90210 beverly hills kelly and dylan dating

90210 beverly hills kelly and dylan dating

Season three of Beverly Hills, , an American teen drama television series, began airing season, Title, Directed by, Written by, Original air date, Prod. . Dylan returns to Beverly Hills and greets both Brenda and Kelly with kisses. Kelly Taylor Reveals Her Baby Daddy On '' ”[The producers] settled on Dylan because Kelly and Dylan had such a passionate relationship in 2 Celebrated As Ode To 'Beverly Hills '; Shannen Doherty and Jason Priestley in Trixie & Katya Talk Online Dating · The Voice Season Kelly & Dylan is a romance on FOX drama soap Beverly Hills, , Year, Dylan and Kelly had a summer fling while Dylan's girlfriend and Kelly's best friend.

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When Andrea was pregnant and was contemplating an abortion in season 4, Kelly was one of the primary people she reached out to. While Jake ultimately resisted their romance, citing Kelly's age, he admitted to admiring her for her heart and kindness. This story line was used to launch the spin-off series Melrose Place. The stress of having feelings for Dylan, someone who she could not pursue because of his relationship with Brenda, added to her struggles.

Even when Kelly dated Dylan out in the open, following his relationship with Brenda, it caused her to temporarily lose Brenda as a friend. Self-consciousness over her figure, along with the anxiety she began to feel, caused her to lash out emotionally, abuse diet pills, and briefly lose control over her life. At various points of the series, she won the title of Spring Princess at a dance, and was voted her school's most beautiful girl. Kelly is aware of her appeal, but not to the point of conceit; instead, she is sometimes shown to be troubled by it.

At one point, she entered a phase where she felt that no one took her seriously, which was heightened when Dylan gave his manuscript to Andrea for review instead of to her. During this time, she began to feel that people only liked her because she was physically attractive. He goes on to state that in the fourth season, when Kelly was prone to expressing her affections in a more gentle and compassionate manner, [17] she made a greater impression on Brandon. Rise in prominence[ edit ] The evolution of Kelly's character led to developments both on-screen and off.

In a article on Garth, TV Guide reported that the show's creators made a conscious decision to place her character at center stage. An anonymous producer cites "faith in Jennie as an actress," further stating that he and producer Aaron Spelling "knew she had the chops to do it. Ultimately, throughout the first five seasons, Kelly gained an increasing degree of screen presence and growth. Amidst her continuing development, [19] her role in launching the spin-off, her prominent triangle with Brenda and Dylan, [20] her later affections with male lead Brandon, [21] and the launch of a second triangle with Brandon and Dylan, [22] Kelly became the character that several major events or changes were based around.

Additionally, she was given varying involvement in noted story lines not surrounding her—including Dylan's family trauma, Brenda's acting pursuits, and David 's recovery from drug use. Tiffani Thiessen 's Valerie , who replaced Brenda, became Kelly's nemesis, but right before Valerie's departure, the two women formed a truce. In season 5, she was faced with making a choice between the two, as a result of Brandon proposing and Dylan confessing his feelings for her and asking her to leave with him on a trip around the world.

She declined to choose between the two men at that time, instead stating, "I choose me," but also affirming her love for both of them. In the seventh season, however, she finally stated that she had chosen Brandon. Melrose Place[ edit ] For the launch of the series Melrose Place in , Jennie Garth made a multi-episode special guest appearance.

Dylan is initially skeptical, but eventually accepts them as family. This, coupled with Dylan's close friendship with Brenda, strains his relationship with Kelly.

They repeatedly break up and get back together, but they ultimately call it quits after a particularly bad fight. Dylan briefly reconciles with Brenda before she leaves for London.

After Suzanne begins dating environmental chemist Kevin Weaver, whom she soon marries, Dylan agrees to help fund Suzanne's new husband's personal project promoting clean beaches, a cause about which Dylan is also passionate. It is revealed to the audience but not to Dylan or any other character in the show in the season finale that Suzanne and Ken were conning him, and using his cause and longing for family to steal his large trust fund. The show's fifth season is set several months later.

Dylan, nearly bankrupt because of the events of the previous season, has suffered a relapse and spent the summer in Mexico, mulling over issues with Brenda, Kelly and the betrayal of his "family". Feeling alienated from friends, family, and life in general, Dylan keeps his financial situation a secret from everyone. After Dylan returns to Beverly Hills, he finds out that Brandon and Kelly have started dating and makes a scene at Donna's Cotillion rehearsal dinner.

He mocks Kelly, who in her anger tells him that "we are so over". Dylan then starts taking drugs and sleeping with Valerie Malone , who discovers his drug problem and his true financial situation and tells the rest of Dylan's friends.

Dylan continues in his downward spiral until his friends hold an intervention. He agrees to go to rehab, but checks out after only one day. He then loads up on drugs and gets into a life-threatening car wreck, where while fighting for his life he has a series of dreams about his innocent half-sister Erica, and realizes that he must clean himself up in order to save her from her mother Suzanne and from Suzanne's partner-in-crime Kevin.

Afterwards, Dylan checks back into rehab and is successful in regaining his sobriety. After he is released from rehab with most of his confidence and self-esteem back, he redoubles his efforts to track down Erica and her mother and stepfather.

With an investigator named "Jonesy" and with Valerie's help , they track down Kevin and Suzanne, who are hiding out in Mexico, and after a caper, recover Erica and all of Dylan's money. A short time after, he starts hypnotherapy in order to research a role for a screenwriter friend's who was also in rehab next movie. Through hypnotherapy, he discovers a past life in which he believes reveals Kelly to be his soulmate.

Despite Kelly's ongoing relationship with Brandon, Dylan then confesses his continued love for her. He offers her a trip around the world with him. Brandon is threatened by Dylan and proposes to Kelly, forcing her to choose between the two. Kelly chooses neither, stating that she loves and would always love them both.

It is later said that she refuses to choose between them, not because she can't choose, but because it would destroy their friendship in the same way that interest in Dylan damaged her friendship with Brenda. During the show's sixth season, Dylan finds out that the FBI believes a mobster named Anthony Marchette killed his father and decides to seek revenge. He uses the mobster's daughter, Toni Marchette to get close to him, but soon finds himself falling in love with her.

Despite Dylan's feud with the mobster with whom Toni is very close , the two eventually decide to get married and relocate to Hawaii, which results in Toni's father ordering a hit on Dylan.

The hitman ends up accidentally killing Toni, who is driving Dylan's car in a bad rain storm at the time. Dylan, distraught, is given a gun by Anthony Marchette, who asks Dylan to kill him. Dylan is tempted, but refuses, telling him that "The killing is done. Soon afterward, Dylan leaves town on his motorcycle after exchanging a farewell with Brandon.

When he returns, he reveals that he sold his house. He takes his Porsche out of storage and, after much thinking, sells it and decides to burn the money, where he runs into a drug dealer that gives him heroin. Seasons 9 and 10[ edit ] Dylan returns to Beverly Hills towards the beginning of the ninth season, apparently because he misses his home and friends, although he admits to Kelly that he misses her especially.

He also relapses and is once again on heroin however, all references to his alcoholism are absent and he is frequently seen drinking alcoholic beverages in casual, social situations.

After failing to win Kelly back, he starts dating the new bad girl Gina Kincaid , despite obviously still having feelings for Kelly. Dylan and Kelly battle a mutual attraction, despite being in on-and-off relationships with Gina and Matt Durning respectively.

This is especially noticeable when Kelly blames Gina and others for Dylan's drug problems as with the case back in Season 5 with Kelly blaming Valerie for Dylan's drug problems , and gets Steve to take the credit for a heroic act in Dylan's stead to avoid having anybody know that she and Dylan were out together.

In the show's final season, Dylan finds out that his father faked his death and is in the Witness Protection Program. After being furious that Jack has let Dylan think his father was dead for seven years, he later accepts that it was the right thing to do when news of Jack's survival quickly makes its way to unfriendly ears.

Dylan's relationship with Gina also ends when, upon considering leaving Los Angeles with her, he finally admits that he's still in love with Kelly and can't leave.

Missing years[ edit ] After the death of his wife Toni in , Dylan went to London and reunited with Brenda, living with her in her London apartment.

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