of bad luck with the pouring rain.

Pair him with an artist like Marcos Martin, and you tend to get comic book gold. The Shocker has also been one of my favorite Spidey enemies. Yes, he looks like a quilt and is constantly treated as a joke especially during Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man run , but he's been around a long time.

It's awesome that Waid actually makes him serious here, as someone with dangerous weaponized gloves who can really do some damage, instead of a dorky B-list adversary for Spidey to punch.

I really love it when writers can give classic members of Spidey's rogues gallery a new touch or use them differently. It adds an additional flavor, or level, to the character, gives them another edge, a reason for readers to go "Huh, Shocker's in this one" instead of "Ugh, Shocker? Why'd Waid pick that guy? Written by Roger Stern and illustrated by Lee Weeks, this filler tale follows Spidey as he tries to figure out a way to take this guy down and hobnobs with some detectives and his Aunt May.

It's another one of those single issue stories meant to bridge the gap between two story arcs, and I've noticed how these issues decrease in quality over time. Makes the story's title even more appropriate, doesn't it? Source Perhaps the biggest issue is it feels like Stern is trying to call back to his earlier days of writing Spider-Man stories in the 80s. Immobilized and with precious little time left, Parker opts for a different method of stopping the villain.

Using their connection via the bot, he mentally floods Octavius' mind with memories of his entire life, from his childhood to the multitudinous losses he has experienced and his transformation into Spider-Man, but modifies his memories to feature Otto in his place.

With Octavius apologizing for his current deeds, Peter encourages his foe to follow in his footsteps by carrying on his role as Spider-Man and to protect his friends and family, as well as the people of New York. Otto agrees and promises to, and with that, Peter Parker finally dies. In the epilogue, Otto awakens the next morning, still taking the opportunity to briefly revel in his final victory against the Amazing Spider-Man.

After calling Mary Jane Watson and asking her out on a date, he puts on his suit and goes out on patrol as Spider-Man. Traveling to one of his hidden bases, the automated defense systems activate, as well as a pre-recorded message of him as Doctor Octopus taunting the intruder.

Otto is disgusted at his former self and destroys his defense systems, resolving to finally abandon his identity as Doc Ock. Reobtaining his own tech, a final montage shows Otto as Peter beginning to upgrade new equipment and even redesigning his Spider-Man suit to his own liking, and vows with his intellect and mechanical prowess that he will become a better Spider-Man than Peter Parker was: Other character progressions included Mary Jane Watson becoming romantically involved with Octopus believing him to be Peter Parker, [33] the reconciliation of J.

Jonah Jameson and his long-estranged father, J. This lead directly into the launch of the second volume of the self-titled monthly series Morbius: The Living Vampire in January

Amazing Reviews: “Death and Dating” (Amazing Spider-Man 578-583) :

amazing spider man death and dating

Over the course of the story, Spidey must take on the Shocker, who derailed the train in the first place at the behest of the criminal on trial the jurors are headed to, and get everyone to safety before the tunnels collapse. Okay, THIS is how people talk, all grumpy with slurred speech. Reception[ edit ] Fan reaction to the story was very diverse, with some criticizing Peter's death, some celebrating the change, and others argued that his death would likely be reversed , [38] though Slott subsequently maintained this will not be the case. Ben, and the others, encourage Peter to put a stop to Octavius, before he awakens in the real world.

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Spider-Man: Death and Dating